Idiots Guide: Top 5 Reasons Aliens Might Exist

It’s THE #1. question isn’t it? Ok. Maybe it’s not the #1. question, but it does have a strangle hold on the top five (5) queries of all time, right behind ‘Who killed JFK’. Why would there be this immensely large universe and humans be the only intelligent life? After much careful consideration, as well as the occasional rolled eye,  we have come up with the top 5 most compelling reasons why Aliens might actually exist.


#5. Because Giorgio A. Tsoukalos…and the ‘Ancient Astronaut Theory’. 

 If you happen to be a casual viewer of the History Channel, it is likely that you have come across one of, if not several of Giorgio Tsoukalos’s shows that deal with the ‘Ancient Astronaut Theory’. This controversial theory suggests that Earth was visited by ancient aliens in the remote past (i.e. Ancient Egypt, Peru, Asia, etc.) and that they may have had a hand in modern human development, up to and including, the manipulation of our DNA. Far fetched? Perhaps. However, I would be remiss in failing to admit that some, even the smallest part of the case(s) presented weren’t actually compelling in many respects. ‘Ancient Aliens’ is one of the most popular, and widely viewed programs on the H.C. Skeptical? Give this show a few open minded viewings and get back to us. It’s entirely possible that we’ve had Alien visitors in our ancient past. Giorgio swears it’s true. 

ancient aliens

#4. Unexplained Geographic Phenomenon and/or Anomalies. .

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. Pumapunku near Tiwanaku, Bolivia. The Great Serpent Mound plateau in Adams County, Ohio. The Nazca Lines in southern Peru that can only be appreciated from the sky. And of course the ubiqitious Crop Circles that have manifested on desolate farm lands all over the world.  These structures and/or formations have baffled mankind for centuries. Reasonable explanations for these ‘phenomena’ have been extremely difficult to come by, manifesting more questions and conjecture than answers, in almost every case. In addition there is the issue of explaining how these supposedly ‘primitive’ cultures, in some cases without the benefit of basic technology, such as the wheel, were able to accomplish these herculean feats of industrious building. In many cases the movement, transport, and positioning of huge granite blocks weighing in excess of hundreds of thousands of tons defies common sense. How was this possible without ‘Alien’ technology? Better question, why would they even attempt it?  It would be reasonable to question the leap to ‘Alien’ aid, or intervention as an answer, however alternative answers to these questions remain unresolved. The answer is out there…

Example of the ‘Nazca Lines’ in Peru.

#3. Unexplained Existence of Non-Human Skulls. 

There are a series of mysterious elongated skulls located in Paracas, Peru and Europe that are approximately 3,000 years old. In addition to their elongated shape, the sagittal suture on the skull is completely different,  or oddly non-existent in some cases, as well as over-sized orbital orifices. DNA testing has concluded that they are not actually human, and may have been come from a completely new, unknown species. By definition, that makes them ‘Alien’, and by extension it suggests that ‘Aliens’ have at the very least existed on this planet at some point in history.  Alien Skulls


#2. Worldwide UFO Sightings and/or Abductions.

Human beings have been reporting sighting of ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ or ‘UFO’s’ for centuries. The sheer density of reports seem to dismiss a plethora of simple explanations, and force us to consider the possibility that something is literally up, out there. We are talking about people of all walks of life, and from all points on the globe. Starting with the bizarre, with the 12th Century story of the ‘Green Children’ who just appeared in Woolpit Village, England having green skin, and claiming to be from the land of St. Martin. To the more plausible, with recreational pilot Kenneth Arnold, who in  1947 reported nine high-speed flying objects above Mount Rainier, Washington. That was the same year of infamous ‘Roswell’ incident in the New Mexico desert, followed by the Maury Island incident, where Sailor Harold Dahl reported having seen six UFOs above the Puget Sound. (1947 was a hot year for the UFO). Five years later in 1952 many people witnessed UFO’s in the skies above our nations capital, Washington D.C. along with mysterious radar footprints, at not one, but three regional airports. Then there was the famous 1961 abduction tale of Barney and Betty Hill from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who were reportedly kidnapped by aliens out of their car, then returned, with time anomalies and all kinds of physical evidence of their ordeal. They became reluctant psuedo-celebrities after hypnosis confirmed their experience. Even President Jimmy Carter (Yes, that President Carter) reported a UFO sighting, in the year of our lord 1969. His bonafides are credible, no? Mr. Carter (Before election) filed an official report in 1973 claiming that four years earlier he had witnessed a UFO change colors several times before fading away into the night sky. More recently, in 2008, a guard at the Yeni Kent Compound in Turkey reportedly videotaped a number of UFO movements over a 4-6 month period. His report, and evidence so convincing, that the Sirius UFO Space Science Center released a statement saying of the videos: ‘Most important images of a UFO ever filmed’. ufo


#1. The ‘Missing Link’ and the Fox P2 Gene.

The Human race is exceptional in a great many ways. Particulary in terms of our collective intelligence, and especially when compared to the remainder of the animal kingdom. Darwin’s theory of simple evolution can explain many things about our origin, but there are holes in it’s fabric. From our genetic ancestry of primates, to who we are today, there was a tremendous leap in our intellectual evolution that allowed human beings to create art, music, literature, and most remarkably the contemplation of our very existence. The so-called ‘Big Brain Event’. But where is the ‘missing link’? What or who was responsible for this spark? Elephants for example have evolved, but don’t build houses. Dolphins don’t drive cars. Ancient Astronaut Theorists argue that our DNA has been manipulated by extraterrestrials, and that we  have been artificially engineered. In fact it is only human beings that evolve intellectually, and we keep getting smarter. There has been a 30 point increase in our collective I.Q.’s in the past century. We are different in ways that defy simple evolution. There is no earthly explanation as to why the human species exists in the way it exists. According to ‘AAT’ there is an extraterrestrial explanation. davinci human

Fox P2 is a gene that is found in our nucleotides, that is said to be responsible for our language, and linguistic abilities. The mystery lies in the fact that there is NO trace evidence of it’s genetic origin. No other animal has it. This is a gene that seems to have appeared in human beings out of the clear blue sky, or depending on who you ask, the outer reaches of space. Carried by, and grafted into human beings by ‘Ancient Aliens’. foxp2





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