Idiots Guide: 5 Elements of Sex Appeal/Attraction

The concept of human sex appeal is as old as the existence of the human race, and largely responsible for the continued propagation of our species. As a result, as long as people have been getting together, there’s been an evolving blueprint on how to best attract the object of one’s desire. We love sex, and we really love to have sex with the people we are most attracted to. In the case of marriage, we want to keep said partner, and hopefully keep up the things that attracted you to them to begin with, and vice versa. This list highlights some of the more basic, if not understated elements of attraction. This applies to both men and women, married, or single, gay, or straight. Enjoy!

#5. Voice (The Sweet Sound of Speech) 



Often times the sound of a certain persons voice can elicit a number of psychosomatic reactions. Anything from anxiety, to amorous feelings. We all have people in our lives whose voice drives us up the wall, and down the other side. Awful, right? Conversely, the fortunate of us have people whose voice can create a rainbow during any hurricane of any day. There is nothing like the sound of a voice that can elicit a warm, soothing feeling. Better yet, a voice that can get your libido engine revving with supercharged sexual energy? Yeah, that’ll work.

#4. Smell (The Secret Sex Weapon) 

smell toon

Some people have a natural scent that is full of positively attractive pheromones. Some people have a natural scent that is more closely related to rodents in heat. It’s a toss up. For those of us who’d rather not roll the dice, there are a plethora of sprays, perfumes, colognes, skin creams, and the like to mitigate any potential problems. The reason for this is that smell is a base sense that carries a ton of weight. Smell can attract people or repel people depending on the who’s, what’s, when’s, and why’s. It’s no secret that a nice smelling person can increase their attractiveness ten fold, maybe more. So, be odor vigilant people. But don’t take ‘animal’ magnetism to literally.

#3. Be Cool in a Crowd…(Stay Cool under Pressure) 

Be cool crowd

Moving from base human senses, to human behavior, we have the ‘cool’ factor. Both men and women are attracted to people that are ‘cool’ in a crowd. Women like a confident, self-assured, and self-aware man. Men like much the same in a woman, with the added caveat of giving women points for being sane. Especially in a crowd, and definitely in good company. Nobody likes a partner who is willing to ‘blow up the spot’ and cause a scene. Being able to control one’s temper and/or stay cool under pressure is worth it’s weight in gold. Besides, being cool is always sexy, and always attractive. Public discord often leads to a private discussion about a trial separation. This can be avoided. Just be cool. #Its Sexy

#2. Facial Attraction


Facial 2

This is fairly obvious, we know. And you married folks may be past this, however, what is attractive to one person can be repulsive to another. Therefore, our suggestion is to accentuate what you have been given, and be confident about yourself. Everyone has a  face that somebody out there adores (and not just your mother). It’s true. So keep your skin looking radiant, your teeth gleaming, and your hair (or scalp, if bald) looking healthy. Nature will take care of the rest. As trite as it sounds, beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder. Not to mention that our definition of beauty changes over time, and without any real bible verse as to what it might be. If you’re married? Work hard to resemble the person that your partner married, within reason. Nostalgia is a powerful thing in love.

#1. Kissing (The Act of) 


We’ve all felt it at least once in our lives. That kiss from a stranger that you have never forgotten, or are likely to ever forget. Perhaps you married that person, or perhaps you’ve been looking for either that person, or that feeling ever since. A good, sincere kiss is a small transfer of soul essence between two people that nothing else this side of Venus can replicate. Not even intercourse. It’s a form of magic, and unique expression that truly makes us human beings. We are the earth’s only creatures who kiss each other in the manner in which we do. That’s something very special is it not? The good news is that if you’re a terrible kisser, or ‘lego block’, there’s likely a fellow ‘lego block’ kisser who will love your kiss. In either case, a kiss can be the kind of bliss that will always make kissing a worthwhile venture. #KissingisMagical


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