Idiots Guide: 12 Most Expensive Colleges in the United States (2016)

Newsflash: University level education is expensive in the United States. There are millions of post graduate Americans with crippling student loans who can attest to this fact. The positive impact that higher education has on our society would make the prohibitive costs basically counterintuitive. But that’s what it is, and this is where we are. The universities on this list have an average yearly tuition cost that is approximately $20,000 per year more than the average American workers salary. When you multiply that by four, usually five years, we are talking about an educational cost of $250,000 (USD). I’ll hold on a moment while you scream ‘Outrageous!’. I know that I did. Idiots Guide has decided to post the 12 most expensive universities in the United States, in case you were interested in attending, or having someone you love attend, or perhaps needed ideal locations for mild vandalism on halloween (not really). Nevertheless, and without further adieu, we present the names of the hallowed halls of small fortune education…

(Source: Forbes, InfoPlease, Google) 

12. Trinity College /  Hartford, Connecticut  /  Enrollment:  2,255 

Long Walk fall

Yearly Tuition:    $61,756


11. Oberlin College  /   Oberlin, Ohio  /  Enrollment:  2,900 

Oberlin College

Yearly Tuition:    $61,788


10. Scripps College  /   Claremont, California   /   Enrollment:   1,009

Scripps College

Yearly Tuition:    $61,940


9. Dartmouth College  /   Hanover, New Hampshire  /   Enrollment:   6,350 

Dartmouth College

Yearly Tuition:   $61,947


8. Bard College /   Dutchess County, New York  /   Enrollment:  2,051

Bard College

Yearly Tuition:   $62,012


7. Fordham University @ Lincoln Center / Bronx, NYC / Enrollment: 15,231  

Fordham University, Lincoln Center

Yearly Tuition:   $62,192


6. Claremont McKenna College /   Claremont, California  /   Enrollment: 1,349 

Claremont McKenna College

Yearly Tuition:   $62,215 


5. University of Chicago /  Chicago, Illinois  /   Enrollment:  14,467

University of Chicago, Student Housing
University of Chicago

Yearly Tuition:    $62,458 


4. Columbia University  /  New York City, NY     /   Enrollment:  27,942 

Columbia University

Yearly Tuition:    $63,440


3. New York University  /   New York City, NY     /   Enrollment: : 57,245 


Yearly Tuition:    $63,472


2. Harvey Mudd College /  Claremont, California /   Enrollment:  750 

Harvey Mudd College

Yearly Tuition:    $64,427 


1. Sarah Lawrence College  /  Bronxville, New York     /   Enrollment:  1,761

Sarah Lawrence College
Yearly Tuition:   $65,480