Idiots Guide: 13 Amazing Movie Monologues/Scenes (Film Clips)

In my opinion films, or whatever you choose to call them, be it movies, or moving pictures, are the greatest entertainment invention in the history of human-kind. They are the grandest form of collaborative artistic expression. When celluloid was introduced to the world of entertainment, there was a distillation into the magic of live theatre that transformed it into something more, something that couldn’t be more uniquely human. Some of my favorite moments of feeling in life have come from the movies, and this is not an indictment on my life, it’s just a wonderful addition. Much like music, a profound movie experience can be felt in the deepest reaches of my soul. But, wow…do I digress or what? Idiots Guide has compiled some cinematic jewels, diamonds within certain films that resonate with audiences. Scenes that are certainly part of the film, but can stand alone as mini works of art. The inspirational and/or motivational, thought-provoking monologue scene. We invite you to Enjoy!


#13.   Armand Assante   /  Gotti (HBO)   /   (1996) 


#12.    Michael Rapaport   /   Beautiful Girls   /   (1996)


#11.    Ben Affleck   /   The Boiler Room   /   (2000)


#10.    Al Pacino   /   Any Given Sunday  /   (1999)  


#9.     Burgess Meredith   /   Rocky IV   /   (1985) 


#8.    Samuel L. Jackson  /   Fresh   /   (1994) 


#7.   Al Pacino   /   Angels in America   /   (2003) 


#6.    Howard Beale   /   Network   /   (1976) 


#5.    Michael Douglas   /   Wall Street   /   (1987)


#4.    Alec Baldwin   /   GlenGarry  Glen Ross   /   (1992) 


#3.    Jeff Daniels    /   The Newsroom (HBO)   /   (2014)


#2.    R. Lee Ermey   /   Full Metal Jacket   /   (1987)


#1.    Samuel L. Jackson   /   Pulp Fiction    /   (1994) 



**Bonus Relationship Scene** Sean Penn & Robin Wright Penn  /  Hurly Burly (1998)