Idiots Guide: 12 Funniest Characters in Film History

They say that laughter can cure many of life’s ills and as such it would be safe to assume that the hilariously funny characters in the film comedies that we all love, carry a substantial influence with movie fans the world over. There is something about the zany, outlandish and occasionally dry comedic actor that resonates with people across geography, class and even culture. The ability to laugh at ourselves is an important component in our overall well being, the ability to laugh at others, is one of the purest forms of entertainment. There have been many very funny characters in the history of film and television, characters that we adore in all their comedic delight. Idiots Guide presents a list of 12 of these characters who we feel are among the very best at making film audiences roll down the aisle in side-splitting laughter. We are confident you will crack a smile at the very least as you remember the first time…

#12.  ‘Kip Dynamite’  /  Aaron Ruell   /   Napoleon Dynamite  (2004)

Kip Dynamite (Napoleon Dynamite)

What do you get when you have a skinny, pale, weakling who speaks in a low uninspiring voice combined with a predilection for being afraid of the slightest amount of physical harm? Kip Dynamite is what you get. Kip is a tool,  even by his brother Napoleon’s standards. The hilarity comes with the fact that he actually thinks that he’s cool.


#11.  ‘Chunk’  /  Jeff Cohen  /  The Goonies  (1985)

Chunk (The Goonies)

Director Richard Donner’s ‘Goonies’ (1985) marks a specific time of life for ‘Generation X’ audiences. It was the 1980’s, we were young and this movie was ‘totally awesome’. Among the reasons for these kinds of reviews was the hilarity that was ‘Chunk’ played by the charming round mound of  Jeff Cohen…


#10.  ‘Ali  G’   /   Sasha Baron Cohen  /   Ali G Indahouse  (2007)

Ali G Sacha Baron Cohen

Sasha Baron Cohen is a funny man capable of many funny faces. We believe that his ‘Ali G’ is hands down his funniest persona. Yes, his movies border on the absurd at best, but you have to admit they have some moments of amazing hiularity. Especially, Ali G in his 2007 release of ‘Ali G Indahouse’…


#9.  ‘Dr. Peter Venkman’  /   Bill Murray  /  Ghostbusters  (1984)

Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters)

Director Ivan Reitman’s ‘Ghostbusters’ was as much a transcendent comedy then, as it remains today. It’s hard to go wrong with a comedic trio of the late Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and of course incomparable funny man Bill Murray. Murray’s ‘Peter Venkman’ was the funniest character in a film that was full of funny characters. If Bill Murray hadn’t established himself as a comedy superstar actor before this performance, he certainly solidified it after…


#8. ‘Austin Powers’ / Mike Myers /Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Austin Powers Mike Myers 2

Director Jay Roach’s job was made much easier by the fact that he had Mike Myers as his star. Myers’s portrayal of ‘Austin Powers’ was nothing short of genius (and we don’t abuse that word). What transpired was a sidesplitting comedic performance for the ages, if not for the late 1990’s. The unwitting ‘Rip Van Winkle’ character provided the anchor to one of the funniest movies of the era. Kudos to Mike Myers…


#7. ‘LAPD Detective James Carter’  /   Chris Tucker   /  Rush Hour  (1998)

Chris Tucker Rush Hour

Speaking of late 1990’s comedy classics…Director Brett Ratner’s ‘Rush Hour’ has certainly earned a place in that conversation. A major reason, in fact the major reason for this films success was the otherworldly comedic performance put on by funny man Chris Tucker. His debut film ‘Friday’ introduced him to American audiences, his ‘Rush Hour’ performance introduced him to the entire world and placed him firmly in the conversation of funniest man alive at the time…


#6.  ‘Ron Burgundy’/   Will Ferrell  / Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy  (2004)

will ferrell anchorman

Director Adam McKay’s comedic look into the macho world of 1970’s television news reporting is an all-time comedy classic. Will Ferrell’s performance being a huge part of this film’s success. I’m honestly still not sure why he’s so funny, but he’s a really funny comedic actor, perhaps the best of his era. His ‘Ron Burgundy’ is as memorable as any other of the early 2000’s and for very good reason…


#5.  ‘The Mask’   /  Jim Carrey  /   The Mask  (1994)

The Mask  Jim Carrey

When it comes to physical comedy, one would be hard pressed to find a greater performer than Jim Carrey. His facial expressions alone set him apart from the rest. I’m not sure that Director Chuck Russell’s ‘The Mask’ works as well, or at all, with any other comedic actor. Jim Carrey was flat out brilliant in this film. Amazing physical comedy.


#4.   ‘Mr. Chow’   /  Ken Jeong   /  The Hangover  (2009)

Mr. Chow (The Hangover)

Director Todd Phillips ‘The Hangover’ has become a highly successful comedy film series, with the original movie (as usual) being the very best of them all. I think it would be safe to say that Ken Jeong is the funniest former doctor, ever. His ‘Mr. Chow’ is a hilarious character, albeit slightly offensive, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it’s a classic role from an instant classic film. Hats off to ‘Mr. Chow’…


#3.   ‘Steve Stifler’   /  Seann William Scott  /   American Pie  (1999)

Steve Stiffler American Pie

Steve Stifler. That’s basically all you have to say to elicit a laugh from basically anybody with a pulse. Is he a sophomoric, moronic, juvenile idiot? Correct. Is he also terribly hilarious? You are also correct. The ‘American Pie’ film series has become part of American pop culture, but it’s the original film that’s the true classic. Seann William Scott   has made a career from this character, although perhaps a lackluster career in the years that followed (his films don’t do well at all). Nevertheless, Stifler is one for the ages…


#2.  ‘Detective Axel Foley’  /  Eddie Murphy  /  Beverly Hills Cop  (1984)

Eddie Murphy Bev Hills Cop

Without question Eddie Murphy’s comedy star was at it’s brightest during the 1980’s. Murphy was the literal Hollywood hit machine of the era and perhaps no character epitomizes his funny better than Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop (1984). A perfect mixture of calculated obnoxiousness and determined investigator. Murphy was the funny men of funny men back in the day…Let’s try and forget about ‘Norbit’ and the others, shall we?


#1.  ‘Ace Ventura’  /  Jim Carrey  /  Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

ace ventura pet detective

One could argue that Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) was the funniest performance of Jim Carrey’s career.  Well, at least it is in our opinion. He was funny physically, he was funny verbally, he was funny during the day, he was funny at night. He was flat out funny in this movie and the character was a perfect vehicle for Carrey’s talents. #Awesome


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