Idiots Guide: FaceBook Post Compilation Re: Reaction to the Shocking Election & 1st 100 Days of #45 President Donald Trump…

We at Idiot’s Guides recognize that the Presidential election of 2016 is now a uniquely politically charged chapter in the fantastical lore of American history. An election with repercussions that are likely to be felt for years to come at a minimum, and perhaps for decades. There will be consequences for the United States regardless of wether or not the union of the United States of America, either survives, or thrives under the leadership of Donald J. Trump. As such we have posted a chronological listing of topical FaceBook posts by Senior Editor Ralphael Prepetit  regarding this historic transition. As we move ever closer to the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, “The game”, as legendary literary fictional character Sherlock Holmes would say… “is certainly…afoot”.

As a primer, we have posted below a highly reactionary video recorded by comedian, political activist, and Hillary Clinton supporter Tess Rafferty, in the days following the shocking election of Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States on November the 8th of 2016.

Emotional (Understandable) Outrage….

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Now…Listen/Watch this Educated and Empathic plea from Journalist  Celeste Headlee…


Ralphael Prepetit 
March 1st 2017  3:29am 
A Donald Trump Christmas in March (Speech Review)
It took a moment for my blood pressure to adequately subside in the moments immediately following President Trump’s 1st address to Congress this evening (February 28th 2017) I hadn’t noticed how much it had surged until I started seeing spots. The good news is that I have regained my equilibrium. The bad news is that the contents of tonight’s speech requires a thorough rebuke, at a minimum for it’s nationalistic (ie. Xenophobic) tone in general, and at maximum for it’s astounding lack of specificity, and in some cases, lack of basis in reality. Gun to head, if I had to pick one word to describe this speech it would be…”How?”
In short, Mr. Trump succeeded once again…in giving a campaign speech.
It didn’t take millennia for Mr. Trump to reintroduce the notion of, and intention to, build a “Great, Great wall” in the southwestern desert portion of the United States. Please forgive me as I am compelled to repeat myself in mantra-like fashion…’This wall is the absolute worst idea…of all time’. Moreover, I dare say that almost anyone with a firm grasp on the human condition hereinto known as sanity, would agree. However, let’s put aside the absurdity of this wall and the fear based reaction that inspired it for a moment. Let’s talk about cost. Unless I am flirting with the onset of ‘Alzheimer’s’, I do believe that Mr. Trump has stated (on numerous occasions) that he plans a complete overhaul of our tax code(s)? An overhaul that includes (but not limited to) the cutting and/or severe reduction in both the corporate tax rates AND top income tax bracket rates. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean there will be even LESS federal revenue (ie. Money) coming in to the government? Certainly less than in decades and/or years previous, right? If the answer is ‘Yes’, that immediately begs the question, ‘Where exactly is the money to finance this exercise in idiocy coming from?’ Let’s engage in some speculation, shall we? Come on…play along, this is fun. (it’s really not though, in all seriousness)
I’d like to venture some educated guesses with you as to the ‘Where’s’ and ‘How’s’ of the potential underwriting (ie. Funding) for this ‘Wall’. Hold on though, before we do that let’s agree to the notion that the estimated cost of this impending American monstrosity will weigh in at an estimated $10-$20 Billion dollars (That’s U.S. currency by the way, not ‘Pesos’) That said, should Americans expect Mr. Trump and/or his personal business interests to foot the ten billion dollar bill? No? You’re kidding!?! I get the feeling that Mr. Trump’s team of accountants would have a notable belly laugh at the suggestion. What do you think? I agree with you. So, that’s a ‘No’ from the Trump syndicate. Let’s move on. What about our neighbor and trading partner tucked beneath the southwest corner of the United States? In 4th grade I learned that it’s a country called Mexico.
All throughout the Presidential Campaign of 2016, Mr. Trump repeated (Ad Nauseam) the claim that Mexico was going to ‘cough up’ the multiple Billions of dollars needed for this wall in America. Claiming that Mexico would be (Forced? Extorted?) made to pay for one of the largest public works projects in American history. The same ‘Wall’ mind you, whose express purpose portends grotesque human rights violations…of Latinos in general, and Mexicans specifically. Does this sounds like a sound investment for Mexico and the Mexican people? No? That’s exactly what I thought also. In fact, I think we all knew the answer to the question of Mexico paying up. I would argue that we figured that out around the same time (if not before) Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto Duarte told Mr. Trump and his White House invitation, to go f*ck himself (in no uncertain terms) Mr. Duarte responded assertively, and in a fashion that Mr. Trump understands all too well.
So, ‘No’ Mr. Trump. Then ‘No’ on the Mexico front. Hmmm… It would seem that we’re starting to run thin on potential sources of multiple billions of dollars to pay for this impending monument to national embarrassment and international shame. This is not surprising is it? However, the question remains, who or what is going to pay for this wall? I could wait, but let’s not waste time. If you were thinking ’Us’ the American taxpayer, then you would be correct. WE are going to pay for it. Yes, even after Mr. Trump claimed otherwise. Yes, because we have NOTHING better to spend $10 Billion of our tax dollars Nothing at all. You understand right? This ‘Wall’ is a fiscal conservative nightmare, and will stand as a multi-billion dollar monument to the intolerance and abject hypocrisy of Conservative ideology.
Note to Progressives: If and when this wall is constructed, from that moment on until forever and a day, whenever a conservative attempts to utter the word(s) or term(s) ‘Deficit’ and/or ‘National debt’ and/or ‘Big government’. You are free to turn your back on them mid-sentence and walk away. You are free to laugh in their face. You are free to give them the ‘Finger’….then laugh in their face. Then walk away. Personally, I will probably just shake my head, then walk away from them, my face cloaked in a profound sadness. A sadness due to the realization that there are more Americans who hate other Americans enough to destroy the fabric that makes America great…than I thought.
I’m sorry was that harsh? Am I being ‘dramatic for effect’? Do I ‘Not know what I am talking about?’ Can I bring your attention to Mr. Trump’s announcement last night? You know the one where he announced the creation of the new government agency named “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement” or (VOICE). Seriously? The worst part about this latest in a long line of naked Conservative bigoted prerogatives (with whipped cream covered genitals) is that my Conservative friends will try and defend this. They will try and assert that this is not racist in nature, and/or that Mr. Trump is not a bigot. They will try, believe me, they will. They will try and the debate will devolve into litigating what racism is or isn’t (as if Black, Brown, and all other non-white races have no idea what they’re talking about) They will argue defensively. Even if they are forced into a corner and must assert that the color blue is really red…because The New York Times lies to everyone in America, everyday since November 8th 2016.
“Victims of Immigrant Violence. – I support this new Federal Agency”. Say that out loud three times in front of a mirror and ‘poof’ you instantly become a bigot. This is an ‘Alternate Fact’.
“ObamaCare is a failing system on the verge of eminent collapse.” This is of course an ‘untruth’. Some people (myself included) will call this a flat out lie. The truth is that the Affordable Care Act has some problems that need fixing. These problems are not terminal. They are not the end of Democracy. What Mr. Trump promises with regards to healthcare reform isn’t going to happen, because it”s not possible. Read the speech. Mr. Trump says that everyone will have “Access” to healthcare. The key word here is “Access”. Everyone has “Access” to the mall, but what about the resources necessary to purchase goods?
Little Things in Mr. Trump’s Speech that Pissed Me Off Big Time:
A. How dare this man use the great Abraham Lincoln in his speech for any reason? Abe Lincoln would’ve hated this assh*le!
B. 94 Million Americans ARE out of work…True…BUT…Mr. Trump is (conveniently) counting every work eligible American over the age of 15. This includes high school kids, college kids, and the partially disabled, in that ‘statistic’.
C. What the F*ck do phrases like “There’s money flooding in from Europe mean?!?!? ‘
“Believe me” – Is starting to permanently injure small birds and aspiring ventriloquists.
“It stops now.” – Is something parents scream at their children.
“You won’t believe how great it will be.” – Is he trying to convince us or himself? Because I don’t believe anything that a pathological liar says. Why would anybody believe a world renown liar?
Mr. Trump’s constant and persistent use of ‘I’ is mad annoying.
D. Keystone Pipeline will NOT create tens of thousands of jobs. It WILL create several thousand TEMPORARY jobs (many only 6 months). After the build it will create EXACTLY 38 full-time jobs. 38. 38. 38. 38. 38. 38. 38 full-time jobs. That’s it.
E. Am I the only person in America who suffers severe stomach cramps, nausea, and projectile vomiting triggered by Mr. Trump’s incessant self congratulation, grandiose promises, persistent platitudes, and of course, the laughably embellished rehashing of his electoral victory? Seriously. Dude. There have been like a dozen sitcoms canceled since the election and you’re still talking about it? We ALL know how proud you are, sir. However, we still don’t like you….at all. Nothing short of you quitting immediately, will make you any less despicable in the eyes of multiple tens of millions of decent human beings the world over. Full Stop. Sir. My God, #AngryOrange is mad annoying.
F. Mr. Trump’s Policy Prescriptions = Vague, Vagary, Vague.
G. Exactly how is the greatest, largest, and most feared military the world has ever known…”Depleted”, “Decimated”, and/or “Getting pushed around”? How is the current state of our military “sad”? What in the name of holy f*ck schmuck…is this dude talking about?
Lastly, (I know this post was mad long lol) How does Mr. Trump cut corporate taxes, and income taxes, and all the other taxes he wants to cut, and STILL pay for increased ‘Military Spending’, ‘National Rebuilding’, ‘Infrastructure Building’, ‘Healthcare Reform’, a ’10 Billion Dollar Wall’ and everything else that he has promised? (that he can’t possibly deliver) Things that cost more than we can afford, all without blowing an Jupiter sized hole (even bigger) through the national debt?
Thanks for Reading. 


Ralphael Prepetit
February 22nd 2017  
Can someone give me a call whenever and IF ever the Trump Mafia does ANYTHING that is morally decent? Morally correct? Something that America can be proud of as a whole? I have my phone on me. I’m ready. I’m also not expecting any of those calls. #RememberDecency

Ralphael Prepetit
February 22nd 2017  
Only in America can people vote for a man in November, the same man who said that he was going to take away their health insurance coverage, and not believe that he would actually do it. Only to turn around and lose their sh*t in protest at town halls the following February. Many of these people are probably just now figuring out what the impending repeal of ‘The Affordable Care Act’ (aka ‘ObamaCare’) really means to their lives in stark, real life and death terms. Many just now figuring out that the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is actually ‘ObamaCare’ by a different name. They’ve just now figured out that these are bad beans, not good ones…Especially if you happen to be a senior citizen. Expanded Medicare for seniors, in serious jeopardy. Medicare cuts, almost certain. Medicare and Medicare Advantage both negatively impacted. Some 25 million people staring down the cold steel barrel of the gun clearly labeled ‘No more health insurance’. Elections have consequences. This man was a reality television ‘star’ who grabs p*ssy on the regular. Change and Chaos are mutually exclusive. #AngryOrange #RememberDecency

Ralphael Prepetit
February 22nd 2017  
Why would the Trump Mafia insist on removing the protections for Transgender students? Children? Like, seriously though, they have nothing better to do? Nothing more pressing to address? Transgender children are at the top of Attorney General Jeff Sessions TTD list? Really? There are currently over 100 jobs in the State Department, et all left un-filled at the moment (lots of people quit). How about worrying about that? Banning people. Arresting people. Taking away things. Stoping things. Reversing things. Repealing things. How about building some things that don’t involve a 10 billion dollar waste, building absurd walls in the desert? Where are those jobs for the people of Pennsylvania? Ohio? I’m almost positive that maybe 4 people in America wanted Transgender kids screwed over…in the first 35 days of this Presidency. #AngryOrange #Bully #RememberDecency #MoralDecency

