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I. Am. Ralphael Prepetit, author of the compelling, and eclectic blog, the ‘Idiots Guide‘. I am originally from New York City, and a first generation Haitian-American success story. Insofar as I am healthy, alive, and survived my 20’s without death by misadventure, and/or incarceration. My career has been a pilgrimage through the entertainment industry. As a true creative I have been a Film Director, Music Video Director, Independent Content Producer, as well a prolific Free-Lance Writer. The saying goes ‘Good writers write because they can, and great writers write because they must’. I would definitely fall into the category of the latter. In fact, I am writing this as if being compelled to do so by hypnosis. I literally can’t help myself. This can be proven by the fact that I am struggling with the reality that this blog may in fact be a blatant form of narcissism. Who knows? I figure that this is just as good a way to introduce myself to any meandering, web-surfing eye, that might come across it. If you happen to fit that description, then to you I say, ‘Hello’. Thanks for reading. If you happen to be a producer and/or agent who is looking for a ‘diamond in the rough’ type of writing talent, then to you I also say, ‘Hello’, with the added caveat, ‘I am available for hire’. In all seriousness, I truly enjoy writing and the amazing form of expression that it is. When I write a great piece, the satisfaction falls somewhere between orgasmic pleasure, and enlightened self-delusion.

The Interview:

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The thing about life that has surprised me the most, so far, you ask? I would have to say that I had little idea how much I would miss my childhood. Especially since I spent a majority of it trying to escape it’s clutches. Now? Well, sometimes I wish I could go back, of course knowing what I know now. Then again, it probably wouldn’t take me long to skip back forward after some of the harsher realities of being 11 again, came to light.

What time of my life would I like to revisit, you ask? That’s easy. My college years. Best time of my life, hands down. At what other time of your life can you be broke, slightly malnourished, with a slight drinking problem, and still be happy as a pig in !*&%$? The answer is no other time. Never mind the boundless energy coupled with a predilection for mischief. How fun was that? Screw you, don’t judge, you were there right with me!

Why am I not married, you ask? A combination of reasons, most of which have to do with circumstance and timing. However, having been a bachelor for most of my life, I must say that I rarely come across married people who are happy. It’s almost as if marriage is as much a contract to never be happy, as it is the ultimate expression of love. God, that sounds cynical, but I am only reporting the things I’ve seen and heard in the field. Don’t shoot the messenger. I would be willing to go out on a limb and say that if it weren’t for children, and the whole ‘nuclear’ family thing, the divorce rate would be double it’s current level, which means like 99%. I don’t claim to have the answers, but maybe it’s possible that life-long monogamy isn’t as natural as we have been led to believe.

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What’s my biggest pet-peeve, you ask? Narrow minded, and fearful people really make me sad. The human race can only move forward in evolution as fast as the least evolved of us can keep up with the mean. Personally, I never stop learning, exploring, asking questions, contemplating my existence. This is a healthy thing. It’s a uniquely human thing that only we human beings have been blessed with the ability to do. Lions can’t contemplate their existence, ask questions, or sing a song. They just know they need to kill to eat, and *%$@! We humans have the capacity to think of much greater concepts. Far too often I run into people who choose the path of vapidity, to that of enlightenment. It’s a profound waste.

What do I think is the best thing in the world, you ask? Music. The melodic sounds of instruments, and gifted singers, and song arrangements is the greatest thing on earth. Music truly is the soundtrack of our lives. A song can transport you back to a specific point in time, and trigger memories that had long been wandering lost in the tangled web of your subconscious. Music speaks directly to my soul. Without question, music has been with me through it all, and is truly my best friend. Besides, what else can make you spontaneously break out into singing? I don’t know about you, but singing makes me feel great. However, I prefer to defer to those gifted voices that have spoken to me for so long.  I freaking love music. You probably do too.

What depresses me about life, you ask? Well, unfortunately it’s more than one thing, but for the purposes of this question, I’m going to go with ‘Religious Extremism’. In so far as the reality that orthodox thinking in religion has never been at the forefront of human achievement. In fact, most orthodox religions fight tooth and nail to stagnate human progress with dictums that value ancient tradition over enlightened learning, and progress. I’m not sure that’s always a good thing, hell, I’m not sure that it’s ever a good thing. It’s entirely possible that the concept of religion and it’s morality has been engrained into our societal moral structure. Any movement towards orthodoxy is counterproductive to say the least, and fiercely destructive to say the worst. See: All of the people who have killed,  died, and continue to die in the name of religion x,y,or z? It’s lunacy, and frankly the barbarism involved makes me ashamed to be a human being.

Where do I lean politically, you ask? Perhaps the answer to this has been made clear by my earlier statements, but in the event it hasn’t, I am a card carrying ‘Progressive’. However, there are more than a few conservative positions that I wholly agree with. It’s just that the conservative movement at this particular moment in time, is a bit too rabid for my taste. Having a respectful political leaning is one thing, being an overly emotional, fearful conservative zealot is another thing entirely. Both political parties sell fear, however I’d have to say that modern base conservatives broker in it like a bad stock. Calm down people, doomsday is not upon us, really it isn’t. This country has problems to be sure, but they’re not terminal by any stretch of the sane imagination. The time for real worry about the fate of the union passed with the end of the Civil War. That was in the 19th century, we are in the 21st century and going stronger than ever.

Am I going to end this interview with myself anytime soon, you ask?  Yes, right now. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment……Intelligently.

My Music Video Directorial Debut:   “Nuthin but the DSC”  Darkside Crooks (2002)


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