Idiots Guide: 5 Surprising Reasons why Adolf Hitler Lost World War II

It should go without saying that Adolf Hitler was among the most evil and/or deranged men of power the world has ever known. Basically, he is single-handedly responsible for the deaths of tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of human beings. The mere mention of his name is now an insult when directed at any other human being. With that being said, there are some surprising reasons why he lost World War II.  Reasons that weren’t immediately obvious then, and are only now being revealed as history moves forward towards the 75 year mark since the last great World War. A war in which Germany displayed mind-boggling forms of human atrocities. Idiots Guide presents a look at 5 surprising reasons why Adolf Hitler lost World War II…

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#5.  His Army was full of Drug Addicts…

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It is a little known fact that Hitler’s German army the ‘Wehrmacht’ was being fed ‘Pervitin’, which is a pill form of the sinister narcotic ‘Crystal Meth’. True story. These pills were initially marketed and sold over the counter in Germany as ‘pep pills’. Yeah, no shit. In 1939 some 35 million pills were sent to German front lines. The famous German ‘Blitzkreigs’ especially the invasions of Poland and France were actually being fueled by soldiers hyped up on speed. This helps explain the German decimation of France in such an astonishingly short period of time. Initially, ‘Pervitin’ enabled German soldiers to perform almost super-human acts of endurance and battlefield aggression, sometimes covering up to 36 miles in one night, without rest. Then as any user of methamphetamine-based drugs will confess, comes the inevitable ‘crash’. Not a pretty sight in civilian life, and an absolute nightmare in military situations. Soldiers began to lose their bearings as the grips of addiction took hold of them, even worse was the official banning of ‘Pervitin’ from the German army in 1941 which left tens of thousands of soldiers suffering withdrawal and begging their families to send them ‘Pervitin’ in the mail, which they couldn’t do because by then it wasn’t as readily available over the counter as it once had been. Needless to say their once invincible aura quickly faded away as Germany’s battlefield successes became fewer and farther between. This is surprising reason #5 why Adolf Hitler lost World War II.

#4.  Trusted Members of the 3rd Reich wanted to Murder him…

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It probably didn’t take long after his ascension to power for Hitler to figure out that being the Führer came with serious health risks. He was always paranoid because frankly, lots of people wanted to kill him, and not just the Allied powers, many of his own, trusted members of his beloved ‘3rd Reich’ wanted him dead. There were several assassination attempts on his life in relatively quick succession. On March 13, 1943, Henning von Tresckow, a pissed off German officer tried to bomb Hitler’s plane out of the sky using a bomb he had hidden in a box of Cointreau Brandy. Unfortunately, the bomb never detonated due to a faulty fuse. A week later Tresckow and co-conspirator, Officer Rudolf von Gertsdorffmade made a second attempt on Hitler’s life. This time Gertsdorffmade volunteered to be a suicide-bomber to ensure success. Unfortunately, the bomb which was strapped to Gertsdorffmade’s body had a 10-minute fuse, the unsuspecting Führer managed to slip away, out a side door within 8 minutes, the plot failed and again, Hitler didn’t have a clue. The man behind the 3rd assassination attempt was Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a seemingly loyal Nazi who lost an eye and one of his hands fighting in North Africa. His co-conspirators included Tresckow, Friedrich Olbricht and Ludwig Beck. They planned to murder the Führer and most of his inner circle with a hidden bomb inside of Hitler’s ‘Wolf’s Lair’ command center in Prussia. On the morning of  July 20, 1944,  von Stauffenberg arrived at the lair with a briefcase filled with plastic explosives connected to an acid fuse. He placed the case on the table and as close to Hitler as possible, then left the room to make a ‘phone call’. The bomb exploded just minutes later, turning most of the conference room into charred rubble. Unfortunately, not Hitler’s side of the room. At the last-minute an officer unwittingly decided to move Stauffenberg’s briefcase away from Hitler, putting it under the table just seconds before the explosion. Four officers perished, but not Hitler. He escaped with a wounded leg and lower torso. Hitler may have survived these attempts on his life but the paranoia and stress took a serious toll on his mental stability, negatively affecting his decision-making. 

#3.  He Suffered from Extraordinary Hubris…And Drug Addiction. 