Ralphael Prepetit
February 22nd 2017 
An Abridged Political Review in 202 Sentences…
Summer 2009. The Tea Party storms the barn. In this case ‘Town Halls’. They express opposition. Impending new healthcare law. ‘The Affrtdable Care Act’. aka the ‘ACA’. Notoriously known as ‘ObamaCare’. Koch Brothers funded opposition. Grass roots opposition. Many in Favor. Most wait and see. Republicans are furious. Seething with blind rage. GOP refuses to participate. At all. Political Temper Tantrum. Law Passes. Approximately 25 million people now have healthcare coverage. Many for the first time. In their lives. ACA saves lives. Good news…Then Bad News. Republicans vote to ‘Repeal ObamaCare’. Over 50 times. Congress = Nothing constructive. At all. Obstruction. Obama grey hair. 3rd year rise in premiums. In some cases by a significant margin. Some people are really pissed off. Many people have no issue. Some people gain immense health benefits. And financial relief. First time ever. Middle America is pissed off. About a lot of sh*t. Immigrants scapegoated. As usual. GOP hamstrings Supreme Court nomination. Presidential Campaign 2016. Hillary v. Donald. Donald screams ‘Build Wall’. His crowds cheer. Then scream. Then scream ‘Lock her up!’. People really despise Hillary. E-Mails. Emails. Benghazi. Progressives say people should despise Donald. They don’t. He was ‘On Television’. He’s Rich. Wealth is now a virtue. Trump asks Russia to Hack Hillary. Russia Hacks Hilary. Hillary suffers in polls. Obama sits on Hands. Claims ‘fairness’.
Mr. Trump says Ban Muslims. ‘Trumpians’ rejoice. Many Americans horrified. Comey letter #1. October Surprise. NBC Tape. Mr. Trump talks “Grab them by the p#ssy”. People shocked. No Tax Returns. At first Progressives laugh. Comey letter #2. Then Progressives laugh a little lower. Progressives stop laughing. Now concerned. Russia. Race is tight. Much tighter than expected. Hillary supporters suspend disbelief. Something wicked this way comes. People hold their breath. No way Donald can Win. way Donald can win, right? Election 2016. Holy F*ck! Donald Won. People cry. More people cry. ‘Trumpians’ rejoice! No Tax Returns. No problem. Hillary Clinton is snakebitten. Again. Donald J. Trump pulls off the unlikeliest electoral victory in American history. Women march all over the world. Women promise resistance. The ‘Resistance’ promises resistance. The Resistance organizes resistance. The Resistance exists. Game on. ‘Trumpians’ scream ‘Get over it’. Transition. Inauguration. Shortest speech ever. Worst speech ever. “American carnage”. Crowd size. Trump loses his mind. Again. Trump is annoying. Very annoying. At best. Trump is negative. Not just his hair. Not just his skin tone. All of him. Awful.
Donald J. Trump becomes #45. Some people ecstatic. Too many people. Russia. Many people shocked. Extraordinary number of people Inconsolable. Protests from Progressives, and/or people (around the world) with a specific sense of decency. Indignation from Trump supporters. Indignation from Hillary haters. Russia. Serious Communication Disconnect. Friendships end. Bias begins. ‘Fake News’ becomes a thing. Progressives start pulling their hair out. Progressives begin pulling their teeth out. Mr. Trump nominates Climate Change denier/legal plaintiff to run EPA. Wonder about their children. Their future. Will there be a world left? For them? Russia. Mr. Trump doesn’t know or care that the election is over. Victory laps around America. The election is really over. Now that the E.College makes final vote. Hillary won popular vote. 3 million votes. Mr. Trump claims voter fraud. It’s a lie. Mr. Trump lies a lot. Mr. Trump tweets. A lot. It’s mad annoying. Nonsense now makes sense. Mr. Trump tries end run to Ban Muslims. From 7 Countries. 7 Muslim Countries. None who ever attacked America. Countries from 9/11. Not among the banned. Weekend Executive Order. Bonehead release. Chaos at airports. All over the world. Russia. Trump fires acting Attorney General. Tens of Millions Protest. Again. Again. Then again. Many States sue. ‘Ban the Ban’. Most states lose. Except Washington State. Washington Sate fights back. And wins. 9th District Court of Appeals. Ban blocked. For now.
Mr. Trump nominates cabinet of millionaires & bigots. Progressives are in a bad way. Beyond themselves upset. Scientists hide their work. Scared of Trump purge. Trump purges.Russia. Mr. Trump continues to litigate and re-litigate crowd size. Of Inauguration. Mr. Trump continues to campaign after election. Executive Order jamboree. One after the next. Legality immediately questioned. Constitutionality questioned. Leaks. EPA is crippled and silenced. Keystone back on. People are pissed off. Worse than before. Russia. NSA Flynn fired in 24 days. Shortest tenure ever. By far. ‘Alternative Facts’. ‘Trumpians’ agree with and defend crazy notion. The New York Times lies. CNN lies. Washington Post lies. Media, et all ALL liars. All anti-Trump Media is lying. All anti-Trump stories are lies. Mr. Trump lies. Sean Spicer lies. Kellyanne Conway lies. On a regular basis. Trumpians believe all media is conspiracy. Hatred of Mr. Trump grows. Everywhere. Trupians scream ‘Fake News’. Except Fox News. They tell the truth. Not really though. Laughable assertions. Doesn’t make sense. Trumpians don’t care. Still doesn’t make sense. Our new President is kind of a d*ck. He’s hard to defend. People try anyway. Lack of decency. Lack of empathy. Trump send ICE out all over. To catch an ‘illegal’. Rise in ‘Hate Crimes’. Especially among kids. I wonder why. Dark underbelly of America. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Remember that. Trust me. Russia.
Winter 2017. Republicans want to repeal ACA. Right away. Hold on though. GOP figures out healthcare is hard. Really hard. They never had a plan for replace. Russia. Mr. Trump promises ‘Better than ObamaCare’. Many people don’t want ‘repeal’ with out ‘replace’. Many ‘Trumpians’ pissed off. Didn’t believe Mr. Trump was ‘serious’ about repeal. He was. Republicans are stuck. Really stuck. Town Hall outrage. All over the country. Just like 2009. In 2009 ObamaCare, NO. In 2017 ObamaCare, KEEP! The irony. Kills me. Today is Wednesday February 22nd 2017.

Ralphael Prepetit

February 16th at 3:19am 
Woman Beating and The White House: “What’s the connection?” you ask? “That makes no sense”, you say? “This must be ‘fake news'”, you proclaim? “Let’s kill the messen—” NO. You will not kill me. Well, could you at least wait until I review some of the alarming answers to these disturbing questions?
Answers Re: Labor Secretary Nominee Andrew Puzder’s Disturbing Questions: NO. Mr. Puzder will NOT in fact become the next Labor Secretary of The United States. YES. This makes him the first of Mr. Trump’s cabinet nominee’s to be rejected….I mean ‘withdraw consideration’. YES. A major reason for this is that he is an alleged woman beater…of Herculean proportions. YES. His battered ex-wife once appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in DISGUISE for fear of exposure to retribution (1990 Episode: High Class Battered Women). YES. On Wednesday, February 15th (Ironically, the day after Valentine’s Day) a committee of U.S. Senators (bipartisan) privately screened the 1990 videotape from the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ in question. Thus hearing first hand accounts of Mr. Puzder’s extra-curricular domestic savagery inflicted against his (now) ex-wife. YES. On a personal level I would like to know what kind of ‘man’ violently batters his wife about the face, chest, back, shoulders, and neck? What kind of animal does this? YES. You would think that such despicable behavior would be unthinkable to any reasonable, morally decent man, let alone a reputed hardline anti-abortion Christian crusader, like Mr. Puzder is/was, at least at the time. NO. (Despite Mr. Trump’s reckless assertions) You can’t make this stuff up.
Today the very same Mr. Andrew Puzder is the uber-wealthy CEO of Carl’s Jr. Hamburger Restaurtants nationwide. He is an outspoken proponent of…wait for it…”Robot Labor instead of Human Labor in Fast-Food Restaurants”. YES. This is a fact. As it turns out Mr. Puzder’s life is a uniquely strange hybrid brew of Robots, Cheeseburgers, Abortion Rights, Woman Beating…and the White House…In truth, all of this is difficult to square with reality. However, please ‘grin and bear it’, because it is real, and try to square this we must. Why you ask? Well, because apparently in Mr. Trump’s worldview, the act of beating the sh*t out of wives and groping strange women, is a virtue, if not a worthy job qualification. You doubt it? Alright, then can you please explain how it’s possible that this man (Mr. Puzder) with his history of abject domestic violence, and deviant behavior, got rewarded with a White House cabinet nomination? How did his nomination, awarded by our very own Carnival Barker President, work exactly? To be clear, nothing I have written about Mr. Puzder here is a secret, and can (easily) be independently verified.
Mr. Trump had to be well aware of Mr. Puzder’s ex-wife’s 15 minutes of tragic Oprah fame. Then again, it could easily be argued that a man who routinely ‘grabs pussy’ actually might not give a sh*t about it. What do you think? Perhaps this nightmare reality might motivate a single raised eyebrow of doubt from some female Trump supporter, somewhere in America. Maybe. Maybe, not. Doesn’t matter in any case, as the sum of their politically reckless, anti-feminist votes did enough electoral damage to make this reality possible. I’d like to thank these women for giving me tons of material to write about. I would also like to thank them…for nothing else.
Here’s the thing…White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is a Woman Beater as well. He still has a very serious job. YES. Mr. Bannon has a similar background in woman beating. YES. It’s true. YES. You can look up the Santa Monica Police Department report from January 1st 1996. I’m quite sure that you will find the ‘The Statement of Fact’ portion of particular interest and/or disgust. Do you still think it was a good idea to disregard the dozens of sexual assault accusations levied against Mr. Trump during the Presidential campaign? In addition to the NBC videotape in which you heard him explain his depravity, in detail, with your own ears? You voted for him anyway? Truth is indeed strange.
Trump Mafia: I am compelled to ask again…Have you no decency?
Ralphael Prepetit
February 15 at 10:34am  
President Trump via Twitter this morning: “The Fake News Media is going Crazy with their Conspiracy Theories and Blind Hatred.”
This rant is in response to the New York Times (and others) reporting that Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence officials as far as a year prior to the 2016 election.
Let’s take a close look at this Twitter post in detail shall we? I propose this because in many ways it is a prime example of a dangerous trend that I have been ‘screaming bloody murder’ about for weeks now. This is profoundly important especially if you care about the health and stability of our cherished Democracy.
A. “The Fake News Media” – This is an outrageous assertion because it suggests that ALL of our nation’s media, news and journalistic professionals are lying to you as a matter of due course. It also suggests that there is no difference between the satirical news site ‘The Onion’ and the jewel of American journalism the New York Times. There is a significant difference between political leaning and slant (liberal or otherwise) in media and straight-up, intentional fabrication and/or lying. It’s intellectually lazy and dishonest to fail to acknowledge this distinction. This is a cynical attempt to deflect the disinfectant nature of sunlight, and the truth.
B. “Conspiracy Theories” – Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t a large portion of Mr. Trump’s political base considered to be ‘blue ribbon’ members of the lunatic fringe who traffic in outlandish conspiracy 24/7? You know the same people who peddled the absurd, laughably insane notion that the Clinton family was running a child-pornography ring out of a pizza shop in Washington, D.C….those people? So, what Mr. Trump is trying to tell you is that there is no difference between his conspiracy-minded base and the New York Times. Moreover, he castigates our nations free press and media simply for reporting the inconvenient truth about his Mafia. The problem with this ‘kill the messenger’ strategy is that it attempts to obscure the truth by discrediting the source…even if the source is respected, professional journalists and/or the news media as a whole. He has been using this trick in shameless fashion, especially if the truth is unflattering and/or damaging to Mr. Trump.
C. “Blind Hatred” – This is actually something Mr. Trump and his Mafia are quite familiar with. They traffic in it. They politicize it. They stress the fragile bonds of race and religion that exist in America, with it. The now judiciary blocked ‘Travel Ban’ (i.e.. Muslim Ban) is Exhibit A…of this. In a stunning example of ‘those who live in glass houses’, Mr. Trump now accuses not only his detractors, but the entire news media as being ‘blind haters’. As for him? He tells the truth. Mr. Trumps traffics in nothing but truth. In fact Mr. Trump insists that we all deny any reported truth about him and his Mafia in the media, and listen to him INSTEAD. Because his reputation for truth telling is so unimpeachable. Which brings me to my final point (for now)…
I think that it is the height of exaggeration to compare Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler. That’s just in general. However, I think it important to point out a specific similarity between Mr. Trump and ANY other Totalitarian leader or Dictator in world history. Namely, the insistence of all of these men to either control and/or manipulate the media or discredit the media. When Mr. Trump continues to fail to take ANY responsibility for the things he says and does (even as President), but rather continues to do them, but then turns around and tries to discredit those whose job it is to report on these behaviors and/or issues, it is a slap in the face of truth, reason, and our democracy as a whole. What he is saying in effect is this: “I will do whatever it is that I want to do. When the media reports on my actions in ways unflattering, they are lying to you. Listen to ME INSTEAD, I’ll tell you the truth. Think about that for a moment. Then think some more. Who or what does that sound like? I suppose the Washington Post was lying about Watergate? Should we have called them (and the entire media) liars? Just listen to Mr. Nixon?
This trend and extraordinarily dangerous habit of Mr. Trump, which is consistently parroted by his supporters, is supremely dangerous for the Constituional Democracy we call the United States of America. There is a truth. It exists. It does not have a political affiliation. It does not care how you feel about it. It will always be what it is. The truth exists only to serve itself, nothing more. The sooner Mr. Trump’s supporters understand this the better for all Americans moving forward. At 70 (+) years old Mr. Trump has long exceeded the age by which he should have understood this. Perhaps he does. If so that makes his statements and behavior all the more despicable.

