An Idiots Expression: Mission Statement (IDG) Is the mission and reasoning behind a brand specific ethos that has been carefully constructed, with layers of thoughtful, certainly progressive minded considerations. The Ethos in question is in this statement, but not in this specific paragraph. We've not gotten to that part yet. We still need to explain things, and then explain [...]

Idiots Photo Galleria

The IdiotsGuides Editor in Chief describes himself as a 'quasi-literary impresario'....maybe, but he is known as  Ralphael Prepetit. His passion for the artform of photography, specifically in relation to documenting the living elements within the concretethat occupies the ground beneath our human feet. Chief Idiot believes in the magic that survives in the growing shadows [...]

48 Hours with the ‘Chief Idiot’. 

Los Angeles, California U.S.A.   Summer 2017  Selected Excerpts from the forthcoming piece 'An Exercise in Artist Reflection'  by, Chauncey Monroe  "Any thoughtful individual, who happens to be both properly motivated, and equally caffeinated simultaneously, will likely be able to identify numerous similarities and character precondition(s), between the ubiquitous marionette manipulating 'puppet master', and this status quo [...]

TheIdiotsGuides: Provocative Places: The Museum of Broken Relationships – Hollywood, USA.

  "Essentially, the only ingredients needed at the very beginning of your typical Jack meets Jill, Peter meets Paul, and/or Lisa meets Leslie, Relationships, are:  A. the willing consent of the Two foolishly optimistic hearts. and B. a Dedication to One focus: Caring about each other. At first, it's clear that they know nothing, therefore they [...]

IdiotsGuides: HIP-HOP ‘OG’ Series Spotlight: DJ PREMIER

He was born somewhere on the American Gulf Coast, inside of an area known to most people as Houston, Texas. It was the 1st day of Spring (aka March 21st) circa some year in the late 1960's. This was the Genesis of the child who would go on to become one of the greatest Hip-Hop Music Producers of his generation (the [...]

IdiotsGuides: Tom Cruise Portrays Wildman Pilot BARRY SEAL in ‘American Made’…

SPOILER ALERT:   "American Made" (2017)  Portraying American Pilot Barry Seal: TOM CRUISE in 'American Made' (2017) aims to fly over JOHNNY DEPP's performance in 'BLOW' (pictured below). Johnny Depp as prolific cocaine smuggler George Jung in 'Blow' (Left). Tom Cruise as 'American Made' commercial airline pilot turned prolific cocaine smuggler with CIA backing Barry Seal (pictured below). Every [...]

IdiotsGuides: Virtuoso Master Series : Artist Spotlight: FAWN ROGERS

It could be easily argued that perhaps one of the more wondrous aspects of the human condition on this earth, and in this life, is the sudden manifestation of a previously unrealized truth, right before our eyes. This effect can best be illustrated through the behavior of art appreciation, by way of artistic expression. [...]

IDGUIDES: BIG 20 Rock & Roll Retrospective: Killer Electric Guitar Tracks (1985 – 2000)

Written by, Edited by, Photos Arrangements by - Ralphael Prepetit  Contributing Music Content Editor - Matt Holliday  (Red Hot Chili Peppers)  When you think about a musical genre, supremely outfitted with what thoughtful, and discerning music fans describe as 'High powered, ball of fire guitar play', you're thinking about Rock & Roll music. Rock - [...]

A Terrible Mis-Match: The United States Constitution v Mr. Donald J Trumputin Sr

Hey you over there! You Moderate. You Centrist. You Liberal. Don't be so dramatic. Just breath easy. Calm down. America is going to be just fine. Our Constitution is a formidable adversary, and has a very special message for any would be political deviant(s):  Be Warned. All Purveyors of malfeasance who might seek to injure, [...]

IDG: Artist Memorial : PRODIGY/Mobb Deep – The Essential 8

  Rest in Glory :   Albert "PRODIGY" Johnson    /   November 2, 1974  –  June 20, 2017 Among the pantheon of universal human truths that live inside the world we call earth, you will find the commonality, and personal impact of geographic origin. Each and every one of us hail from a specific place. [...]