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Like almost every man of power, Adolf Hitler had an ego, except that his ego bordered on delusional, no wait, he was certifiable delusional. This is indicative in many of his (poor) decisions throughout the war. For example there was the ill-advised ‘Cancellation of Weapons programs’. His ego was at an all-time high after the German decimation of France in 1940. His over confidence allowed him to go ahead and cancel a great deal of his weapons research programs, claiming that Germany had more than enough war weapons to achieve victory. Wrong. Two years later his army found themselves being outclassed, and out-technolgied by the Allies. He frantically restarted the programs, but it was too late. Then there was his ill-advised invasion of the Soviet Union known as ‘Operation Barbarossa’. Simply deciding to attack Russia was a risky hubris filled decision, and a very bad one. A six-week delay in the Russian invasion led his army into the teeth of a brutal Russian winter which proved catastrophic.   The Germans had no real preparations for an extended war because Hitler assumed Russia would fall as quickly as France. Wrong again. Then he inexplicably ordered Leningrad not to be captured! To make matters worse, Hitler delayed his move towards Moscow by moving his tanks somewhere else. Moscow was the main hub of the Russian railroad network, all the Germans had to do was capture Moscow to defeat Russia. He didn’t do it. His “No Retreat” order was again, deadly hubris. By ordering his troops to never retreat under any circumstances, they got beaten badly. Declaring war on the United States immediately after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, another terrible idea fueled by hubris. Finally, Adolf Hitler became an excessive drug user after Dr. Theodor Morell was promoted as his personal physician in 1936. The Führer abused many drugs including, ‘Steroids’. Dr. Morell essentially became Hitler’s drug dealer, providing and consistently administrating powerful drugs, including daily injections of methamphetamine, (‘Speed’ for the kids at home.) Hitler was reportedly never ‘clean’ during the days and nights of World War II. Which explains his rambling speeches at public events, and his sudden,  frequent mood changes and curiously odd behavior. In short, Adolf Hitler was a hot mess at a time when he absolutely couldn’t afford to be…

#2.   His Army ran out of the Key Commodity, Fuel/Energy/Oil…

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The ‘Battle of the Bulge’ happened as a result of the desperation of the German army. It was in effect Hitler’s ‘Hail Mary’ pass attempt to salvage the war. The problem was that Germany was running severely low on the one commodity that no army can afford to run out of…fuel/energy/oil. They needed to power their otherwise lightning paced forces and didn’t have nearly enough of it to satisfy their huge mechanized army. As fate would have it, Germany was coal rich, and oil/ petroleum poor. Germany’s failed attempt to conquer the Caucasus region city of Baku, (the city responsible for 72 percent of all the oil produced in the Russia) in 1941, all but secured Germany’s military demise. They were facing an enemy that was vastly superior to the French forces of 1940, and didn’t have enough fuel to beat them. You can have the fastest car in the world, but without fuel to power it, it’s just a metal box with rubber wheels. This being the situation that led to Hitler’s ‘Battle of the Bulge’ strategy that failed miserably, in large part due to a small but game U.S. Army Engineer Corps that blew up a key set of bridges stalling Germany’s advance, and all but suffocating Hitler’s army. No fuel for the Führer, game over for Germany, and salvation for the allies of the free world. The rest is history.

#1.  ‘The Wicked will not Prosper, for they do not fear God’ (Ecclesiastes 8:13)

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At the end of the day, and even after the unspeakable evil carnage that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime unleashed on the world, they were never going to be successful. The earnest forces of decency and light, always prevail in the face of darkness and abject tyranny. This is the tenet that has allowed the human race to evolve and flourish regardless of the imposing march of evil and regression. The scourge of slavery in America flourished for many decades, but at the end of the day, it was vanquished. Adolf Hitler’s megalomaniacal, murderous anti-Semitic ideology caused the deaths of millions of human beings over many years, and plunged the world into a horrendous war, but at the end of the day he was vanquished. Just as it’s nearly impossible to imagine an America with human bondage as the norm, so to it is impossible to imagine a world with a victorious genocidal Nazi Germany. It’s difficult to understand how this man’s fatal vision of the world was able to become a malignancy that ensnared an entire european nation. Perhaps this chapter in world history serves as a reminder to us all of the intoxicating power of hate, and how when packaged in the fine linen of fear based propaganda, can be the annihilation of human decency. We must be ever vigilant.