Ralphael Prepetit
February 15th at 3:36am 
Some Issues to Consider #6: The United States of America is 240 years old. As such it endures as the longest, most successful Constitutional Democracy in the history of mankind (The Roman Empire lasted approximately 500 or so years, but was an ‘Autocracy’, not a ‘Constitutional Democracy’). The continued success and progress of this nation remains the beacon and/or iconoclastic symbol of liberal democratic ideals throughout the civilized world today. This statement of fact comes with significant responsibilities. It would be disingenuous to deny this responsibility, or to assume a defensive posture in a cynical attempt to play ‘victim’. To be sure, America has been at times victimized, and is always on alert for future attempts. However, in general if there is any nation engaging in ‘victimizing’, it’s us. To be clear there are mitigating circumstances involved with this reality. I would argue more along the lines of ‘collateral damage’ and/or ‘unintended consequences’, than imperial initiative. The thing that separates the United States from all the rest, is our idealogical commitment to human rights, individual freedom(s), and the rule of law as defined and protected by the greatest political document the world has ever known, our Constitution. It is from this that we (our citizens) draw the strength to endure and the will to continue our stated and expressed exceptionalism.
With that being said, America is in a bit of trouble at the moment. The abrupt resignation and/or firing (take your pick) yesterday of our National Security Advisor, Michael T. Flynn, not only marks the swiftest tenure of any person to ever hold that highly important position in our government (circa two weeks), but also portends (what many of us feared) a severe lack of judgment from the man responsible for his hiring in the first place, our current President, Donald J. Trump. The truth of the matter is that Mr. Flynn had been under investigation for months leading up to his nomination to become our NSA. Mr. Flynn was also a major part of the Trump transition team, so his baggage was no secret. Why then, would Mr. Trump decide this man appropriate for the position? Mr. Trump was informed of the truth that Mr. Flynn had (despite denials) lied (re: Russian conversations) to the F.B.I., the Vice President, his Chief of Staff, and more…several weeks ago (January 26th). Why was he not fired then? Why was Mr. Flynn still our NSA and allowed to provocatively “Put Iran on notice”, a week later on February 1st? Why did Mr. Trump wait until the leaks and headlines they produced reached critical mass before ‘accepting Mr. Flynn’s resignation’? These questions are in addition to the persistent question of why Mr. Trump refuses even in the face of reality, and despite Sean Spicer’s (false) assertions to the contrary, to ever say a negative word about Russian Mobster…My apologies, I meant to say Russian President Vladimir Putin? At this point it would be foolish to disregard the notion that Russia has acted in bad faith, and nefarious intent, with the Trump Mafia as the intended beneficiary. It would also be foolish to think that this will be the last Russian-linked scandal we will hear about. As sure as the sun rises, there will be more to come.
Something’s not right here. At the 3 1/2 week mark (not including transition), I get the feeling that we are perched on top of a bubble of ugly truth, that is going to burst later if not sooner. Don’t you? The working title of this political drama could actually be: “Russia Trumps America”, the sequel to “The Angry Orange Inside the White House”. (Film Series Marketed by Kellyanne Conway).
The fact of the matter is that In the modern world of information technology, there are no more secrets, only truths yet to be revealed. In my estimation we are simply awaiting revelations of things politically untoward, perhaps even criminal, of the high treason variety. Namely, evidence of malfeasance and/or illegal and/or unethical actions by members of the Trump Mafia, if not by Mr. Trump himself. Specifically with regards to the Presidential election of 2016. The Trump Mafia is now trying to flush out the source of these intelligence ‘leaks’, instead of investigating the potential criminal exposure that inspires them. In addition…Where are Mr. Trump’s tax returns? I continue to ask, why can’t we see them? Also, how confident in the Trump Mafia would you feel should a real crisis occur in the world right now? I leave you with this thought: “Change and Chaos, are mutually exclusive”. Stay tuned my friends as we navigate the numerous ‘Trumpian’ created potholes which now litter the perilous road of American politics. #AngryOrange

Ralphael Prepetit
February 14th at 7:17am 
Best Valentines Day gift ever. And a good day to you Mr. Flynn. You will certainly NOT be missed. The day is still young. Who’s next?

Ralphael Prepetit
February 13th at 4:06pm 
We as Human Beings first and Americans secondly…Really need to take a collective deep breath. Calm down. Then begin the process of replacing the alarming decrease in empathy (true empathy) for our fellow human beings. According to a University of Michigan study…Empathy has seen a 40% Decrease in our society in the past decade. That’s 4 out of 10 people who care less about other people than they did in the past. Think about how awful that is. The good news is that we have the ability to remedy this sad fact. The bad news is that if we fail, it represents a tragic human failure of conscience, moreover, it will mark the beginning of the end for the greatest Constitutional Democracy the world has ever known. The work is hard to be sure, but it needs doing starting yesterday. As Celeste Headlee so adroitly points out: (Paraphrasing) “Being ‘tolerant’ really isn’t doing much more than the bare minimum. It requires no real action. It allows for us to keep our biases but our mouths shut.” What empathy requires is more involved. Empathy requires UNDERSTANDING. The action and/or willingness to LISTEN and legitimate attempts at UNDERSTANDING the ‘other’ is the magic solution to a problem that we have allowed to metastasize into well….What we have today. This is my plea to all of you, and myself included to be certain. We have to be willing to try and understand each other. It’s our last best chance.
Ralphael Prepetit
February 11th at 8:48am  
Dear Trumpian Mafia: Why? Is the abrupt deportation of persons like Lupita Garcia De Rayos, a married Phoenix, Arizona mother of two children, really what you want America to now be about? She has been living here for some two decades (15 yrs old at arrival) working hard for not enough. Paying taxes. Raising beautiful children. It’s true that she was busted for using a fraudulent social security number. That is against the law, however this is typically punishable by all things less than removal from the country, her husband, her children, her family, her life. Why are you doing this? Is Mrs. De Rayos a terrorist threat? A violent criminal? In fact, is she anything more threatening than an undocumented human being in Arizona? Why are you doing this? This morally abhorrent, political demonization of latinos in particular should be anything but an accepted modus operandi of the United States government, yet here we are. Do you feel great? How about good? If I may inquire how the deportation of Mrs. De Rayos is in aide of bringing jobs back to America? How is it improving America? In fact, how is her deportation making America ‘great again’, in any tangible way that doesn’t smack of irrational xenophobia? Now that she’s gone, I expect that there should be a long line of American Caucasians waiting to fill her job vacancy, correct? Yeah, that’s what I thought. This action doesn’t bode well for the ‘deport the immigrant criminals’ message does it? Especially, when you start with hard working mothers. I’m sure your intentions are pure, but if you don’t mind understanding the awful optics and demoralizing nature of these actions, then perhaps an appeal to your human decency may suffice? I am aware of your counterpoint(s), and/or arguments, and/or rationalizations. Duly noted. None of them are strong enough to hold the water weight of moral decency. I simply ask, have you no decency? #Shameful
Ralphael Prepetit
February 11th at 7:33am  
To The Parents of Jefferson Middle School (Washington D.C.): Great job. For giving newly confirmed Education Secretary Betsy Devos the verbal business delivered directly to her eardrums, and in no uncertain terms, as she finally attempted to make an appearance at any public school, let alone a predom African-American school. It was appropriate. Nothing is more American than getting in the face of ‘politicians’ and letting them know that you’re on to them, you’re watching them, and that you intend on holding them accountable. This is the political activist climate we’ve just been motivated into, once again after about a 50 year respite. “Stand up, Fight back!” – Parents Jefferson Middle School Washington, D.C.
Ralphael Prepetit
February 9th at 6:28pm 
Simple Math & Vocabulary: The important math to keep in mind here about today’s events is the 3 – 0 vote by the Judges of the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court (Basically the West Coast States Federal Courts). When you add these 3 morally, ethically, and constitutionally bound voices to the existing concern/outrage of the tens of millions (or more) American voices that have been singing the same song, it’s a very powerful number. ‘Unanimous’ is the language that’s important here. All three judges agreed with this ruling. That’s three judges, all appointed by different Presidents of both parties, unanimously calling out this ‘Travel B…’…Sorry, I meant to say ‘Nonsensical Muslim Ban’, for what it is. A Nonsense Solution to a problem that has already been proactively addressed, has always been taken seriously, and that wasn’t instigated by any immediate provocation. What it did accomplish (and/or still may accomplish if this ruling gets overturned/overruled), is the erosion of confidence in, and reputation of, the United States of America in the international community. The genesis of this ‘self inflicted’ drama lies directly at the feet of Mr. Trump. The same feet that are attached to his fear mongering, paranoid fringe, body. In no time in history…as in ever…has governing by fear proven to be a successful roadmap to happiness and prosperity. In any case, there is now officially ‘blood in the water’. Mr. Trump’s lunacy just got hit with a nice roundhouse, right in the nose. The resistance fights back. We win this one, at least for now. Expect many more court battles in the future, as a direct result of the ‘Trumpian’ style political car being driven over the White House lawn.
Ralphael Prepetit
February 9th at 5:26pm 
To The State of Washington 9th Circuit/District Court: Thank you. It’s very encouraging to see that there is still adult supervision inside of our 3 separate systems of power. Much Appreciated. -Concerned Americans

Ralphael Prepetit
February 6th at 9:09pm  
So, what should we make of the fact that Fox ‘News’ fired arguably the smartest, most respected conservative commentator in America? George Will doesn’t share my political views, not at all. However, I have always respected his integrity, and certainly his intellect. Our differences of opinion have always been based solely on policy, the basic difference between the two dominant political parties (ie. Capital Gains Tax, The role of government, et all). I was very impressed by Mr. Will’s consistent and persistent (always appropriate) criticism of Mr. Trump during his campaign and in the weeks after the election. It was principled first and foremost, with the added benefit of also being correct. Fox News fired him. Why now? He’s been a revered conservative Icon for decades. What’s changed? Oh…perhaps it was his on air trashing of Mr. Trump night after night? This would be mere speculation if it wasn’t for Trump spokesperson, and ‘alternative facts’ surrogate Kellyanne Conway publicly calling for (on national television) the firing of “All of these political pundits and talking heads who trash the President all day…” over the weekend. So we’re doing this now? Silencing dissent? Calling for journalists and commentators who have the temerity (nerve) to criticize Mr. Trump to lose their jobs? Their constitutionally guaranteed right to dissent is now an offense punishable by firing? Seriously? There is no way to ‘spin’ this or ‘rationalize’ this Democracy disturbing assertion, that doesn’t sound exactly what it would be…A vote for totalitarianism.



Ralphael Prepetit with Rachel Levine Friedman and 10 others.

February 6th at 6:29pm  
So Let’s Review #9: Before I begin, I just wanted to (briefly) state that towards the end of last week going into the weekend, I felt myself getting tired, more so mentally and emotionally, which of course manifests itself directly to the physical. So, I abruptly decided to ‘unplug’ from my incessant attention to, and the gathering of, the political atmosphere we currently find ourselves dealing with. This of course, doesn’t mean I get time off from my personal life (which in my case means primarily caring and sharing. Sincere caring. Sharing knowledge, kindness, positivity with at least ONE other person on earth, who isn’t family). When someone has my attention, they have it. Acts of making a positive difference in people’s lives are achieved in many ways, from the large to the seemingly benign. Either way it requires significant emotional effort…Then there’s the magazine. I am dreadfully behind on about 1/2 dozen articles pending for publication on, so there’s that. I know you probably care little about my personal sh*t. 🙂 Anyway, point being I wanted to give context to the notion of trying to take 5 days off. I found it impossible, and it wasn’t really time off. So, now I’m back and I don’t feel less burdened, but it is what it is….Back to our original programming.
Since our misguided ‘war’ in Iraq began circa 2002, the United States has suffered some 4,500 military and civilian casualties. The people of Iraq? Well, they have essentially been victimized, having suffered some 179,500 mostly CIVILIAN casualties ( It’s true that America has serious blood on it’s hands. However, I think it’s important to understand the distinction between the loss of life in pursuit of defending the concept of freedom and/or justice, and the loss of life instigated by a lust to maintain power for power’s sake. Both things are unfortunate, both things could be defined as Murder. However, only the latter has no morally satisfactory justification. People like Russian President Vladimir Putin are now, and have always been, guilty of the cold blooded, politically motivated Murder…of journalists, political rivals (which is why none really exist there), or anyone who becomes a threat, real or imagined, to Mr. Putin. This behavior should be morally abhorrent to any human being with a sense of decency…However, Mr.Trump seems to fail that litmus test of decency. During his ‘Faux News’ interview with Bill O’Reilly over the weekend, Mr. Trump stated having ‘respect’ and even ‘admiration’ for Mr. Putin. Even going so far as to suggest that America does bad things as well so Mr. Putin isn’t that bad, relatively speaking. Among the many obvious problems with Mr. Trump’s position, is the notion that American actions are in some way analogous to the actions of a Russian Dictator… around in the world. This puts a spotlight on the annoyingly consistent concept and/or defense, that is used primarily by conservatives…the concept of ‘False Equivalency’. Yes, Russian President Vladimir Putin is running a ‘Criminal Oligarchy’. Last time I checked, the United States of America is anything but…
Mr. Trump’s disturbing view of the United States of America has always offended my sensibilities. His dystopian view of the very nation that he and his family have profited from so immensely, is not at all the reality that he has lived, and with the exception of television, and perhaps a brief campaign stop, even witnessed. Let alone understand. He has no earthly idea what it is like to struggle from paycheck to paycheck, or any issue that comes with not having enough money to achieve X, Y, or Z, or maintain the ability to do so. Instead, he claims to speak for these people, and champion their concerns. How can someone who has zero idea about the real life struggles people go through, honestly be trusted to satisfy their needs? It’s worse than a long-shot bet, it’s pure fantasy. Among the litany of things that are offensive about Mr.Trump, his Presidency, and his agenda, you will find the throughly corrosive attitude about the country he now leads, and claims to love.
One can question America’s actions, and many certainly do. However, one can’t question the bedrock ideals of American exceptionalism. The American sense of freedom (especially religion), or the notion of American moral standing in the world (philosophically speaking). To have a President of the United States have such a low opinion of the United States, and by extension, many of it’s citizens (especially women and minorities), portends a hypocritical disconnect with untold global consequences. Mr. Trump is a pathological liar. Mr. Trump is belligerent. Mr. Trump is an archetype narcissist. Mr. Trump is so uncomfortable with the truth, that he simply creates his own (self aggrandizing) un-reality, that mocks the truth. Mr. Trump, unlike almost every tyrant in history, publicly endorses the torture of human beings. But perhaps worst of all, on a basic human level, Mr. Trump is anything but a nobel man. If he were, tens of millions of people the world over, wouldn’t be protesting his abject lack of DECENCY.


