The Power of Music

I recently went through a spell in my life in which I stopped listening to music as often or at times at all. This was a product of circumstance, and not planned, looking back that was a mistake. Basically, as a loft dwelling resident of downtown Los Angeles who lives less than 2 blocks from the building I go to everyday that pays me to show up, meaning my job, I decided to tighten my belt and sequester myself from driving. I don’t have a commute. I thought I was being financially responsible. I was going to save all that money. What I have come to realize is that riding in my car was the time in my life, a big majority of time, when I would listen to my music. Loud. And repeatedly. The decision to stop driving had the unintended consequence of sequestering of my musical enjoyment. Too many moons passed, and then… A short while ago I upgraded to one of those super duper cell phone/laptop/air traffic controller smart phones and started using it as a (showing age here) ‘walkman’. I got an amazing pair of headphones to go with it. Let me tell you that as soon as I played the first song, the music cascaded through my soul like an ice cold glass of water in humid July heat. It was amazing. I literally got a legendary case of goosepimples all over my body. It was then I realized that music is food for the soul. Our bodies may need food and water, but our souls NEED Music. Wake up in a funk? Music. Having the best day ever, the sun is shining, the Yankees won, Music. Feeling down because I am a political junkie, and as a result I have to be informed of the nonsense that Republican’s do on a daily basis? Music. Taking a walk on a nice summer night or a brisk fall evening? Music. Preparing a legendary 4 course dinner for friends? Music, and a glass of wine. Notice I haven’t revealed any artists or songs. This is because it doesn’t matter. We all have different tastes in music, some better than others, but at the end of the day, that music we choose to listen to is what we have chosen to feed our souls with. And seriously, music has been a constant in my life through EVERYTHING.  music2

Every breakup, every promotion, every celebration, every moment of inspiration, every solitary moment of introspection, and even recently on the drive home from a funeral with my brother, and sister. We were experiencing a crushing sadness that belied the day that was otherwise sunny and clear. Then certain song came on and my sister and I started singing it together, honestly I didn’t even know that she knew the song or even that she knew the words, but there we were in a duet. If only for a brief moment, for 4 minutes and some seconds, the sadness wasn’t as heavy anymore, and it was a welcome, albeit temporary reprieve from sadness. Music. There are times when I listen to certain music and can relive whole years of my life like a movie reel in my head, and sometimes it’s amazing, and sometimes it’s sad, but ALL the time I FEEL it. That’s powerful stuff. Musicians provide a priceless service to our humanity. They get paid very well, but I feel some of the really special ones will never be paid enough for what their music has meant to me. Music can save lives. Music can define lives. Music inspires. Music will help us tell the sequester to f*ck off. Music can remind us of a lifetime that just passed while allowing us to view it as if it were yesterday. And as such Music is truly the soundtrack of our lives…And my best friend.


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Ralphael Prepetit

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