Idiots Guide: AC/DC ‘The Classic 5’ (Full Videos)

The hard rock energy and brilliant performances of AC/DC were synonymous with the start of the 1980’s Rock n Roll music scene. They were as hot as any band on earth in the era, with world-wide record sales totaling over 70 million. AC/DC is the fifth-best-selling rock and roll band in United States history! Idiots Guide presents a list of the ‘Classic 5’ AC/DC tracks that shook the world and continue to represent Rock n Roll decades on. Their sound timeless, their performances captivating, their influence profound. Hats off to Malcolm and Angus Young and the boys!

angus young


#5. AC/DC  / ‘Highway to Hell (Live)  (1979)  


#4. AC/DC  / ‘You Shook  Me All Night Long’  (1980)  


#3. AC/DC  / ‘Hells Bells’  (1980)  


#2. AC/DC  / ‘Black in Black’  (1980) 


#1. AC/DC  / ‘Who Made Who’  (1986)