Ralphael Prepetit
February 1st at  1:32pm 
7 Nation Muslim Ban. Chaos at Airports around the Globe. Iran ‘Put on notice’. Nationwide outrage. Rex Tillerson (Exxon) new Secretary of State. Acting U.S. Attorney General Yates…Fired. EPA defunded, crippled and silenced. Keystone XL Pipeline resurrected. Dozens of State Department officials…Fired. Record number of Executive Orders issued, without proper vetting for legality or constitutionality. There’s more but you get it….It’s Day 11. Any guess how long we have until war is declared? I really hate to say it, but we deserve what we get moving forward. We gave a belligerent television personality real political power, and nuclear weapons? What happens next is on us.


Ralphael Prepetit

February 1st 2017  at 12:04pm 
So…We (America) have officially put Iran ‘on notice’…I can only imagine what that portends. I suppose eagerness for war with Iran and/or whatever other Muslim nations decide to jump in (I can think of 6 off the top), is going to create some jobs. The problem is there likely won’t be much of a world left to spend the money earned from those ‘jobs’… Nose. Spite. Face. Cut. Off. Feel free to assemble those words in any way you see fit. Bottom line…Bad times are coming…Self inflicted, bad times.
Ralphael Prepetit
February 1st 2017  at 12:10pm  
1st (official) line of our President’s Black History Month Speech this morning: “Well this is Black History Month, so this is our little breakfast, our little get-together. Hi Lynn, how are you?” -Mr. Trump … I’ve got nothing.


Ralphael Prepetit

February 1st 2017  at 12:29pm 
We need good music right now…If this is going to become the 21st Century version of the 1960’s, then can we at least have some good music? Before we have to go back to (battery operated) CD players to hear any?


Ralphael Prepetit
February 1st 2017  at 1:32pm ·
7 Nation Muslim Ban. Chaos at Airports around the Globe. Iran ‘Put on notice’. Nationwide outrage. Rex Tillerson (Exxon) new Secretary of State. Acting U.S. Attorney General Yates…Fired. EPA defunded, crippled and silenced. Keystone XL Pipeline resurrected. Dozens of State Department officials…Fired. Record number of Executive Orders issued, without proper vetting for legality or constitutionality. There’s more but you get it….It’s Day 11. Any guess how long we have until war is declared? I really hate to say it, but we deserve what we get moving forward. We gave a belligerent television personality real political power, and nuclear weapons? What happens next is on us.



Ralphael Prepetit                                                                                                                                       January 31st 2017  at 1:19am 

I guess that I’ll sleep some other time. So, what should we make of the abrupt firing of the…no, not Sally Yates that is so 5 minutes ago…but the firing of the Director of I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Daniel Ragsdale? No explanation or character assassination given, presumably because Mr. Ragsdale chose not to defy the Lord Highness Mr. Trump…publicly. This firing would seem rather benign until you consider that his replacement is a man by the name of Thomas Homan. Mr. Homan has been promoted from the position of ‘executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations’. In other words the guy in charge of rounding up illegal immigrants and throwing them out of the country. He’s good at it…he’s part of an I.C.E. agency that has deported some 2.5 Million immigrants since 2009. On Obama’s watch. Quietly, with precision. You’d never get Fox to repeat that on the air but…it’s true. In any event, it would seem that Mr. Trump literally means to do what he promised in his campaign. He’s getting ready to start going door to door in a town, city, county, state near you, if not at you. Looking for you and/or your neighbors, people you know. He’s going to (because his forethought and imagination are sh*t) start an episode of bloodshed and violence in this nation the likes we haven’t seen since the Civil War. He’s shown nothing but a single-minded determination to do exactly what he said he was going to do. Constitution be damned, protests be damned, the future of Democracy in America, be damned. I believe him. Don’t you? His right hand man (Steve Bannon) is a world renown bigot who has been quoted as saying he wants to destroy our America. True story, true quote, not hard to find.
This is a man (Mr. Trump) who isn’t man enough to say…’I’m sorry’, or ‘I made an error in judgment’. A man who has never demonstrated any bit of the understated humility that is the hallmark of great men. A person who is never wrong, is always wrong…morally, ethically, humanity. Do you doubt that he’s going to turn the streets of America into Germany circa 1933? Sub in Brown skin latinos (and others who get caught up) for the Jews and what is the optical difference? Sure, no literal mass executions, but societal damage? Here at home? Where you live? With your neighbors? Do you want a situation in which you have to have to hide your friends and neighbors? Or turn them in?…In your America? Because Mr. Trump says so?
American citizens will fight…physically. It will be a face off between those of us who actually love America, respect the American ideal of immigration, who want to protect the rights of ALL of our citizens (homegrown & hopefuls alike)…and who Honor the Constitution over the President…Against the ‘Trumpism’ Americans who also love America but Don’t Like MANY of our citizens….Basically, people that are just flat out mean-spirited (I honestly can’t think of a better description without using the ‘B’ or ‘R’ word…shoe fits though). They’ll argue “Come to America the right way…the legal way.” And they’ll be showing their ignorance of reality, misplaced anger, as well as their intolerance, so be prepared. There has always been a better way to handle this issue. Always.
Warning: They’ll fight you if you call them what they are to their face. I leave that up to you to decide. Remember the name: Thomas Homan.
Post Script: I fully expect to be un-friended by some on my friends list. I don’t care. In my estimation, I don’t want to know you either, so good luck. I probably didn’t even request you in the 1st place. Yes, I am that furious. #Shame.
Ralphael Prepetit with Rachel Levine Friedman and 4 others.
January 31st  at 1:34pm 
Trumpism in America: A twilight zone reality where everything is up for negotiation. Up to and including the soul of the United States of America. Is it Constitutional? Depends if Mr. Trump says so. Is it Moral? Depends if Mr. Trump says so. Does Freedom of Religion exist in America? Depends on if you’re Muslim or not. Do facts exist? Depends, Mr.Trump believes in ‘Alternate Facts’…so do his supporters. How about lies? Mr. Trump decides what’s a lie or not.
Is the New York Times ‘out to get’ Mr. Trump? Reality: No. Trumpism: Yes, ALL media who dare to criticize Mr. Trump are liars. Mr. Trump says Blue is Red. Therefore his supporters believe that Blue is now in fact, Red. Is America suffering through a dystopian nightmare? Mr. Trump says: Yes. His supporters believe him. Reality: We weren’t then, but we are NOW…because of HIM. Is Mr. Trump a Bigot? Reality: More than likely. His right hand man is though, for sure. Trumpism: No. Neither of them are Bigots. Nothing’s been proven.
Is the Immigration Ban really a Muslim Ban, lightly disguised? Reality: Yes. Trumpism: No. We NEED to protect our country from people who have NEVER attacked us. Is Mr. Trump a Misogynist? Reality: There is PLENTY of anecdotal evidence to that effect. Trumpism: No. “Boys will be Boys”, “Locker room talk”, “Nothings been proven”, “Get over it”. “Grab them by the pussy” is a reasonable, certainly Presidential assertion. Has Mr. Trump in over 70 years of life on this earth, EVER Apologized for Anything? Taken responsibility for anything gone wrong? Shown even a modicum of humility? Reality: Never. Trumpism: Mr. Trump is infallible. Mr. Trump can do no wrong. IF Mr. Trump is accused of doing something wrong, Mr. Trump and his supporters will claim that the ‘Media’ are the real bad guys…But not him, never him. In fact the immigrants who just got here, still learning the language, who make little money, are threatening YOUR JOB! Reality: If an immigrant can just come here while barely speaking english and take your job…You’ve already lost.
Will Established Politicians, especially RED/GOP have the guts to put America 1st and stand up to tyranny? Reality: No. They’re afraid that Mr. Trump’s Twitter account will get them.
I plead with people I know and respect. I wonder how they can’t see what is so obvious to so many. Reality: The Trumpism coffee is strong.
Post Script: I’ve only lost one friend from my list today. I was expecting much more. Oh well, the day is young…

Ralphael Prepetit
January 31st 2017   at 11:42pm 
Dear Senator Mitch McConnell: Every syllable that you utter decrying the Democrats stalling, obstructing, and filibustering of Judge Borsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation, will be considered another hypocritical syllable to add on to the millions you’ve uttered before it. Syllables that make up the mountains of hypocritical syllables that you carry up your A**…  So kiss ours.   -The Resistance

Ralphael Prepetit
January 31st 2017  at 11:02pm 
Members of the Resistance: Please have the discipline to keep your eyes on the ball. Every two days the Trump Mafia will behave in ways that will dominant your attention, but more importantly, distract you from the fact that we still don’t/haven’t: A. Seen Mr. Trump’s tax returns. B. Understand what governments he owes money to and how much C. Seen Mr.Trump’s paperwork stating he is divesting from his business interests (Even the crock of sh*t ways). Where are his ‘blind trust’ papers? D. Where is any paperwork that would show that conflict of interest is now appropriate for the office that he holds? He hasn’t done anything he should do, but everything nobody (sane) ever asked for. He keeps doing crazy sh*t. Even today’s Supreme Court nominee (Gorsuch) unveiling had a reality show feel to it. It’s dumb. Everyone’s hair is on fire, and rightly so but, he’s not doing what he is supposed to be doing. He must be held accountable. Nobody was screaming for a ban on travel to and from Yemen, et all. furthermore, nobody was asking for a travel ban to be released ON A WEEKEND, with zero notice throughout American interests worldwide, when airports are busiest. Where you?
Nobody (sane) wanted this wall, nobody thought Mexico was ever going to pay for it either, never mind taxpayers paying for it. Did you? This guy is incompetent. The ability to fire people does not a great leader make. It makes an end run around ‘dissent’ and portends a ‘wanna be’ King of America. We don’t have a ‘King’ in America. We’ve never had a ‘King’ in America. We don’t like the idea of ‘Kings’ in America. Again, there is still NO evidence that Mr. Trump isn’t personally profiting from the office he holds, none. Think about that.
Nobody was asking for the firing of Acting Attorney General Yates (For doing her job; enforcing the Constitution), or an emergency swearing in of the ‘new’ ‘acting’ Attorney General Dana Boente (a strange looking man, not woman). Mr. Trump is currently leasing a building from himself (as President) in Washington, D.C. That’s illegal. Nobody is saying sh*t. You can’t allow this stuff to slide unanswered. Each time we do we (America) are one step closer to the Autocracy and/or Monarchy that we AREN’T. Donald J. Trump supporters are out to lunch. They’re busy sucking on “Fear Popsicles” and dining on “Sycophant Sliders”. It’s up to us to save our country from becoming something we aren’t, and have never been.
Keep Republicans in the line of fire. Keep the Democrats roasting OVER an open fire. Keep your eyes on Trump’s left hand when his right hand is moving towards lunacy.
Ralphael Prepetit
January 30th 2017 at 10:50pm  
Ugh…I can’t even keep up. Tired. Fox News has fired George Will. Those who know of him understand how strange that is, also the Head of Immigration has been fired. More tomorrow…
Ralphael Prepetit
January 30th at 10:10pm 
Keep in mind that to find the last time an attorney from the United States Department of Justice (acting or otherwise) was fired, you have to go back to the year 1973. The President who did the firing was Richard M. Nixon. In that case the firing came only after the Attorney General Elliot Richardson refused to fire a special prosecutor named Archibald Cox who was investigating Nixon at the time. He quit instead…on principle. Nixon then asked the Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to fire Mr. Cox, he also flat refused, and quit on the spot. Third time being a charm Mr. Nixon finally got Solicitor General Robert Bork to fire Archibald Cox…for the ‘misconduct’ of investigating the President. It was called the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’…and this firing only bought Nixon another 10 months before…he had to resign in disgrace. Mr. Trump? My guess is that this ends very badly, not sure how, just bad. The Trump administration is out of control in ways I’ve never seen in my life, only read about. This man seems hell bent on burning down the very fabric of this country. Everyday of this administration is going to be a struggle for the very soul of America. It’s chilling. It’s horrible. It’s completely unnecessary. This man does not possess the mental stability to lead ANY nation let alone the United States of America. At this point I’m beyond shaking my head at those who willfully placed our very Democracy at risk for whatever reason(s). We now have to fight to save our country from the authoritarian auspices of a crazy old man who doesn’t have respect for our rule of law. It’s a sh*tty break, but here we are. Lastly, there was NO national crisis to justify the election of this lunatic!

