Idiots Guide: 7 Questions every Human Being wants Answered


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As the reigning intellectual life form on this planet, we human beings have the unique ability to contemplate our existence in the universe. It is highly unlikely that a lion, or your family pet would have the intellectual curiosity, or conscious motivation, to ponder the meaning of their existence. Humans can and therefore, we do. People have always had existential questions, lots of them. In many ways, it is the pursuit of these answers that has motivated profound human advancement. The reality is that for all of our  intellectual and scientific gains, there are certain questions whose answers are out of our purview. We simply don’t know, and will likely never know. In some instances we have substituted blind belief for empirical evidence. Scientific theory instead of concrete proof. Among this sea of questions, there are several that every human being to a man, would figuratively or literally, die to know the answer(s) to. This list highlights what we feel are the top 7 questions that human beings around the world want answered.

#7. Is there LIFE after DEATHis-there-life-after-death

At the time of our earthly demise, conventional wisdom says that we should walk ‘towards the light’. The problem is that nobody knows for sure what that light is, where it leads to, and who if anybody is waiting for us there. There is nothing more human than wondering what really happens when our lights go out. Is there really a Heaven? Hell? If so, for which place do I qualify? Better still is the question surrounding the concept of reincarnation. Do we get to come back? Have we been here before? Does it operate on a lottery system? Perhaps a demerit system? Are we afforded a choice? Do horrible people come back as insects? Is there extra credit for martyrdom? These are the kinds of existential afterlife questions that human beings would like to know. Even though 7 out of 10 Americans believe in an afterlife, 10 out of 10 Americans can’t know for sure. Getting concrete answer(s) to these questions has been virtually impossible because deceased persons typically have a  difficult time giving afterlife depositions. Human beings would like to know is there really life after death? Or does everything just go dark forevermore?

#6. Who Shot John F. KennedyJFK Target

Look, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Stevie Wonder can see that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. There is no way that little twerp shot Kennedy by himself, from that little window, if at all. Be honest, that’s what your horse sense has always told you. You trust your common sense don’t you? The Kennedy assassination is the greatest ‘who done it?’ in American history. In fact the only thing we know for certain about the assassination of John Kennedy, is that he was shot to death. Everything else is just another ingredient in conjecture soup. The mystery surrounding the murder of JFK is the conspiracy that defines modern conspiracy theory. It seems illogical that the assassination of an American President could be a perfect murder, meaning that someone and/or group of someone’s got away with it clean. The fact of the matter is that people/persons murdered President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd in the year of our lord 1963. Human beings the world over would really like to know who was responsible.

#5. What came before the BIG BANGbefore big bang

There is a broad consensus among the world’s distinguished scientists that the beginning of the universe and by extension, the world that we live in, materialized with a singular ‘Big Bang‘ event some 14 billion years ago. In other words there was nothing and then bang, the universe was born. This of course begs the pseudo-obnoxious, though completely understandable question, what happened before the big bang? What was the nothing? There was no light, no matter , no energy? Who or what threw on the light switch? The process of trying to think this question through is a recipe for a migraine headache. It’s similar to trying to explain the starting point of a circle, but worse because why was the circle drawn to begin with? Who drew it? Here’s something else to consider, there was actually no ‘big bang’ at all. At the moment of the beginning of the universe there was no light, and no sound because matter didn’t yet exist for sound waves to vibrate. Technically the big bang was a profound expansion event that happened in complete silence. Human beings would really like to know what happened before the big bang. We’ll address the who, what, and why questions a bit later.

#4. Which came first? The Chicken or the EggWhat-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg

This is a question that virtually every human child has queried and pondered, yet somehow through adolescence, adulthood, and parenthood have never proposed or received a satisfactory answer. If the chicken came first, then who, or what made the chicken? If the egg came first, then who the hell laid it?  This is a riddle whose answer is elusive, and certainly a question for the man upstairs, if he exists, and if he’s a man at all, but I digress. Human beings want to get to the bottom of this damn chicken and egg controversy.

#3. What happens inside of a Black Holeblack hole

Apparently, ‘Black Holes‘ rule the universe. The mere mention of black holes instill fear. The gravity of a black hole is so strong, it is defined as absolute, meaning that it can crush and/or swallow anything in the universe, including stars, planets, galaxies, and even light, which is the reason that they’re black to begin with. The question that no man has ever been able to answer is what happens inside of a black hole? Some people have theorized that the inside a black hole is the doorway to another dimension, a place where space and time meet at as a singularity. Get all of that? We can never explore the inside of a black hole because once you’re in, that’s it, there’s no way to get back out. Wait, that’s not entirely true, sometimes a super massive black hole can spit out light and energy when it starts to eat too much too fast. Either way, we can’t explore it. It would be nice to know what happens inside of it. Inquiring minds would definitely like to know.

#2. Have we been visited by Aliens? Do Aliens existdo-ufos-exist

A rumor is not just a rumor when it doesn’t die. According to the most recent surveys, around 7% of human beings worldwide claim to have seen an unidentified flying object (UFO), and 15% of humans know of someone who has. Eyewitness descriptions of abductions by ‘little green men’ have been fairly consistent across the globe, and over time and geography. Then of course there’s the mystery surrounding the Roswell incident, and Area 51. Claims of massive government cover-ups abound. Confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial life would certainly turn mankind on it’s ear. Which ear and to what degree is unknown. However, the question still remains, do aliens really exist?

#1. Is there a God?

is there a god

As of 2016 there are approximately 4,200 religions practicing in our world. This number does not include your uncle Barry’s garage band turned Fender™ cult. It is possible however that all of these religions are worshipping the same God. It’s also possible that 4,199 of them are worshipping the wrong God. The truth is that nobody really knows for sure if God exists. There are millions upon millions of people throughout the planet who believe for sure, however, they don’t know for sure. Depending on the religion, the return of God to earth is foretold by prophecy. As of today there has been no confirmed sightings. It would be safe to venture that human beings the world over would really like to know for absolute certain in the existence of God. Personally, if God were to make himself available for questions, I would have many pointed questions for him. Not the least of which would be an answer for the abject misery, suffering, and tragedy experienced by innocent human beings throughout world history. The answer to that question would be almost as important as God’s existence in the first place. One step at a time though, the question still remains. Is there really a God? Humankind would really like to know, in place of profound belief.