Idiots Guide: The Most Evil Humans in the History of the World.


The existence of evil men has it’s roots in the very beginnings of mankind. The duality of man dictates that for every good, there is a counterbalance of evil. It’s the ‘Ying and Yang’ and/or ‘Black and White’ that has pervaded the souls of our humanity since time and memorial began. Within this duality over the centuries, there have been certain men who have taken the concept of evil and redefined the depths of it’s possibility. Certain people whose proportion of evil within their soul was much greater than any good that might have ever existed. It’s no secret that mankind is the most dangerous species walking on the planet earth. The following men are the most vile, ruthless, heartless, barbarous, diabolical, ferocious, destructive, malevolent and murderous souls mankind has ever witnessed, and that is saying something. Idiots Guide presents a sinister list of these extreme villains. Be warned that some of the content you are about to view is disturbing, to put it lightly.

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#15.  Kim Il Sung / Delusional Dictator  / Deaths: 1.6 million

Kim Il Sung

Like most delusional men of power Kim Il Sung was an accomplished liar and a paranoid weirdo. He blamed the U.S. for spreading disease in North Korea. He built hundreds of prison camps throwing hundreds of thousands of people into them and their deaths. Kim Il Sung started the ill-fated Korean War causing 3 million people to die needlessly, then after the war, he began brainwashing the populace into worshiping him as a God, the real kind. The effects of which we are still seeing in North Korea today. The world, especially the North Korean part,  is a worse place that this man lived. A quite despicable Kim.

#14.  Leopold II of Belgium / King of the Belgians / Deaths: 12 Million (Africans) 

Leopold II of Belgium

The continent of Africa certainly wishes that Leopold II of Belgium was never born. He is considered one of the greatest liars of all-time for his blatant misrepresentation of the Congo and it’s people aka ‘slaves’. As a result of his tyrannical rule, tens of millions of Congolese were tortured, terrorized, killed, maimed and basically slaughtered. More specifically, the Congolese people routinely had their hands, legs, feet, arms, heads, ears, and even noses cut off over the production of rubber. Leopold II was ruthless. Period.

#13.  Ismail Enver Pasha / War Minister / Deaths: 2.5 million 

Ismail Enver Pasha

Ismail Enver Pasha is the man responsible for the Armenian Genocide in which the number of minority victims reached approximately 1.5 million innocent souls. He also had about 250 Armenian intellectuals deported, they were then murdered. Pasha oversaw the wholesale massacre of Armenian men, forced their labour and forced women, children and elderly on death marches through the unforgiving Syrian desert while depriving them of food and water and subjected them to robbery and rape. Many of them died as a result. Pasha knew how to throw a party of abject evil did he not? A vicious human being.

#12.   Pol Pot   /    Totalitarian Dictator  /  Deaths:  3 Million (Population 8 Million)

Pol Pot

As leader of the infamous  ‘Khmer Rouge’ Pol Pot literally transformed Cambodia into a killing field. This despot actually ordered a genocide against his own country and countrymen. Needless to say Pot was a despicable human being, and we use ‘human being’ lightly. Why you ask? Because under Pot millions of Cambodians were tortured and murdered and those that weren’t suffered the effects of slave labor, invisible health care, rampant disease and abject malnutrition leading to the eventual starvation of hundreds of thousands of souls. Did I forget to mention that he routinely ordered people be clubbed to death and sometimes buried alive? Yes, true story. Evil is too fair a description of the Pot.

#11.   Joseph Stalin / Russian Dictator /  Deaths: 25 Million (1924-53)


“One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is simply a statistic” –  Joseph Stalin. That quote is a morbid look into the mind of a psychopath. Stalin was responsible for a 30 year reign of terror in Russia and beyond. ‘Terror’ defined as ultra-violence, slavery, property destruction, torture and murder. Dissidents were sentenced to slave labor in ‘Gulags’ where they were worked to their death. Gulags were roads of living hell taken until death for millions of souls. Stalin enjoyed signing death warrants, which he did early and often  for untold millions of people. If you were Stalin’s friend, he might kill your wife. His wife killed herself due to his treatment of her. His son died in a German concentration camp when he refused to trade for his release. He ordered prisoners to fight in World War II and sent them back to prison if they survived. All told, some 25 to 50 million human beings died because of his behavior and/or policies. It’s difficult to describe his kind of evil.

#10.  Ivan the Terrible  /  Tsar   /  Deaths: Approx. 1 Million (Many Tortured to Death)


As a child Ivan would get his kicks by throwing small mammals to their deaths from the roofs of buildings in his neighborhood. Things only got worse from there. As an adult with significant power (Tsar of Russia) Ivan suffered from what today would be diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia. He constantly saw threats and enemies around every corner and as a result he did things like destroy entire villages, then towns and then cities. He sanctioned the ‘Novgorod Massacre’ which saw over 60,000 souls tortured then murdered. Ivan also enjoyed murdering children in front of their parents, as well as ordering people to be mauled to death by bears. It is reported that some of his executions could last 12-15 hours which included, beheading, strangling, burning, impaling and of course the frying of his victims, many these executions he liked to attend. Yes, Ivan was indeed, quite terrible.