Ralphael Prepetit
January 30th at 6:46pm  
Good for you Sally Q.Yates (Acting U.S. Attorney General) for issuing an order to the Justice Department to NOT defend Mr. Trump’s executive order on immigration in court, as it is “indefensible”. She just got fired for it, but GOOD FOR YOU! This means that the Justice Department will not argue in defense of any lawsuits against it. Until Trump gets one of his Mafia to take the job. Outstanding. History will show that this was a discriminatory ban of dubious intent…from our newly elected, highly divisive, certainly inexperienced President. In the end, this executive order will become one in a number of exhibits and/or statements of fact, that will reinforce the charges of bigotry Mr. Trump has long been accused. The law is smart enough to see through the facade. I find it remarkable that we are actually having to deal with this, like literally having to fight to preserve American ideals on a daily/weekly basis as Mr. Trump (and his Mafia) can’t seem to come up with a plan of action that Americans can be proud of in a moral sense, values sense, or consistent with the best angels of our citizens, or our Constitution. This is what happens when we elect a “leader” who represents the very worst notions that unfortunately exist in America. Bigotry won’t be allowed to go mainstream. Unacceptable. Not today #AngryOrange…Not ever.


Ralphael Prepetit
January 30th at 5:11pm 
For the record the first of the seemingly endless religious ‘Crusades’ that pitted Western Christians against Muslims and vice versa began in 1095. In other words nearly 1,000 years ago. A thousand years and folks are still stuck in a mindset that we should have long since outgrown. It’s not like enough blood hasn’t been shed in it’s wake. To be clear we (United States) have had to respond to radical extremist groups and/or persons that masquerade under the banner of the Muslim religion for awhile now (September 11, 2001 was over 15 years ago) Enough time, I would argue, to understand that these extremists have very little to do with the actual peace loving practice of the Muslim religion. We know this. It’s nothing new. So, why then are we behaving as if untold masses of these extremists, or even entire nations of them exist as a normal function of the Muslim religion? Especially, when we know that not to be the case, at all? It would appear that there are unspoken, likely sinister biases in play here masquerading in much the same fashion as the extremists. There is nothing more destructive to mankind than it’s irrational fear(s) and the subsequent behavior that manifests as a result of it. We needn’t murder one another to achieve the nobel, morally correct goal of peace. Especially, if religion (love) is the foundational basis from which we claim to operate. Nothing of moral correctness comes from a basis of fear…Everything horrible does.


Ralphael Prepetit
January 30th at 12:05pm 
The United States barely survived Bush/Cheney. Now we have to deal with Trump/Bannon. For the love of God…
Ralphael Prepetit
January 30th at 10:26am 
At the very least George Bush #43 had an excuse. There was a tragic provocation (9/11). What’s happening now is likely to erase all of the progress made since then, and the worst part is that it’s coming out of the clear blue sky, without vetting, without proper forethought, or arguably ANY thought. I mean we literally just handed ISIS the best recruitment tool ever, and for free. Thanks #AngryOrange
Ralphael Prepetit
Wednesday January 25th 2017  
Something Important to Consider: It’s name is uniquely strange, and it’s importance is A-1 critical. The Ogallala Aquifer is the largest underground water aquifer in the United States. At an approximate size of 175,000 square miles, this indispensable water source exists under parts of eight different midwestern states (South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming,Oklahoma, New Mexico,and Texas). The long proposed, Obama administration blocked, Keystone XL Pipeline is blue-printed to run on the land directly above this aquifer. Yesterday (Tuesday 24th), Mr. Trump signed an Executive Order that reverses Obama’s block, and sets wheels in motion for it’s eventual construction. This is of course, against the wishes, concerns, and virulent objections of environmental groups, Native American populations who live in those areas, and citizens of good common (environmental) sense. That’s not all…no sir. The Trump administration has also imposed a ‘freeze’ on all funding, grants, and contracts for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), effective immediately. This comes along with a mandated, authoritarian style ‘gag order’ for all EPA employees as well. Basically cutting the legs off of the agency’s ability to effectively operate, or speak out in protest. It should come as no surprise that Big Oil companies are salivating while throwing parties. So, exactly how were we being paranoid post election? My question is what happens when an earthquake, natural disaster, or accident occurs in and around this pipeline? I mean besides the very real possibility for the irreversible contamination of drinking and agricultural water for 8 states. Fact: Oil = Money. Water = Life. I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s more important.
Ralphael Prepetit
Tuesday January 24th 2017
Hahaha! Today Mr Trump stated (Primarily through Spicer) That…wait for it… Between 3 & 5 Mlllion illegal immigrants voted in the election, otherwise he would have won the popular vote. I mean wow. Just wow. A. How absurdly petty and thin skinned is this guy? B. This is a textbook example of how Mr Trump has zero problem espousing wild, unsubstantiated claims, and expressly why he tries to demonize and dismiss our Free Press. When a majority of statements Mr Trump releases are factually inaccurate, and he encourages people to only listen to him, and his Godforsaken Tweets, He is basically behaving like a authoritarian dictator. Again, trying to undermine any news story that either makes him look bad or points out his shortcomings. I am not overreacting when I state that this is a very dangerous development for our Democracy. Btw… What illegal immigrant in their right state of mind, would EVER show up to vote illegally? They tend to avoid unwanted attention from American officials. Not one, let alone Millions of illegals would ever consider risking deportation to vote. It’s absurdity of the highest order.


Ralphael Prepetit
Sunday January 22nd 2017  
1508-1516: The Italian Wars & Anglo-French Wars. 1618-1648: Thirty Years’ War. 1714-1718: Ottoman–Venetian War (American Revolution 1776). 1807-1814: Napoleonic Wars & The War of 1812. 1914-1918: World War I (1939-1945 World War II). 2001-2010: Iraq & Afghanistan War. 2016-??? I point to these terrible human conflicts as a reminder that historically speaking (in general) the first quarter (25) to half (50) years of the past five centuries have been marked by large scale, exceedingly deadly wars. The combined death toll of these wars (80 million in WW II alone) far exceeds the 300 (+) million population of the United States. Our ill-advised Iraq dalliance and territorial skirmishes in the Middle east notwithstanding, the modern world is experiencing it’s longest period (relatively speaking) of uninterrupted global peace in modern history (approximately 50 years). We endured and ultimately survived the ‘Cold War’ without the kind of mass human casualty and/or global catastrophe that the age of nuclear armament presents. The current political trend, not only in the United States, but in countries around the globe towards ‘Populist Nationalism’, is something of which to pay close attention. History tells us that this kind of political atmosphere more often than not, leads to deadly human conflict on a mass scale. I think it’s important to make the critical distinction between ‘Patriotism’ and ‘Nationalism’. Unchecked Nationalism can easily devolve into war. It is my sincere hope that our new Commander in Chief understands what kind of power, influence, and gravity his public rhetoric carries in the international community. The only thing worse than political antagonism wether intentional or not, is the unwitting kind. The unnecessary kind. It gives me grave concern that we have to worry about a leader whose manner of speaking has belligerent tendencies. This combined with a remarkably stunning lack of foreign diplomacy experience is certainly cause for heightened awareness. Just a (serious) thought.


Ralphael Prepetit (Discussion Response to Rob West)                                                                                            Sunday January 22nd 2017 

First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to issue a thoughtful response. With that being said I’d like to respond to a number of your assertions. Let me start by qualifying my remarks. I am not trying to personally attack you or any Trump supporter, what’s done is done. In America the ability to respectfully disagree without being disagreeable is a right we all have and should exercise. I think that it would be safe to say that those of us virulently opposed to Mr. Trump understand your concerns re: China, diminished American product productivity, as well as the immigration issue. Those concerns are basically universal to ALL Americans. I would say the biggest difference is to what degree. First I’d like to start with your assertion that ‘Obama and Hillary chose to ignore’ the immigration issue and by extension all that goes with it (i.e. Crime, Drugs, etc) I have to say that the facts do not support your position. According to the DHS from 2009 to 2014 the Obama administration deported a record 2.4 Million illegal immigrants, many of those were targeted specifically for their criminal records, to wit, felony offenders. This is something that many progressives have taken some issue with, but well short of ‘hair on fire’. I am unsure what else you wanted Obama to do in this regard. The notion of building this so-called ‘Wall’ is tax revenue wasteful, and ludicrous unless he plans on building it 3,000 miles long. No, Mexico is not going to pay for it. Yes, he will try and get US to pay for it up front and claim that Mexico will pay for it through excise taxes and/or trade tariffs. Of course that will likely never happen and taxpayers will be left holding the bag of financial burden for a wall that a majority of Americans don’t want, and find insane. Trade deals are complex and punitive charges are not at all easily added or ever agreed to. It’s just a terrible idea. Secondly, your assertion that Obama/Hillary ‘worry more about non Americans than Americans’ is a subjective opinion, but also not supported by the facts. His executive order ‘DACA’, the so-called ‘Dreamer’ order was issued in order to protect children and young adults whose parents brought them here (albeit illegally) but had already grown up in America since they were toddlers, and were by all reasonable criteria…American citizens. It would have been then, as it will continue to be, inhumane and cruel to send those kids back to a country that they know little if anything about and in many cases don’t even speak the language fluently. They grew up in America, pay taxes in America, received education in America. Deporting them actually hurts America as a whole. No, illegal immigrants are NOT eligible for the ACA (Obamacare), in fact even the DACA kids aren’t immediately eligible. There is a big difference between trying to address the presence of human beings here illegally in a fair and humane fashion, and ‘caring about them more than Americans.’ As for the assertion (especially Mr. Trump’s) that America is teetering on the edge of disaster, and somehow resembles a ‘Mad Max’ type of dystopian nightmare. Progressives, the opposition, and myself included simply do not share that view of America. It simply doesn’t square with reality. Unemployment is at or around 5% which means that it is 1/2 of what it was in 2008-09. True statistics can be misleading, but even if I were to grant you that, things are still better than they were 8 years ago. Violent crime is DOWN in almost every major city in America. Which by the way is a continuing trend nationwide for the better part of the last two decades. For example, I’m sure you’ve noticed that NYC is fairly safe by comparison to the 1980’s and early 1990’s. This is not to say that there aren’t very real problems in the U.S. they certainly exist…just as they’ve always existed in one form or another. Crime is a reality. So to is the reality of technology and automation which is the real underlying reason for job loss in the rust belt and middle America. Those kinds of jobs are simply NOT coming back. Corporations will always take the cheaper labor approach to their bottom line. Which is why they use the GOP to fight tooth and nail against raising the national minimum wage, which is absurdly behind the cost of living in America. But let’s put all of that aside for a moment. My question is this…How much of America’s soul are you willing to deal to the devil? Progressives and the opposition will tell you that it is morally abhorrent to ignore Mr. Trump’s decidedly un-Presidential temperament, his bigoted rhetoric, his despicable treatment and attitude towards women, both in his personal life and as a matter of public policy, his petulant behavior, his thin skinned, child-like sensitivity, his eagerness to provocate and antagonize our international trade partners, and his alarming lack of respect for our cherished political institutions and norms. Those issues are in addition to his egregious lack of governing experience, diplomatic experience, as well as his democracy threatening disparagement of our nations Free Press and Media, there’s more but I’ve made the point. Take your pick as to why he is unfit to hold the office of President. I asked you how much of America’s soul are you willing to deal to the Devil because the sad reality is, even if you don’t see it this way, is that support for Donald Trump is a reckless choice that threatens to undermine American democracy, and the sensitive bonds of international stability and world peace. It also represents a tacit (at best) acceptance of xenophobia, bigotry, misogyny, and narcissism as a virtue. Many millions of Americans believe that Mr. Trump is not a good person, and there is lots of evidence to support that belief. Like it or not, there is no itemizing support for Mr. Trump. When you get behind him, you’re getting behind all of his baggage as well. What are you saying to women? What are you saying to minorities? What are you saying about our Constitution? The answers to those questions are for each Trump supporter to answer for themselves, but what is universally true to for all to see is that his supporters rewarded the offensive, certainly objectionable behavior and attitude of this man…with the Presidency of the United States….without having paid his dues. Without having his tax returns. Without having him divest of his business interests. Without making him sacrifice anything at all. For those who voted for him thinking that he would pivot to normal and act ‘Presidential’? No deal. As long as his supporters refuse to hold him accountable for his abject behavior, he won’t try and change it. Exactly what does Mr. Trump have to do, what line does he have to cross before his supporters finally say enough? Progressives and the opposition are screaming bloody murder early and often, for very good reason. Hopefully, he is successful, and hopefully it will be before America has to move all of our cherished American ideals to the center of the table, and go ‘all in’ in an effort to save the soul of this nation. Personally, I see the election of Donald Trump as a cynical reaction and backlash to the progress made by the Obama administration. Our nations problems were not even close to reaching the level of critical mass that could ever morally substantiate giving this man power.


