Idiots Guide: 7 Worst Planets in the Universe

The universe is a large, I mean very large, I mean ridiculously large, I mean…you get it. Among the almost inconceivable vastness of space are more than a few planets that are nightmarishly hellish, and not just because of the heat. Sometimes it’s the extreme cold, and sometimes it’s because of the glass rain (Yes, we said glass) that falls sideways in 4,000 mile per hour winds. The saying goes ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’, a very accurate saying after you take a look at the weather on these scary planets.


#7. Venus / Distance: 162 Million Miles Away 


Planet Venus has been described as ‘Dante’s vision of hell’ by astronomers. Which is interesting since it is also the only planet named after a woman. A cursory glance will reveal that Venus is similar to Earth is size, mass, density, and gravity. After that it gets dicey. It’s damn hot, in fact the hottest planet in our solar system. Not impressed? How about the fact that it has clouds made of sulfuric acid, and the surface consists of pure molten lava. So what if it’s 900 degrees there? This planet is not on anyone’s bucket list, even if they’re about to kick it.

#6. Carot 7b / Distance: 489 Light Years Away

Corot 7b

This planet also has a crust of molten lava, and it’s also mad hot with a temperature of around 4,500 degrees. But check this out, if you were 16 years old when you went to sleep on Carot 7b when you woke up the following morning, you would be 17 years old. You see it only takes this planet 20.5 hours to orbit it’s sun. Things move fast on Carot 7b.

#5. Tres 2b / Distance: 750 Light Years Away

Tres 2b

Planet Tres 2b is a vampire’s eden. It is the darkest known planet in the universe. Astronomers say that it’s blacker than coal, and that means there is zero chance of getting a suntan there. Which is strange for a planet who’s temperature is 1,800 degrees.

#4. HD 18977 3b / Distance: 63 Light Years Away


HD 48977 3b is a blue planet, but it has nothing to do with water as we know it. It has silicate particles in it’s atmosphere and when paired with the extreme heat of the surface temperature, it turns into glass. It rains glass on planet HD 48977 3b! It rains glass that moves with 4,000 mile per hour winds. Your face would not appreciate this, unless of course you don’t like your face as it’s currently constructed.

#3. Neptune / Distance: 2.7 Billion Miles Away


You might recognize the Ice Giant Neptune as a planet from our own solar system. In fact it’s the 8th planet from our sun. It also has winds that gust at over 1,500 miles an hour or 600 meters per second, take your pick. That’s almost double the speed of the sound barrier. It’s also very cold with temperatures reaching a scorching  -200 degrees. This frozen planet will sweep you (literally) off of your feet.

#2. Wasp 12b / Distance: 1,100 Light Years Away


The worst news about planet Wasp 12b is that it is currently being eaten by the star that  it orbits. In 10 million years, it’s goodnight Irene for this super hot planet. How hot? Well, it’s considered the hottest planet ever found. With a surface temperature of approximately 4,000 degrees, which is 1/2 of our sun’s temperature, this place is scorching. The tidal forces are so strong that it warps the planet into a kind of egg shape. Not a recommended travel destination, at all. Even if you could get there in 300 lifetimes.

#1. Keplar 10b / 560 Light Years Away

Keplar 10b

Keplar 10b is so hot that it’s surface temperature of 2,800 degrees is enough to melt iron. This is another planet where you could have a birthday every 20 hours or so. You’d also have problems walking around, as the gravity here is double that of Earth’s. In addition, this is one of the smallest planets out there while being one of the densest. The good news is that you could walk on it’s surface since it’s rocky. Bad news? You’re not Superman.



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