Idiots Guide: 5 Most Racist Books in World History

It wouldn’t be beyond the pale to suggest that ‘Racism’ has been the historical scourge of the human race on planet earth. It’s an ideology that has been with humanity as long, and as virulent as any virus strain, or bacterial infection. The misguided notion and/or belief that one race of people is superior to another is as dangerous as it is simplistic. It is the base acknowledgment of a tribalistic instinct that humanity should have long outgrown, yet continues to suffer through. It could be argued that the notion of the ‘other’ is hardwired to the human condition. It could be argued that if humanity consisted of one uniform race, that the ‘freckled’, ‘red-haired’, ‘short’, or you name it outliers of society would suffer abject bigotry. It would seem that tolerance, and empathy could use a better propaganda minister. Humanity suffers when it’s societies severely lacks one, the other, or both. I suppose racism exists in large part because of it’s ease. It’s too easy to think tribally. It’s too easy to scapegoat on physical appearance. It’s too easy to point the finger at ‘those people over there’. To think that Adolf Hitler was able to rally tens of millions of German citizens into tacitly accepting at best, or zealous complicity at worst, the murder of tens of millions of Jewish human beings, on an evil, racist ideology, says it all. The saying goes ‘if it is that easy, then everyone would do it’. Well…take a look around, then be honest with yourself. Of course that would be the hard part, wouldn’t it? With this being stated, Idiots Guide has compelled a short list of the 5 Most Racist Books the world has ever known. You’ll likely see the word ‘Eugenics’ displayed. Remember that ‘Eugenics’ is a natural evolution of the racist ideology. It’s a dangerous form of pseudo-science, that has provoked certain ‘authors’ (listed below), to write books detailing it’s mind bending stupidity, and sectarian absurdity. Imagine a world without racism?



#5. The Inequality of the Human Races (1853–1855) / Author(s): Joseph Arthur, Comte de Gobineau

Racist Book 1

This mid 19th century abomination is a collection of essays espousing the notion of a hierarchy of human development and capability with racial identity being the qualifying standard. Southern slave owners in the United States would routinely use this book, and others to support their claim that Africans were sub-humans and as such prime for enslavement by whites, without moral issue. It’s almost humorous how far some people will go to in the attempt to morally justify their evil.

#4. The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1900) / Author:  Houston Stewart Chamberlain

Racist Book 2

This very early 20th century book combines a warped view of ‘Social Darwinism’ with virulent ‘Antisemitism’. Jews being such terrible human beings and all…It describes a fictional struggle for moral survival between European whites, and Germanic people specifically, against the ‘inferior’, ‘dangerous’, and ‘nefarious’ European Jews, and beyond. His proof? Something to do with the shape of the skull. True, sad, story.

#3. Foundations of Human Hereditary Teaching and Racial Hygiene (1920–21) / Author(s): Eugen Fischer, Erwin Baur, and Fritz Lenz

racist Book 3

This God awful book is an offshoot of the aforementioned awful book. More pseudo-science trying to justify the superiority of the white, germanic race over the darker peoples of the world, Jews and Blacks in particular. I find it interesting how much time and energy racists put into justifying their racism. It’s like a never ending program of trying to justify that which is morally unjustifiable. It’s always a dangerous thing when one human being needs to feel superior to another human being in order to sleep at night.

#2. The Passing of the Great Race (1916)  /  Author:  Madison Grant

Racist book 4

Beware! The white race is in serious danger of extinction. It’s not at all even remotely true, but the author of this book wants you to think that it is. Hence his not so subtle book title. I do however, take issue with the ‘Great Race’ wording. What race would that be exactly? I wonder if he is referring to the primary race responsible for not one but two world wars, the holocaust, and the slave trade? If the blood of over 100 million souls on their hands is the criteria, then yes, I suppose that’s a ‘Great Race’ of people…

#1. Mein Kampf  (1925-1926)  / Author: Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler wrote this basically unreadable piece of evil propaganda while in prison, and after spending time in a looney bin post World War I . Yet, somehow it has sold over 100 million copies since 1933. When a homicidal lunatic gets into the heads of millions of people, nothing, and I mean nothing, good can come of it. Case in point…This book and it’s ideological link to one of the worst human atrocities the world has ever known. It’s just too damn easy to scapegoat a person, a country, a race, a religion, a society. Combine that with abject violence and depravity, and you have a serious problem. God forbid that humanity ever comes face to face with this kind of twisted, racial hatred on such a scale. Seriously. God forbid.