Ralphael Prepetit (Discussion Response to Rob West)                                                                  Sunday January 22nd 2017 

Nobody knows how much money he has or how wealthy he really is or isn’t. He has basically refused to release his tax returns. There is almost certainly a reason (we wouldn’t like) for that. We don’t know how much money he owes to foreign governments, or who those governments are. I think it’s important to understand that being rich/wealthy does not a virtuous person make. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite. The one thing that is true among basically all wealthy persons, is their desire to add to their fortunes. Personally, I am troubled by his admiration for Russian President/Dictator Vladimir Putin. My concern has little to do with policy. It has everything to do with the fact that Putin has used the people of Russia and Russia itself to enrich himself to the point where he is currently the richest man on earth, and by extension…ever. Fact. Something he has accomplished since the year 2000 when he was given the job by a sick and dying Boris Yeltsin. The only thing rich/wealthy people admire more than themselves are those that are even wealthier. By not divesting himself from his business in any realistically believable way, Mr. Trump has a pre-set infrastructure to use the Untied States to his financial advantage and (ill gotten) gain. I find it difficult to imagine how that isn’t a concern of ALL Americans.


Ralphael Prepetit                                                                                                                                        Sunday January 22nd 2017 

The fact of the matter is Progressives would have been ideologically opposed to basically any Republican President. That’s just a normal reaction, and par for the course. This election in particular is anything BUT normal, and as such the reaction to it is also extraordinary. There are clear and very evident reasons for this reaction. I totally understand the meaning behind support for Donald Trump. I just happen to wholeheartedly disagree. We are talking about a 70 year old man who has NEVER at any time in his life sacrificed and/or served the citizens of this country…until now. No city council, No Mayorship, No Congress, No Senate, No Military. This is in addition to the fact that he also pays no income taxes, so no monetary support for the Veterans that he claims to ‘love’ so very much. I was at the Los Angeles protest. It was inspirational. It was an impressive show of solidarity. It was more to send a message to the Trump administration and the world at large that there is a significant portion of this nation that does not share Mr. Trump’s stated policies whether real or imagined. It was a repudiation of Mr. Trump’s dystopian view of America. I’ve had occasion to speak with more than a few Trump supporters over the past few weeks, and almost to a man they are willing to overlook his many obvious character flaws because they truly believe that he is going to ‘shake things up’…in their favor. There is nothing in his record to suggest that will happen. There is plenty in his record as a human being to give people with a modicum of moral rectitude imbued with American ideals…serious pause. Although, you can’t fault a candidate for some of the crackpots who support them, the fact that the KKK is throwing parties in his honor is certainly troubling is it not? It comes from somewhere, doesn’t it? Frankly, I find the ‘Bill Clinton was awful’ defense of Trump to be a false equivalence. Bill Clinton, though regrettably shady when it came to women, wasn’t ever accused of being a misogynist. Philanderer yes, misogynist, not really. But that is besides the point isn’t it? ‘Shaking things up’ should have parameters. You don’t hire a plumber when you are unhappy with your doctor. You get a second opinion…from another physician. Mr. Trump’s behavior, and attitude stem from his world class narcissism. Trump supporters find it charming, his opposition finds it offensive. Narcissism is NOT a positive virtue of a President. Personally, I am very concerned about Mr. Trump’s predilection for reckless speech. I am very concerned that his Twitter usage is beneath the office of President, and a political powder keg. We are literally one reckless tweet away from an international incident. What some Americans find ‘funny’ and/or ‘real talk’…leaders of foreign nations might find as a provocation. That’s just a fact. Mr. Trump’s insistence that our Free Press and Media is inherently dishonest whenever he is criticized is extremely dangerous for our democracy. The Press exists to hold power accountable. The Press relationship with Presidents is always primarily adversarial in nature. It’s for our benefit, not his. In conclusion, the sheer fact that there were protest in over 200 cities in America yesterday, in addition to those in cities across the globe, should be more than enough to get people’s attention. Though I hope that our fears re: Trump are not realized, observing his start especially his cabinet nominations, doesn’t bode good times. Who should we see about the fact that the proposed head of the EPA is a climate change denier? Or that he currently has a lawsuit against the EPA? Gov. Rick Perry is proposed to lead an agency that he forgot that he wanted to eliminate. Sadly, I could go on…and on. There is certainly more reason for concern than optimism at the moment. Hopefully the dystopian America Trump imagines won’t become a reality by his own hand.
Ralphael Prepetit
Friday January 20th 2017

An Open Letter to the 45th President of the United States of America : Donald J. Trump

