Idiots Guide: Most Dangerous U.S. Cities to be Black – Police Violence (2010-2015)

It’s the first week of July 2016, and the world of social media has been drenched with emotional tears resulting from the malignant storm of moral outrage. This latest round of police violence in the United States against the minority populace has ignited a stunning realization, particularly in non-minorities that the issue of police brutality inflicted upon the black community especially, and the minority community in general, is very real. It’s been almost 2 years to the day (July 17th 2014) that Eric Garner was killed by NYC Police, and started a terrible timeline of police killings of black men across the country.  There seems to finally be a realization that the complaints of the black community with regards to their treatment at the hands of the police nationwide, are valid and not embellished for effect. As part of the black community I feel comfortable speaking for us when I tell you that we as a people would love nothing more than for this issue not to exist. We are not trying to incite racial animus, we are trying to change a status quo that is unacceptable. This is a human rights issue. In this age of mass media, social media, and instantaneous information exchange, the living hell that is law enforcement brutality against black and minority communities can no longer be ignored. As trite as it might sound, the quickest way to solve a problem is to first acknowledge that it exists. Human beings of good conscience can easily identify the moral perversion of injustice. Unfortunately, those that are ‘pro-law enforcement’ are quick to dismiss our claims as sensational, and/or inflated at best, and take to blaming the victim at worst. We at Idiots Guide are not here to bash law enforcement officers. We are simply shedding a long overdue light on the shameful actions of certain members of law enforcement around the nation, and perhaps break the sinister hold of a systematic culture of abuse. As a result Idiots Guide has compiled a list of the 10 most dangerous cities for blacks and minorities in dealing with law enforcement officers. In other words, the 10 cities with the highest incidents of minority citizens losing their lives at the hands of city police officers and law enforcement in general. It is our sincere hope that critical, and fruitful dialogue can help turn the tide. Please take a look at the 10 most dangerous cities to be black in the United States of America (2010 -2015). These statistics reflect all police involved killings wether justified or not.  #AllLivesMatter

Fact:  In 2014, 1 in 3 Police killings in the U.S. happened in the 100 largest cities. (33%)

#10.  San Jose, California   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  11

San Jose California

In the past decade or so, San Jose, California has made the sinister climb into the stratosphere of dangerous American city. The reasons for this are varied, and require discussion. The bottom line is that police interactions with it’s black & minority citizens has culminated in 11 shooting deaths at the hands of the San Jose Police Department.

Fact:  The vast majority of unarmed civilians that have been killed by police in major U.S. cities have been black  (56%). In contrast, fewer than 1 in 5 (19%) were white.

#9.  San Diego, California   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  17 

San Diego, California

Surprised to see sunny San Diego on this list? You are not alone. However, the statistics reflect that San Diego is a hot spot for the killing of blacks and minorities by the San Diego Police Department. It’s an unfortunate reality for such an amazing city.

Fact:  The Homicide rate for Black Men at the hands of the Police is higher than the homicide rate of the entire United States in 17 different U.S. cities.  

#8.  San Antonio, Texas   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  28

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a wonderful city with a ton of beautiful historical buildings. Clearly, the fact that it shows up on this list is unfortunate. Nevertheless, here we are. Let’s hope that things improve for this otherwise aesthetically pleasing city.

Fact:  Black men in the cities on this list have a higher chance of being killed at the hands of the police than the average American has of being killed by anyone.

#7.  Dallas, Texas   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  34

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas is one of the better cities in America. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Dallas is no exception. Unfortunately, Dallas also has the stigma of being the #7 most dangerous city for blacks and minorities in dealing with the police.

Fact:  Black men in six different American cities have a higher chance of being killed by a police officer, than the average American has of being killed in a traffic accident.

#6.  New York City, New York   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  41

New York City, New York

We all recognize that New York City is the greatest city in the world. Unfortunately, with recent incidents like the Eric Garner killing, there has been a black mark growing on the good name of this incredible city.

Fact:  An unarmed black person living in these cities was 6-times more likely than an armed white person to be killed by police. 

#5.  Los Angeles, California   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  47

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels unfortunately has a long and sordid history of police brutality and violence against people of color. This is well documented, and our hope is that things improve in the future.

Fact:  Black people are 21% of the population, yet they make up 40% of U.S. citizens who are killed by police. 

#4.  Houston, Texas   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  49

Houston, Texas

Oh, Houston…what can we say? Clean up your act. Seriously.

#3.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  54

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is another American city with a rich historical tradition, and is a jewel of American society. So the fact that it falls at #3 on this list is tragic if nothing else.

#2.  Phoenix, Arizona   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  57

Phoenix, Arizona

Unfortunately, Phoenix, Arizona has a recent history of political repression of minorities especially with regards to the question of illegal immigration. Sadly, even if you are an American citizen who happens to be Black or legal minority, you’re potentially in danger when dealing with the police department.

#1.  Chicago, Illinois   /   Number of Fatal Police Shootings:  70

 Chicago, Illinois.jpg

Fact: The Chicago Police Department has fatally shot 70 people in a 5-year span. This happens to be #1 (with a bullet) among the police departments in the largest U.S. cities. The shooting victims were almost exclusively male, and almost exclusively black. This cannot continue…

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