Idiots Guide: 1980s Rock n Roll Love (aka Power) Ballads (Full Videos)

The concept of the studio album was still alive and thriving throughout the 1980’s and into the 1990’s. A large part of that concept was the formula that dictated every rock band have at least one love/power ballad on a commercially released album. Almost every band that achieved notable sales success during that era followed this formula to a ‘T’. As a result some surprisingly good songs were born of it. It wasn’t a huge leap for ‘Glam Rock’ groups to make since many of them had no problem wearing eyeliner and skin grafted leather pants on stage and in videos. We have these bands to thank for some classic, memorable tracks that take us back to a specific youthful point in time of our lives. Idiots Guide presents a nice video collection of some of the better rock and roll ballads of the 1980’s for your enjoyment. Please feel free to reminisce about that boy or girl who meant the world.



#Honorable Mention.   38 Special  / ‘So Caught Up in You’  (1982)


#13. Ozzy Osbourne  / ‘Mama I’m Coming Home’  (1991)


#12. Giant  / ‘I’ll See you in my Dreams’  (1989) 


#11. Faster Pussycat  / ‘House of Pain’  (1989)


#10.  Cinderella  / ‘I’m Coming Home’  (1988) 


#9. Foreigner  / ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’  (1984)


#8. Tesla  / ‘Love Song’  (1989)


#7. Skid Row  / ‘I Remember You’  (1989)


#6. Firehouse  / ‘Love of a Lifetime’  (1990)


#5. Warrant  / ‘Heaven’  (1989)


#4. Mötley Crüe  / ‘Home Sweet Home’  (1985)


#3. Bon Jovi  / ‘I’ll Be There For You’  (1988)


#2. Poison  / ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’  (1988)


#1. Guns and Roses  / ‘Sweet Child of Mine’  (1987)  


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