Dear President Donald J. Trump –
You don’t know me sir. We’ve never had the good fortune of meeting. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to write you personally Mr. Trump, because I feel like I know you. Specifically the late 30’s – early 40’s prime of life incarnation of your character. The Donald Trump who defined high-profile living throughout his halcyon days as the de-facto Prince of New York City. You see I came of age in New York City during the late 1980’s and into the mid-1990’s. During those years I read the New York Post daily, in retrospect, I’m now reminded that I never adequately thanked my father for providing that benefit. My memories are clear in remembering when I considered Page 6 to be underwhelming, even boring when it failed to feature either fantastical stories related to Gambino Boss John Gotti, or any mention of Donald Trump’s undercover playboy baby mama drama. The fact of the matter is that for a long time in my life I actually considered you to be a super cool playboy millionaire. I wasn’t alone, for a time almost every native New York adolescent male aspired to be Donald Trump. We were children enamored with the unapologetic commercialism of the 1980’s, too young to fully appreciate the negative moral implications of your extramarital dalliances and infidelities. It wasn’t until later on in my life after college, that I began to notice the radical change your personality had undertaken in the intervening years. It started with your unsolicited, terribly biased advocacy for the death penalty for the wrongly accused, DNA exonerated group of African-American young men, the so-called ‘Central Park 5’. More damning still, you personally spent $90,000 on a public relations campaign to have these young black men, not at all responsible for the crime, be put to death. The image that I had cultivated of you over many of my formative years, was shattered. It was then that I experienced the first of what would become a tragic many, ‘There but for the grace of God’, moment of clarity. That disappointment had a profound affect on me in ways that remain difficult to explain. By the time of your 2009-2011 unprovoked, throughly misguided ‘Birther’ crusade which ended in glorious failure, I had already put to rest the idea of the Donald Trump I grew up with, ever coming back. Therefore, I was not surprised by your mean-spirited effort to discredit this nations beloved first African-American President Barack Obama. I forced myself to accept the figurative death of the former Prince of New York City. Truth be told, in the recent post-election days and weeks, I’ve become one of your harshest critics Mr. Trump. This is in large part due to the fact that I no longer admire, recognize, or agree with this current incarnation of your character. In far too many ways, our world views seem diametrically opposed. I felt it appropriate and certainly important to provide you with this personal contextual framework prior to my foray into the heart of this letter.
On the Clock…
Today is about being brave. As of this mornings swearing-in ceremony Mr. Trump, It’s now official. You and your administration are officially on the clock. As such, I’ve deputized myself the awesome responsibility of attempting to properly articulate the pensive thoughts and anxious feelings of untold millions of kindred souls and fellow citizens of these United States of America. We are concerned citizens, newly imbued with troubling, certainly unfamiliar political angst. The author of this letter is a humble, but seriously sober American voice echoing over a continental expanse that cradles 320 million souls. Our existence, and participation in this Constitutional Democracy is something that we give serious consideration. We understand that each of us has a civic responsibility that directly influences the health and prosperity of humanity’s greatest sociopolitical experiment, the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America. We are primarily rational, intelligent adults, who are well beyond simply taking our ball and going home. I would venture to say that It would’ve been intellectual dishonest of you , even as you celebrated your victory, to simply disregard the fact that it came tempered with the sobriety of unprecedented civic dissent. The massive protest scheduled for tomorrow in Washington D.C., as well as in cities across this nation is a proof positive assertion of this reality. The fact of the matter is that the responsibility for the amount and profundity of our concerns fall squarely on your shoulders, and your shoulders alone, Mr. Trump. Checks that were cut by your own rhetoric. There is no ‘spin zone’ when it comes to your responsibility to the Constitutionally bound government in service of the citizens of the United States of America.
Our Free and Independent Press…
For time and memorial the office of POTUS has been endowed with core inheritances, among them are notions of respect for the office, personal and political courtesy, and an implied expectation of good will governance in keeping with American ideals. Baked into this is the manifested treasure of our 1st amendment rights, the unabridged exercise of free speech. The persistent insistence for transparency and accountability is the constitutionally protected foundation of our independent press. In many ways it serves the American people as a de-facto enforcement mechanism. Our free press is the crown jewel of our Democracy, our free speech, the envy of the modern world. Frankly Mr. Trump, time and again you have displayed a predilection towards undermining the credibility of the media in general, and the press specifically, through a campaign of spiteful castigation. Many of us view this as a brazen attempt to weaken an indispensable load bearing pillar of our republic. A violation of the spirit of the 1st Amendment, and a potential malignancy that threatens the structural integrity of our Democracy. To be clear, the core tenet of the ‘4th Estate’ is speaking truth to power. The function of our free press is to serve the citizens of our Democracy. We are concerned that your relationship with the media will be contingent on the degree of sycophantic admiration you feel entitled to receive. With all due respect, your continued remarks about ‘treatment’ by the media is nonsensical. The relationship between the press and persons inhabiting the corridors of power is pointedly adversarial, by intelligent design. As such it should come as no surprise that our intention is to hold your administration accountable to the fullest extent of its constitutional responsibilities.
National Anxiety…
Let’s get down to brass tacks, Mr. Trump. Frankly, your ascension (albeit unlikely) to the Presidency, has manifested a storm cloud of grave concern, and dissent that hangs ominously above the majority of American citizens who did not support your candidacy. In some cases citizens are suffering anxiety so severe, it is virtually indistinguishable from pure terror. For all of the supporters in your camp Mr. Trump, the reality is that there are many more Americans who object to the very notion of your Presidency. Americans numbering in the tens of millions have serious objections to your stated agenda. The sheer scope, range, and imagined moral dilemma of these objections are unprecedented in modern political history. I must tell you that the reality of your election Mr. Trump, has left untold millions of Americans with visceral, physical pain in its wake. This individual pain is in addition to the thousands of families now fractured, along with millions of strained personal relationships. I honestly wish I could apply responsibility for this other than directly at your feet Mr. Trump, but I cannot. It seems clear that support for your candidacy carried with it an unforeseen emotional gravity that superseded mere politics. The streets of our nation are littered with the spoiled fruits of dissension. Perhaps due to the moral implications of the tacit (at best) acceptance of intolerance, that support for your candidacy represented.
A Keystone Cabinet…
Those of us who held out hope that you might pivot back to center and perhaps soften some of the alarmingly sharp edges that defined your candidacy post victory, have thus far been terribly disappointed. In many cases your choice of nominee(s) have been puzzling at best, and at worst gives rise to the reasonable notion of political violence being committed against the agencies they have been tapped to lead. A highly decorated Pediatric Neurosurgeon nominated to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The issues with the nomination of the ideologically absent-minded former Governor of Texas, speak for themselves. We find the nomination of the distinguished former CEO of Exxon/Mobil, dubious at best. In large part because Exxon/Mobil is quite famous for conducting its own foreign policy, often in direct contradiction to policies clearly stated by the United States. We wonder why this person was nominated to represent the best diplomatic interests of the our nation. We wonder if it is wise to have the face of Exxon/Mobil be indistinguishable from that of United States diplomacy on the international stage. We also notice that these kinds of issues are a consistent theme throughout your illumines roster of nominees, Mr. Trump. In addition, we wonder how much reasonable thought went into the virtual immediate hiring of Steve Bannon as Chief White House Strategist. In particular what message that sends to Jewish Americans, and the entire spectrum of American citizens of color? Exactly how is that is supposed to make these Americans feel, sir?
Climate Change is Real. Plaintiffs and Defendants are Mutually Exclusive.
It remains unclear if your nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, is a cynical attempt at political irony. Discerning Americans are left to consider which dubious irony is worse: The fact that Mr. Pruitt is an outspoken climate change denier, the fact that he is (allegedly) a shill for billionaire oil profiteers, Charles and David Koch, or the fact that over the years he has sued the EPA on numerous occasions, including a lawsuit that is currently pending. I repeat, Mr. Pruitt is currently involved in a lawsuit against the agency you have nominated him to lead. Any idea as to who we should see about this outrage?
Speaking of Climate Change, I would be remiss if I didn’t attempt to remind you of the very real, very clear, and very present danger(s) associated with Climate Change. In other words, the future of humanities continued successful existence on planet earth. Science is science, Mr. Trump. The only injustice greater than our callous environmental mistreatment of the only planet suitable for intelligent life in the known universe, is the partisan politicization of Climate Change. Science is science. Sea level rise is not a partisan issue. It’s an issue of impending human cataclysm. It’s the great city of Miami, Florida on course to suffering the same fate as the disappearing island Republic of Maldives. We understand that the truth about Climate Science contains a baked in ‘inconvenience’ for multi-national energy conglomerates. We get it. However, responsibility for dealing with this ‘inconvenience’ is non-negotiable. The reality of this issue is nonpartisan. Denying the existence of the problem in the first place, is nonsensical. Enacting policies that threaten future efforts and/or dismantle existing efforts to combat Climate Change will be seen as the height of political arrogance, and the crudest form of fact denying ignorance. The history of humanity may very well be dated. Be aware that history will forever reflect the unforgivable hubris, and abject failure of the Trump administration to acknowledge this verifiable scientific truth. There is no reason compelling enough to dismiss out of hand, the virtual unanimous consensus of the highly concerned, very committed scientific community the world over.
Making America Great Again…Includes Climate Change.
Frankly, and with all due respect Mr. Trump, the notion of ‘Making America Great Again’ borders on the absurd if the issue of Climate Change isn’t a significant part of the agenda. We understand that in business ‘inconvenient’ usually translates and/or correlates to perceived financial hardship/loss. However, we would argue that the truth of climate science is the next frontier opportunity for increased American innovation. The result of which will almost certainly be the ascension of a new, certainly necessary, energy paradigm. A paradigm that ‘big energy’ can capitalize upon by using their immense capital reserves to dominate (i.e.. Lead) this innovation. Just as the eco-champions of our environment do not begrudge Exxon/Mobil and the other major energy players for their unprecedented financial dominance in energy, we will encourage, even champion Exxon/Mobil et all. for their innovation in the realm of renewable and/or alternate energy. Climate Change is an issue that requires the cooperation of our best, brightest, and most resourceful. The bottom line is that 100% cooperation is needed for our continued thriving, mutual existence on planet earth. The only planet suitable for human life in the known universe. This is critically important for the current, and future welfare of humanity, full stop. Mr. Trump, we are confident that you are intelligent enough to understand the true, and not imagined, critical level of the stakes here.
Women Deserve Your Respect.
Historically speaking the truest barometer in judging the health, strength, and future prosperity of any great nation is the health and prosperity of its women. Women deserve reverence and respect the world over, however the treatment of women in America should set a lofty, repeatable example for the rest of the free democratic world. It would be dishonest of us to disregard your well documented history of (for lack of a better word) antagonism of many women throughout your public and private life, Mr. Trump. With all due respect Mr. Trump, your stated ‘love’ for women stands in stark contrast to many of your actions over the past four decades. You must understand that your relationship with women is the primary catalyst for the mass protests organized by, and specifically for women scheduled in cities across this nation (Including Washington, D.C.) tomorrow (Saturday, January 21st 2017). Your (ugly) reputation with regards to women that has been formed over multiple decades by your own well documented, often discussed sordid history. This is a reputation that you have earned with a combination of your alleged, and documented behavior. This reputation has had staying power mostly because of your stubborn insistence of refusing to properly acknowledge this behavior, and worse still, your counterintuitive refusal to apologize for any of it. Personally, I find it to be among the very worst character flaws that a human being can possess. Assuming that the blood of decency runs through your veins, this issue must bother you to some degree, in your most private of moments. The good news is that you are in position to vastly improve your reputation with women moving forward. The bad news is that you are in a position to make matters even worse. It is our hope that you will realize the error of your ways and tangibly, proactively work towards an evolved position. We believe that begins with an acknowledgment of personal shortcomings, a policy agenda that reflects a women’s right to reproductive self-determination. Progressive policies that illustrate a universal respect for women.
American Healthcare.
It seems obvious that the Affordable Care Act is on ‘Death Row’ by order of the Republican Party. Although, many millions of Americans are now benefitting from it in its current form, it clearly needed improvements. We are not sure why it has been demonized to a point just south of paranoid delusion. Nevertheless, the intention behind the ACA, as well as the successful eradication of the previous system, will always be morally correct. Healthcare is a basic human right. There are tens of thousands of success stories attached to the ACA, and as often in the case of healthcare success, this is defined in terms of human lives saved. Therefore, if for no other reason, the original ACA is on solid moral ground. As of this day Mr. Trump, the heavy, complicated ball in the game of accomplishing ‘Affordable Healthcare’ for all American citizens, belongs to you and the Republican party. We hope that you can create this reality in fantastic fashion, in fact the GOP fierce push to repeal, and overall opposition to the ACA (at times bordered on cartoonish zeal), dictates an immediate, fantastic solution. There are millions of lives hanging in the balance. Especially if this repeal doesn’t have an immediate and comprehensive replace. Many of us don’t believe that the GOP actually has a replace. Then again, that would make their opposition morally indefensible, wouldn’t it? This cannot be stressed enough Mr. Trump. Successful repeal and replace is the only politically solvent solution. Anything less than that outcome, and the political hot potato will never be warm enough for the GOP to hold.
3 Reasonable Requests.
There are many policy issues with which we have severe disagreement Mr. Trump, however we would like to respectfully ask that you give serious consideration to granting us the following requests. To be clear, these requests are thoughtfully considered in the hopes that you do more than humor us with their consideration. It is our hope that you attempt in earnest to understand the gravity of thought that compelled these requests. Mr. Trump, with all due respect, we ask that you…
I. That you please refrain from enacting radical domestic policies. Especially those proposals that threaten to fray the fabric of our Democracy. Our immigration system is a problem in need of a serious legislative solution. An achievement consistent with American ideals. We do not believe that the construction of a ‘wall’ is in aid of that solution. Border walls are simply a relic of ‘Cold War’ antagonism, and largely represent human oppression. If you build that wall Mr. Trump, please understand that one day it will be taken down, likely as a symbol of oppression, and forever inseparable from the Trump moniker that you hold in such lofty admiration. It will be a legacy killer, sir.
II. We are a nation based in no small part on the idea of Religious Freedom. The notion of banning and/or registering innocent members of an entire religion is not only morally abhorrent, but antithetical to American ideals. Religious freedom is among the primary reasons for the existence of America, and a constitutionally protected right. It is a bedrock foundational part of America, but not part of our political discourse, for good reason and by intelligent design. Please keep that in mind. Immigration is a long-standing tradition in this country, and has been indispensable in our legendary growth. Illegal immigration is a malignancy that has grown as a result of ineffective legislation, a problem whose primary causes and roots are deeper than the foundation of any border wall.
III. Lastly, we would also respectfully request that you please refrain from adopting a belligerent foreign policy stance that would threaten the fifty year (running) peace that exists among leading nations of good will across the globe. Specifically, please resist the defeatist impulse to return the United States to a ‘Cold War’ political footing. Millennial’s notwithstanding, we’ve been there and lived through that. It wasn’t a safe footing then, and would certainly be an exceedingly precarious footing now. This is almost besides the fact that it simply isn’t necessary. We ask this of you sir, simply because the United States of America must not shrink from the responsibility of our international stewardship. We ask this of you because an overwhelming majority of Americans have zero interest in adding the impending threat of nuclear annihilation to our collective plates. We ask this of you because the reality is that the next militarily executed nuclear attack is humanities last. The hourglass will be officially turned over and the countdown will be commenced. No matter where in the world, the fallout will negatively affect every soul on earth…Irreparably. In other words there will be no world left to enjoy the fruits of your wealth, sir. We would also respectfully ask that you please refrain from engaging in behavior considered beneath the office that you now hold. We would encourage you to fully embrace the responsibility of the office of President, while at the same time understanding that what you say, how you say it, and whom you say it to…holds the potential for untold, unintended consequence(s). This is no minor detail, it’s a construct so vast that it houses equal amounts tremendous human virtue, and political tyranny.
I have no problem granting you the acknowledgment of your unique talents. I imagine that this ascendancy to political power must be an incredible feeling for you. However, the fact of the matter is that your electoral college victory was largely unexpected, insofar as many millions of Americans, myself included, were lulled asleep behind the wheel, a symptom of being less than inspired by their choices, all the while continuing to operate under the assumption, perhaps naively, that America was too decent a nation to ever elect a stubbornly unapologetic, verbally abusive, socially divisive, belligerent personality, to the world’s most significant political office. It gives me no great pleasure in pointing out the unattractiveness of your aforementioned character flaws. Unfortunately, your public speech and behavior has provided a readily accessible plethora of evidentiary substantiation. There is also the issue of your potential conflicts of interest, as well as your refusal to release your tax returns. It is not difficult for even the casual cynic to imagine the worst case scenario in this regard. By worst case scenario, we are specifically referring to the reality that your tax records may reveal an untenable conflict of interest.
With that being said, what matters now, the prevailing essence of what matters now, is your personal, dedicated committment to the prosperity of these United States of America. The realization of this goal will depend on the successful navigation, and progressive accomplishment of effective leadership. Regardless of my personal feelings, this is your time to contribute to the hallowed journals of American history Mr. Trump. You are holding the pen that will write the history of not only your personal legacy, but the history of these United States.We urge you to take extreme care that your administration refrains from irreparably damaging the delicately sewn fabric of our Constitutional Republic. Please respect our Constitution Mr. Trump. I cannot stress this point enough. The United States Constitution is the shining, preeminent example of prosperous freedom. Our Constitution is the greatest political document in the history of mankind. Written by men of extreme intelligence and vision. Men ethically guided, and ultimately progressively moved by the beautiful music of freedom that exists inside the souls of humanities free men and women. It’s due to the efforts of these men, the Constitution they created, and the citizens who participate in its application, that America has been the “Home of the Free” for nearly 250 years. In the meantime, I will call on the voice in the back of my mind that keeps trying to remind me that ‘Donald Trump is a New Yorker’. He won’t destroy America, because no sane New Yorker ever would.
On Behalf of all the American citizens who these words ring true, I thank you for taking the time to consider the content of this letter.
Ralphael Prepetit
Senior Editor / The Idiots Guides

Ralphael Prepetit

Saturday Jan 14th 2017  
Hmmm: When Department of Housing and Urban Development Nominee Dr. Ben Carson, was asked by Senator Elizabeth Warren to assure the American people that none of the (HUD) approximately $59 Billion budget would go towards enriching the Trump family business, in any way…he could not, would not give her/us that assurance. Instead dancing around the issue with hypotheticals. I wonder why Trump would hire a doctor to do a real estate job? Anyone? Then again this is apparently in keeping with a majority of Trump supporters in the electoral college system. Those voters who, in their infinite wisdom, decided to hire a plumber after being unhappy with their doctor…
Ralphael Prepetit
Saturday Jan 14th 2017 
In all honesty, I am not very familiar with this latest artist (Singer Jennifer Holliday). However, she now joins a growing list of artists, entertainers, especially musicians that have cited moral grounds and protest as cause for refusal to perform at next weeks Presidential inauguration. This marks basically, a 180 degree difference in tone from President Obama’s memorable, certainly historic, star studded inauguration on January 20th of 2009. The list of entertainment luminaries who have flat out declined their invites, and refused to perform at the commencement of the Trump Presidency includes, but is not limited to the likes of: Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Garth Brooks, Kiss, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, and more. In my approaching three decades of political observing, I sincerely can’t recall an incoming President who has heightened anxiety among our citizenry to this degree, combined with such low approval numbers (37%) at the starting gate.

Ralphael Prepetit
Friday Jan 13th at 12:59am 
This man is the Director of the Office of U.S. Ethics. How serious is Mr. Trump’s refusal to divest himself of his personal business interests in a true and realistic fashion before he officially becomes President? Give this a listen. How important is the public release of Mr. Trump’s tax records? Until and unless he does so, the American public will never know for sure that Mr. Trump isn’t personally profiting from virtually any business and/or policy set forth by his administration. Think about what that means for a moment. There is a reason that Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has become the wealthiest man on the face of the earth in just 16 years…We can’t have this kind of blurring of the lines in the United States….ever. Keep in mind that ANY government service requires sacrifice in one form or another. Mr. Trump (now in his mid 70’s) has never once served this nation in ANY capacity. No Military, No Congress, No Senate, No Mayor, No City Council, Nothing. Ever. Now he gets the top job in America and he is refusing to sacrifice anything…as usual. It’s not right. It’s a recipe for corruption the likes America has never seen before…


Ralphael Prepetit
Friday Jan 13th at 12:06am ·
So Let’s Review #7: Mr. Trump consistently used the major attack point of “Wall Street Insider” against Hillary Clinton all throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign, the inference being that she was too “buddy, buddy” with Wall Street and that fact by extension was covertly sinister, and ultimately bad for American government. Duly noted. If I can point your attention to the following list of Trump cabinet appointees and their business associations/experience: Senior White House Strategist – Steve Bannon (Goldman Sachs), Treasury Secretary – Steve Mnuchin (Goldman Sachs), Economic Council – Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs), Head of SEC – Jay Clayton (Goldman Sachs), White House Advisor – Dina Powell (Goldman Sachs)….I’m sorry, exactly what swamp was Mr. Trump talking about draining? Currently there are more Billionaires in and around the Trump administration than at any time, and with any administration in the history of this nation. This wouldn’t be terrible if it wasn’t for the fact that many observers, myself included, believe that many Wall Street players (especially Goldman Sachs) should have been prosecuted for their (criminal) behavior (unethical transactions) that helped facilitate the economic crash of 2008. Not only did we bail them (Wall Street) out, a large majority of these people walked away unscathed, and unpunished. Now, they get rewarded with serious cabinet positions. It’s rather infuriating…In other news, keep in mind that having an American President openly feuding with our Intelligence community, including denying/questioning the very information they risk their lives to obtain, presents a serious national security problem. Our intelligence community are basically America’s eyes and ears in the world…It couldn’t be more important.