#9.  Nero / Roman Emperor / Sadistic Political Murders, Torture, Arson


It is widely understood that Nero steered the Roman Empire to it’s demise. He had a thing for burning entire cities, with the citizens still at home. Turns out though that those were the lucky people, others were subjected to beheading, stabbing, burning at the stake, boiled in oil, crucified, or simply impaled. The reason we know about 1,000 ways to die is that Nero had someone keep track, just before he murdered them. If you happened to be a Christian around Nero well, let’s just say that you could expect to be starved to death, and/or torn to pieces by dogs, and/or fed to lions, and if you were lucky, perhaps you’d be lit on fire and used as a human torch. Did I forget to mention that he tortured and murdered Paul the Apostle and Peter the Disciple? Yes, he did that. The good news is that he ended up killing himself, the bad news is that it came much later than we would hope.

#8.  Josef Mengele /  (SS) Doctor  / Holocaust Horrors: Angel of Death

Josef Mengele

Ugh. What do you say about a man who performed sadistic experiments on children? The same thing you would say about a man who routinely forced parents to murder their own children. Something similar about a man who tortured children to see how long they could survive the torture before expiring. Children. Josef would often personally beat prisoners to death with his two hands. He is responsible for the deaths of over 500,000 innocent souls, maybe more. Josef Mengele was a real life ‘Dr. Frankenstien’ and the true depths of his depravity might never been fully understood. What is for certain is that he was truly, as his notorious nickname implies, ‘The Angel of Death’. The kind of man one would hope that hell exists and his special place now occupied.

#7.   Idi Amin / ‘Butcher of Uganda’  /  Deaths: 500,000 (Population 12 million)

Idi amin 2

Idi Amin was an abject savage who many historians consider to be the most brutal and ruthless dictator, ever. He turned the beautiful eden of a nation Uganda into hell on earth. His 8 years in power saw nothing but human rights abuses, ethnic persecution, political repression and massacres, always with the massacres. He also unilaterally  ordered the immediate deportation of some 80,000 Asians from the country. Did I forget to mention that he would routinely televise executions on national broadcasts? Yes, he did that. No human being was safe around Amin, doctors, lawyers, politicians, children…he murdered them all. He was sadistic. His men murdered people using sledge hammers. It’s rumored that he had photographs of this taken on the spot for his personal amusement. Amin also practiced burying people while still alive. It’s difficult to express my personal disgust.

#6.  Maximilien Robespierre / Tyrant /  Reign of Terror: Over 100,000 Executions


Almost immediately upon gaining power in France, Maximilien Robespierre’s obsession with guillotining people became obvious. ‘Off with their heads’ became the most insidious pop culture phrase in history. You give a paranoid man unilateral power and a guillotine and you have a recipe for a ton of headless corpses.  Robespierre raged a year long campaign of terror, where mass executions were a commonplace occurrence. He started executing everyone friends, friends of friends and enemies alike. People were guillotined for any reason this madman saw fit. No trials. Approximately 40,000 people were executed (Approx. 135 people everyday) and some lucky people including King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were allowed to simply die, alone in prison. His attack on Vendee saw the murder of  over 100,000 souls, children included. The good news is that Robespierre’s reign of terror ended in 1794, when he himself was guillotined. Good riddance, no?

#5.   Attila the Hun / ‘Scourge of God’/ Approx. 500,000 Deaths

Attila the hun

Attila the Hun redefined what the term bloodthirsty meant prior to his run. He was known for his abject cruelty and barbarous ways. It wasn’t a good day for him if it didn’t contain a war. Atilla had a fixation with the destruction of the Roman Empire, his sworn enemy.  Citizens of Rome knew very well that Atilla wanted each and every one of them put to death in the most vile ways available, including literally having people torn apart limb from limb. He routinely terrorized Roman cities killing their citizens in the hundreds of thousands. He was a reputed cannibal having said to have eaten two of his own children. So it comes as no surprise that he would murder his brother, which he did. When the noble virgin Saint Ursula refused (understandably) to marry Attila he responded by murdering her and an additional 11,000 souls of her friends and family. A shocking yet true story. Attila was a diabolical terror and redefined what we understand evil to be in profound ways.

