Idiots Guide: Marvel Comics Greatest Individual Heroes

The wonderful super-human characters that inhabit the Marvel Universe have been a staple of Americana since it’s inception in 1939. For tens of millions of comic book fans this universe has been a source of never ending entertainment and perhaps a bit of a counter-culture springboard in the pool of imagination. I personally got on board the comic book train in the 1980’s, and I haven’t ever really felt compelled to disembark. These characters represent more than just fiction. They symbolize possibility, nobility, a bond to our collective childhoods and an encouraging departure from the harsh realities of the rudimentary daily lives of humans. I know there have been many times in my life when I’ve wished that I had a useful if not noble superpower. I also know that I’m not the only one. I am fan of both Marvel and D.C. comics and honestly believe that both are needed to experience the superhero universe as a whole. The purpose of this list presented by Idiots Guide is to stop and take a look at some of the greatest individual superheroes who reside in the incredible Universe we know as Marvel. Enjoy!

Marvel heroes Photo

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#12.   Silver Surfer   /  aka  Norrin Radd

Silver Surfer 2silver surfer 1

Exceptional Power:  The Power Cosmic … It’s kind of a Big Deal … Planetary Power. 


#11.   Black Panther  /   aka   T’Challa

Black Panther 2

Exceptional Abilities: Superhuman Senses. Superhuman Abilities. Animal Mimicry. Acrobatics Expert. Master of Armed Combat. Master Planner.

Black Panther 1


#10.  Falcon  /  aka  Sam Wilson


Exceptional Abilities: Master Martial Artist (Trained by Captain America), Master Acrobat, Expert with Shield, Bird of Prey Aerialist. Falcon is also very likable and a stall worth  member of the Mighty Avengers.

Falcon 2


#9.  Colossus  /  aka  Piotr Rasputin

colossus final

Exceptional Abilities: Ability to transform his epidermis into organic steel. Superhuman strength. Ability to lift over 75 tons. His body armor makes him impervious injury, including ballistic penetration (Bullet Proof).

Colossus 2


#8.  Hawkeye   /  aka  Clint Barton  


Exceptional Abilities: World-class Marksman. Expert Archer. Amazing reflexes and excellent hand-eye-coordination. Expert with knives, poison darts, exploding balls, bolas and boomerangs. Extensive Combat training (Captain America). Expert Acrobat and Athletic Aerialist. Weapon Designer.

Hawkeye 2


#7.  Daredevil   /  aka  Matt Murdock

Daredevil 2

Exceptional Abilities: Superhuman Senses. Extra Senses. Peak Human Strength. Superhuman Reflexes. Exceptional Speed. Exceptional Agility. Enhanced Endurance. All of this ability while being legally blind!



#6. Wolverine   /  aka  James Howlett   

Wolverine 33


Exceptional Abilities: Mutant Power. Self Healing, the ability to regenerate damaged and/or destroyed areas of his body and skeleton at a extremely fast rate. Immune to poison. Superhuman Senses. Wolverine has a skeleton that includes six retractable one-foot long bone claws, with three in each arm. The claws are made of the metal alloy ‘Adamantium’ which is basically unbreakable. A ferocious combatant.

Wolverine 4


#5.  Thor   /   aka   Asgardian God of Thunder

thor 2

Exceptional Abilities: Commander of ‘Mjolnir’ the enchanted hammer. Power of flight (with hammer). Power of weather manipulation (with hammer). Alien Strength. Extended Lifespan. Ability to enter a state of mind called ‘Warrior’s Madness’ and/or ‘Berserkergang’ during battle. Extremely high resistance to physical injury. Ability to travel through time (Time Travel).



#4.  HULK   /  aka  Bruce Banner

hulk 44


Exceptional Abilities: Almost unfathomable level of superhuman physical strength and ability which becomes limitless when Hulk is presented with environmental and/or personal stressors. His strength increases in tandem with the level of his emotional stress and/or anger. Hulk smashes things. Ability to leap miles at a bound. Ability to run at super speeds. Creates devastating ‘Shockwaves’ by clapping his hands together. Extraordinary ability to withstand  physical injury and/or body damage. Hulk is by far the strongest hero in the Marvel universe.

hulk 22


#3.   Iron Man   /   aka   Tony Stark


Exceptional Abilities: Genius Intellect. Prolific Weapons Inventor. Iron Man Armor. Repulsor Rays. Particle Beam. Plasma Rays. Mini-Missiles. Laser Torch. Personal Deflector. Superhuman Strength (Armor). Mach 8 Flight Speed (Armor). Controversial Leader of the Avengers. Exceptional Will and Perseverance.

Iron Man 2


#2.   Captain America   /  aka   Steve Rogers  

Cap America

Exceptional Abilities: Super Soldier Serum. Physical Human Perfection. Extremely High I.Q. Super Human Reaction Time. Phenomenal Human Endurance. Master of American Style Martial Arts. Excellent Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills. Vibranium circular, concave 12 pound shield which is virtually indestructible. Captain America is the beating heart and should of the Marvel heroes. Especially within the ranks of the Avengers.

Captain America


#1.   Spider-Man   /  aka   Peter Parker    

Spiderman 33

Exceptional Abilities: Superhuman Strength. Superhuman Agility. Web-Slinging for both Combat and Travel. Spider-Sense (Danger Sense). Superhuman Kinesthetics. Scientist, Innovative Inventor. Web-Shooters. Enhanced Vision and Hearing. Spider-Man is one of the most affable heroes in history. He is also one of the most beloved. As New York City’s own, he is popular around the universe, and carries himself with the kind of grace expected of a true superhero. For our money Spider-Man is the Number 01 Superhero in Marvel.

Spiderman 22



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