Idiots Guide: Top 40 Old School Hip-Hop Dance Tracks (Full Videos)

Throughout the late 1980’s and well into the 1990’s  it seemed that every dance club in America had a dance mix that included hip-hop dance anthems that made even the worst dancers believe that they had rhythm. If memory serves me correct, by the time Vanilla Ice and his ‘Ice Ice Baby’ track set dance floors in motion nationwide, the flood gates were officially open. It was a song that was severely overplayed to the point that it may even be hard to listen to even today, however it was a large part of the avalanche of top 40 Hip-Hop dance tunes that are nothing if not memorable. A glimpse back in time to the days before metal detectors and pat downs. Idiots Guide presents a collection of some of the greatest top 40 Hip-Hop dance tracks.

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#10. Tone Loc / ‘Wild Thing’  (1989)  


#9. Tag Team / ‘Whoop There it Is’  (1993)  


#8. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock / ‘It Takes Two”  (1990)  


#7. Snow / ‘Informer’  (1993)  


#6. Ini Kamoze / ‘Hotstepper’  (1995)  


#5. Wrecks-N-Effect / ‘Rump Shaker’  (1992)  


#4. Vanilla Ice / ‘Ice Ice Baby’  (1990)  


#3. Kriss Kross / ‘Jump’  (1992)  


#2. Salt-N-Pepa / ‘Push It’  (1986)  


#1. Tone Loc / ‘Funky Cold Medina’  (1989)  

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