Idiots Guide: So…What IS the Idiots Guide…Exactly?

By way of definition, and contrary to it’s implied meaning, the ‘Idiots Guides’ is not a collection of ‘how to’ guides at all. In reality and function, it’s a quirky brand name for a pop culture pulp magazine. The aforementioned ‘Idiot’s’ are an amalgam of about two dozen of your fellow Americans whose combined intellectual contributions, opinions, insights, musings, and characterizations are clandestinely gauged, analyzed, collated, and eventually placed on a cutting board to be sliced with sushi chef precision. Rinse and repeat. In many ways the content we examine is a jambalaya of entertainment, history, politics, sports, music, socio-political themes, ‘best of’ lists (our favorite), and of course pop culture in general which we present in ‘wikipedia’ type fashion, except you know…fun, with shiny pictures.


For the record, I (your narrator) am the ‘Editor in Chief’ of this wildly entertaining net-rag. My name is Ralphael Prepetit…I am not an alcoholic, although I am familiar with that country, having visited it on many occasions. The genesis of ‘Idiots Guides’ was my motivation to present relevant historical, and/or current information in compelling, and entertaining fashion. I subscribe to the notion that learning something new everyday is as much a part of life as the act of breathing itself. I think it’s important to understand and appreciate the fact that  human beings in this era,  at this moment, are blessed with the virtue of having instant access to the entirety of the history of the world…at our fingertips. If the adage that ‘information is power’ rings true, then by definition, we represent the most powerful human beings in the history of human beings. We are the living embodiment of humanities evolution since our inception. ‘Idiots Guides’ is at it’s core about information. Every list is a walk through a specific point in history. Every article documents our condition, and charts it for posterity. Today’s issues are tomorrow’s history. The hands of time move in a resolute migration towards an unknown future.

Personally, the thing about Idiots Guides that I enjoy the most is the freedom to never quite know exactly what the next article topic might be, until it’s time to put on my apron. What’s truly exciting is that there will always be another article, about something. As our library grows, our sincere hope is that our audience will follow in lock step. For now, I would like to personally thank you for your support. I am open to your thoughts, and/or opinions. Constructive dialogue is always welcome. I look forward to our future. Thank you, and God Bless…

Ralphael Prepetit                                                                                                                                               Editor in Chief                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Los Angeles, California