Idiots Guide: 7 Awful Ideas = Horrible Face Tattoo Hall of Fame Class #1

The person who coined the phrase “There’s no accounting for good taste” was really onto something. Over the years we’ve all at one time or another felt compelled to ask ourselves “Is that person serious?” Especially when considering the offending parties choice of wardrobe and/or hair-do, etc. The reality is that human beings often interpret different things looking back at them in the mirror. One person’s ‘Zanadu’ is another person’s ‘Hades’. As societal norms go, typically the taboo controversy surrounding permanent facial art is exactly that, taboo. In polite society (Outside of New Zealand) the decision to get your face painted is a signal that you’ve officially checked out of the mainstream, permanently. It could be argued that you’re making the ultimate ‘fuck you’ statement to the world. Granted. It could also be argued that you’re fucking yourself up, royally. In either case there are examples of those whose decision to permanently paint there face could be viewed as more than a controversial statement. Sometimes it’s just a 100% shit idea. Idiots Guide presents a small, albeit abhorrent Hall of Fame Gallery of terrible face tattoos….

face tattoo 44

Nominated:  “I Love Muerta” 


Face-Tattoos 7

#7.  “Hells Minion” 


Face tattoo 6

#6. “Aztec Prison Guard” 


Face tattoo 5

#5.  “Bobby Fischer on Acid” 


face tattoo 4

#4. ” 2 Lifetime Sentences as a  Virgin – Consecutive Terms” 


face tattoo 3

#3.  “Nazi Rhode Scholar” 


Face Tattoo 2

#2.  “Vegan Frankenstein” 


Face Tatoo 1

#1.  “Freudian Shit”