Idiots Guide: Awful American #12 Heath Campbell (Hitler/Nazi/Satan Worshipper)

Campbell 3

You’ve probably never heard of Heath Campbell, an esteemed (or not) resident of tiny Holland Township, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Don’t despair if you haven’t, this 42 year old man is throughly unremarkable in almost every way. The key word being ‘almost’, because Heath Campbell’s claim to infamy happens to be that he’s a devout Nazi/Satan worshipper who idolizes Adolf Hitler (in that order). He has lost custody of his children for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he has named the children from his 3rd ex-wife Deborah, the likes of Adolf Hitler,  JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, Honzlynn Jeannie and Heinrich Hons (after the maniacal SS Nazi Heinrich Himmler). Essentially, these children were confiscated by the state of New Jersey due to repeated domestic abuse allegations. Stemming from the fact that Campbell is a well documented perpetrator of domestic violence, aka. a wife-beater, who routinely shows up at New Jersey State Courthouses for child custody hearings…in full Nazi regalia. True story. His (ex) wife of three-years, Cathy Bowlby, accused Campbell of maintaining control in their doomed relationship with a campaign of forcible rape, punching, choking, and repeated death threats. Threats that he punctuated by repeated car rides to the local cemetery where he would point out where exactly he would bury her body. According to Bowlby, Campbell would constantly threaten her  “He told me he was going to drown me in the bathtub and slit my wrists to make it look like suicide.” We warned you that he was awful, did we not?


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By 2002, Cathy Bowlby had reached her breaking point, she got up the nerve to finally press charges against Campbell after he threatened to hire two assassins to murder her in cold blood. In 2003 Campbell pleaded guilty to charges of making terroristic threats. He ended up with a sentence of just 2- years probation, along with an order to complete an anger management program (probably a very good idea).

There is room for a psychological explanation of Campbell’s deviant behavior. Reportedly, his childhood consisted of serial abuse at the hands of his parents. Yet somehow this chronically unemployed, psychologically damaged man who now lives on disability payments, has managed to have 8 children with 4 different women. It is also rumored that Campbell is illiterate. I guess things are tough all over.

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Ironically, had it not been for Campbell’s indignant insistence on having his 3-year old son’s name, ‘Adolf Hitler’ inscribed on a birthday cake, he might actually still have custody of his children. Back in 2009 he chose to make a federal case out of a neighborhood supermarket’s (ShopRite) abject refusal to paint Adolf Hitler’s name on the cake. He eventually got a chain market (Wal-Mart) to decorate the cake to his satisfaction, but not before intense media interest, followed by legal scrutiny. Before long, the Division of Youth and Family Services for the state of New Jersey, was in possession of his children. According to Campbell, “Jewish people came into my house and took my kids all over a name.” Conveniently, leaving out a litany of child abuse allegations, including the time he terrorized his son with a vacuum cleaner, lifting it to within inches of the child’s face, resulting in severe emotional trauma. With all of these allegations against him, Campbell continues to play the ‘victim card’ with statements like: “I didn’t murder anybody. I didn’t hurt anybody. What crime did I do? Yes, I’m guilty of loving my children.” Well, there is some truth in what he says…he hasn’t murdered anyone. At least not anybody that we know about.

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As of 2016, Heath Campbell’s children are not in his care and/or custody in any way….