#4.  Caligula / ‘Insane Tyrant’ / Deaths: Approximately 1 Million


The name Caligula has been synonymous with debauchery, lust, sex and sexual perversion for time and memorial. His predilection for throwing wild orgies is the stuff of legend. Unfortunately, that’s not the extent of his infamy. It would seem the only thing that outpaced his sexual appetite was his appetite for violence. He was a murderous lunatic, with  an extravagant taste for blood. Not just human blood either, the first few months of his reign saw  well over 150,000 innocent animals…slaughtered in his honor. History says that Caligula suffered from a serious fever that fried his brain to the point of mental illness. Perhaps, in either case soon after the illness he began to entertain notions that the was a God. How that translated into his love of torturing his opponents slowly and in the most painful fashion for days on end, is a mystery. So to is the reason why he would decapitate children after he strangled them. An event whose attendance was mandatory for the parents, as they were forced to witness the execution of their children. Sweet guy, I know.  He would have people’s tongues ripped out of their heads and then he would feed them to hungry lions, bears, panthers and occasionally they would be stomped to death by elephants. Caligula’s ruthlessness was so severe that many thousands of people committed suicide to avoid his wrath. True story. If Satan had a human likeness, then perhaps Caligula would fit the bill.

#3.   Adolf Hitler / German Führer / Deaths: 30 million (Holocaust + War)

Hitler 34

Adolf Hitler was a megalomanic with murderous intentions. His racist views especially regarding the Jews consumed his mind to the point of insanity. He held a feverishly distorted view of the Jews as the cause of not only Germany’s problems, but the world’s problems as well. He wanted, literally, to rid the planet earth of their entire existence. What he called ‘The Final Solution’. Like all bigots, he saw Jews not as true human beings but as a subspecies of human. Hitler wanted to rule the world and kill all Jews, political enemies, or anyone or group that he didn’t like, which was basically everyone not German. He used carbon dioxide gas to murder millions of innocent souls. Experimented, with his brother in evil Josef Mengele, on sick and/or wounded people and caused the deaths of untold hundreds of thousands more. Hitler had every Jew in Germany, Poland, Eastern Russia and more, sent to their torture and deaths at his notorious concentration camps. Those who weren’t immediately executed were expected to work until their deaths. Millions of Jews perished, and many had to watch friends and family members die. The use of gas chambers, crematories, firing squads, lethal injections and starvation were all Hitler’s methods of execution. These were in addition to the evil medical experiments. Hitler was responsible for the murder of more than 11 million people in the holocaust but he is responsible for the deaths of over 30 million people. His reign ended on a cold night in 1945, when he committed suicide with cyanide and self inflicted gun-shot head trauma.

#2.   Genghis Khan / Mongol Emperor / Deaths: Approx.  40 million

CT ct-ent-genghis-preview06.jpg

Genghis Khan was the kind of man who routinely had people executed by having molten metal and silver poured into their eyes and ears. True story. It was commonplace that his raids saw tens of thousands of people slaughtered in a single day. He had a lot of those days. He would have poor people decapitated and rich people suffer unspeakable torture as part of his interrogation techniques. He allowed for the rape of millions of women, usually in front of their spouses. He enslaved tens of thousands more people, many of whom he would use as human shields in battle. Genghis Khan and his army of ruthless murderers extinguished upwards of 50 million souls, men, women and children alike. In other words about 20% of the world’s known population at the time. Yes, he did that. He killed 15 million people on the Iranian Plateau alone. Like Attila the Hun he also murdered his own brother at the age of 13, something about a stolen fish. Ruthless terroristic barbarism was Genghis Khan’s middle name. Evil incarnate was his legacy.

#1.   Vlad the Impaler / Voivode of Wallachia / Deaths: Unknown Millions (Impalement)

Vlad the Impaler

On a list this sinister, it would make sense that the number one evil human being of all-time should have a name like ‘Vlad Dracula’ aka ‘Vlad the Impaler’. In other words, the person responsible for the Dracula legend in the first place. His methods were beyond cruel, and more than ruthless. But what sets him apart was his joy of diabolical torture, death, and mayhem. He truly loved it. The name ‘Dracula’, his surname literally means ‘little devil’. His name ‘Impaler’ is born from his favorite method of murder, impalement. It’s an extraordinarily gruesome way to die. A horse would be attached to each of a persons legs and a sharp wooden stake is slowly forced into the body, through the rectum. The stake would later emerge through the victims mouth, or abdomen, nowhere nice. He would make sure that the end of the stake not be too sharp so as to maximize the excruciating pain. There were instances however, where victims were impaled through the mouth, chest, abdomen,  or through the ear. He loved this form of execution so much that he was named after it. Hence ‘Vlad Dracula’ became ‘Vlad the Impaler’. True story. Vlad also had a thing for impaling domestic animals. Without question ‘Impalement’ is the  most painful, horrific and gruesome way of dying….Ever. In one instance every citizen of the city of Amlas, including infant children, were impaled. We’re talking about over 20,000 souls. When impalement was impractical or not possible, Vlad would order people poisoned, blinded, strangled, hanged, decapitated, disemboweled and/or skinned alive. Nice. It is rumored that he had cannibalistic tendencies in which he would have people burned, boiled and roasted…to death. He also is rumored to have people’s genitals removed and stored as collectibles. You can’t get more evil than Vlad, seriously you can’t.  The people on this list have tried, they really tried. Vlad the Impaler is evil number one.