Ralphael Prepetit
January 11 at 4:49am ·
A wonderful final speech by the outgoing 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. His talent for inspirational oratory is unmatched in modern political history. The way in which he and his entire family conducted themselves as tenants of the White House with class, dignity, compassion, and kindness represents the very best of American ideals. His resilience in the face of not only unprecedented political obstructionism, but paper thin veiled racism, even as President, is nothing short of remarkable. Never forget that the office of American President demands exceptionalism as a core foundation. President Obama was not perfect, he like every President before him, has suffered the pain of loss, and disappointment. When he took office some eight years ago on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, the United States economy was in virtual free fall (and the world with it). We survived that crisis, by following his lead, and moving past the self defeating cynicism of the opposition. If the GOP had it’s way there would only be a Ford Musuem in Detroit today, and not the thriving car producing factories that exist. Policy disagreements aside, I would have to assert that any American of good conscious and moral understanding would have to admit that President Obama was a man who represented America in all the best ways possible. Regardless of the negativity, obstructionism, political knife fighting, and worse, it will alway be true that President Obama tried his absolute best to make the lives of ALL Americans better. It was not wrong then, as now, to fight to achieve the herculean lift of health coverage for every citizen of the wealthiest nation in the history of mankind.
It is only wrong if we stop trying. If we stop caring. The Affordable Care Act, like many things in life, is not perfect in application and needs adjustments for sure, however it is perfectly correct in moral intent. I can assure you that the 20 (+) million Americans who have healthcare coverage for the first time in their lives do not expect our leaders to return them to pre ACA living. It’s morally indefensible, and frankly, cruel. Modern America has it’s philosophical roots in FDR’s ‘New Deal’, and it’s worth defending, every time, all the time. President Obama’s work on the very real, critically important issue of climate change was done for all the right reasons namely, the future health, environmental prosperity, and ultimately, the future survival of humanity on this planet. Attempts to discredit, or dismiss this responsibility is, again, morally indefensible…and absurdly, bordering on comically, ignorant.
I do wish that President Obama would have been more forceful, and vociferous in touting his administrations successes as they were happening. He chose the route of understated humility, while the opposition was resolute in trying to drive him, and ultimately this great country off the road. Their ‘work’ became not working at all. Sometimes, you have to hit back….hard. However, that was never Obama’s style. We find ourselves positioned at a sad, bordering on tragic irony that for all of Obama’s political prosperity, his party, the Democratic Party has failed to keep pace, and is now weakened politically. There are many reasons for this but as Obama so eloquently stated in this evenings speech, this is simply another opportunity for American citizens to exercise their right to fight for American ideals. The zealous fight for the preservation of our Democracy. The will to continue the long, sometimes harrowing march towards the perfect union our founding fathers envisioned. Much of the stated agenda of this next administration marks a perfect opportunity for Americans to demand that America behave like Americans. At the end of the day, as has been said, and paraphrased by men much greater than myself “The moral arch of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”
In short, we (Americans) don’t end up positioned at backwards no matter how precarious it might look at the moment.
Personally, I’m going to do as President Obama has asked of us all, and start getting involved with the business of protecting American Democracy. Stand up. Say something. Do something, and if you’re like me, then WRITE something. It’s your right, it’s our right, and responsibility. Full stop.Too many of our brave men, and women have fought and given their lives, the fullest measure of devotion to America, so that as Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg, “The government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” America is by no means perfect, we’ve got some serious issues that need resolving, however, in my estimation, the United States remains the greatest nation on earth, a shining example of a functional constitutional republic the world has ever known. Among the greatest reasons for this is that every citizen is guaranteed electoral participation. We have a free press. Freedom to dissent. Freedom to enact change. Let’s do that, shall we?
Please feel at complete liberty to share this post. Much Love.
Ralphael Prepetit

Ralphael Prepetit
January 11 at 1:03am ·
Currently Taking Bets on how many of the 1,460 Presidential term days Donald Trump will successfully complete before his inevitable impeachment/ resignation, etc…For perspective Richard Nixon lasted 2,005 days (after being re-elected, and before his resignation on August 9th 1974) To be clear, any and all of the coming drama falls on all of our shoulders, but the responsibility for it’s reality falls squarely on those who were willing to overlook the (painfully) obvious…

Ralphael Prepetit
January 5 at 2:41pm ·
The New York Times
People should see this for what it really is, the first round of a four year fight to save our Democratic Republic from the same kind of corruption that exists in countries like Italy. This was essentially a brazen attempt to make corruption of the Federal Government unenforceable. In other words, a license to steal. Luckily, enough people who matter saw it for what it really was. But the question is… Why try this even before innaurgation? This man has a serious potential to make a mockery of American Democracy for the world to see… Awesome.

Aaron Heier
December 26, 2016 at 10:35am ·
I listened as you called my President a Muslim.
I listened as you called him and his family a pack of monkeys.
I listened as you said he wasn’t born here.
I watched as you blocked every single path to progress that you could.
I saw the pictures you made of him as Hitler.
I watched you shut down the government and hurt the entire nation, twice.
I watched you turn your backs on every opportunity to open a worthwhile dialog.
I watched you say that you would not even listen to any choice for Supreme Court no matter who the nominee was.
I listened as you openly said that you will oppose him at every turn.
I watched as you did just that.
I listened.
I watched.
I paid attention.
Now, I’m being called on to be tolerant.
To move forward.
To denounce protesters.
To “Get over it.”
To accept this…
I will not.
I will do my part to make sure, this great American mistake, becomes the embarrassing footnote of our history that it deserves to be.
I will do this as quickly as possible, every chance I get.
I will do my part to limit the damage that this man can do to my country.
I will watch his every move and point out every single mistake and misdeed in a loud and proud voice.
I will let you know in a loud voice every time this man backs away from a promise he made to you.
The people who voted for him. Yes you, the ones who sold their souls and prayed for him to win.
I will do this so that you never forget.
And you will hear me.
You will see it in my eyes when I look at you.
You will hear it in my voice when I talk to you.
You will know that I know who you are.
You will know that I know what you are.
Do not call for my tolerance. I’ve tolerated all I can.
Now it’s your turn to tolerate the ridicule.
Be aware, make no mistake about it, every single thing that goes wrong in our country from this day forward is now Trump’s fault just as much as you thought it was Obama’s.
I find it unreasonable for you to expect from me, what you were entirely unwilling to give.

Ralphael Prepetit

Wednesday December 21, 2016 

Alert: President-elect Donald Trump had his 1st press conference since last summer, July 27th. He took exactly two (2) questions. Press conference lasted exactly 74 seconds. Sweet.

Ralphael Prepetit
Wednesday December 21, 2016  
Political Thought of the Day: Upon some serious reflection, I completely understand the strong mood in America for ‘Change’. However, I think it’s important to understand the distinction between ‘Change’ and undermining the greatest political document in the history of modern civilization, our Constitution. These checks and balances rules exist for a very specific reason. The ‘Emoluments Clause’ specifically addresses the conflict of interest issues that the Trump-elect administration (and immediate family) is poised to violate in a myriad of ways. Policy disagreements aside, I think that we can all agree that the Sovereignty of our country is absolutely paramount, and greater than any one politician and/or President. Governing a nation with the international gravitas of America is extraordinary serious business, that requires skillful diplomacy, thoughtful actions, and careful speech. Mr. Trump’s insistence on using ‘Twitter’ to announce and/or proclaim America’s stance on foreign policy issues, is dangerous on an unprecedented scale. Words have consequences. For example his ‘Tweet’ about Muslim extremists killing Christians (specifically) all around the globe is incendiary, and like so many of Mr. Trump’s statements, only 1/2 true, when put to scrutiny (Non-Christians are victimized in far greater numbers than Christians). ISIS is a terrorist organization, whose actions DO NOT reflect the hundreds of millions of peaceful, and lawful Muslims worldwide. Mr. Trump should be careful to not frame the fight against ISIS, et all, into a Christian versus Muslim world war. He of course had to walk back, and clarify that ‘Tweet’ this afternoon, using ‘Humanity’ instead of ‘Christians’. This is a prime example of reckless speech, via Twitter…In other news, there was a peace summit today with Russia, Turkey, and Iran. The United States…was not invited

Ralphael Prepetit
December 20, 2016  1:36pm 
Question (Open) of the Day: If President – elect Donald Trump is personally in Debt to China to the tune of X-Hundreds of millions, exactly in who’s interest will United States policy on China be motivated? Is an attack on a hotel with ‘Trump’ in big letters, let’s say in Taiwan, an act of war against America?

Ralphael Prepetit
December 16, 2016  3:38pm 
Not So Random Fact of the Day : The Annual Salary of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin is 8.2 million Rubles or $136,000 (USD). Currently his net worth is estimated to be $85 Billion, making him the wealthiest man on planet earth. For context, Bill Gates is worth $75 billion. Any ideas on how Putin became so wealthy since the year 2000 when he became President?

Ralphael Prepetit

December 16, 2016   12:56am 
Beware: The Trump Mafia…is Coming.


Former Chief Executive Officer of ExxonMobil, and current nominee for the post of U.S. Secretary of State,  Rex W. Tillerson. Known for an attitude of defiance with regards to U.S. foreign policy, especially if it conflicted with earnings for ExxonMobil. 


General Michael T. Flynn. Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and current nominee for the post of U.S. Secretary of Defense. General Flynn is well known for trafficking in conspiracy theories, in particular the wacked out theory that Hillary Clinton was running a child prostitution ring out of a pizza shop in Washington, D.C….True Story. 

Stephen Bannon, Senior Advisor to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump walks from Trump's plane upon their arrival in Indianapolis

Stephen Bannon, named Senior Advisor to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, Bannon is the former executive chairman and editor of Breitbart News, a white nationalist website that traffics in bigoted content. Bannon is also a well known for  his anti-semitic leanings. 

Ralphael Prepetit

December 14, 2016   2:17pm 
As the controversy surrounding the United States, and it’s relationship to Russia increases in the upcoming weeks, I think it’s important that people keep in mind that Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin is basically a Gangster, straight up.This is not only suggested but confirmed by his Modus Operandi of aggression, manipulation, political interference…and worse, much worse. Google has specific detail, If interested, but keep that in mind.

Ralphael Prepetit
December 14, 2016  1:19am
So Let’s Review #3: I was honestly hoping that I wouldn’t end up having to be this active and comment with this kind of frequency, but I guess it is what it is, because there is no way that I am going to sit back and say nothing. I am going to exercise my right to Free Speech and Dissent. Can I interest you in former Texas Governor, and more recently, failed Presidential Candidate Rick Perry? Mr. Perry is most famous for getting carried away with conservative zeal during a political debate regarding the shrinking of the federal government by closing regulatory agencies. He was so enthusiastic about this notion that he forgot some of the agency names, specifically the Department of Energy. His position makes sense because A. In the nuclear age who needs energy regulation? B. Oil companies always behave in the most honorable ways, and C. America should just trust Exxon/Mobile to always do the right thing…for the Environment. Anyway I digress, Mr. Perry was so eager to close the Department of Energy, he forgot it’s name. This of course makes today’s news that President elect Donald Trump has nominated Mr. Perry as the head of the Department of Energy nothing if not ‘Keystone Coppish’. I wonder if this kind of political irony exists in the rest of the big D-democratic world? Or are we just showing our ass? It should also be noted that Donald Trump called Gov. Rick Perry “Stupid” during the 2016 Republican Primary…Mr. Trump literally called him ‘Stupid’, and then turns around and nominates him to run a MAJOR American Political Agency…the very agency he once vowed to abolish. This would have a fighting chance at being funny if it weren’t so outrageous. This is yet another (I’ll be diplomatic and say) “strange” nomination that has now become part of an extended trend towards political absurdity. This also extends President elect Trump’s streak of consecutive alarming nominations. Currently he’s batting 1000%. What will become of our admittedly complicated, but nevertheless beloved United States of America, once ‘Spring Training’ ends a few weeks into the first month of the new year, 2017? I suppose only time will tell, and I am making it my business to consistently report on it…Daily, if need be.

Ralphael Prepetit
December 13, 2016  1:53am 
So Let’s Review (Again): With news of tonight’s announcement from President-elect Donald Trump of his choice for Secretary of State, one Mr. Rex Tillerson, who happens to be the CEO of Exxon/Mobil (No possibility of conflict of interest at all). We will now potentially have a President with zero political and diplomatic experience (Donald J. Trump), a National Security Advisor with zero political and diplomatic experience (Michael Flynn), and a Secretary of State (Tillerson) with…you guessed it, zero political and diplomatic experience. What could possibly go wrong when things eventually do go wrong in the international community and they (as always) look to us? Anyone have any experience, anyone at all? It should also be noted that Mr. Tillerson is a favorite American son…of Russia. He was awarded the most prestigious civilian award that Russia has to offer. My question is simple, yet terrifying…Who exactly in the up-coming White House Administration will actually know what they are talking about, and specifically what to actually do? I think it’s important to understand the distinction between international ‘Business’ experience and international ‘Diplomacy’ experience. The bottom line is that there is a very BIG difference…Trust me I would rather not have to keep bringing these issues up, but they are very important, regardless of who the President happens to be.

Ralphael Prepetit
December 12, 2016  12:27pm 
Since the tragedy of 9/11 there has been an increased seriousness with regard to the President’s morning National Security briefing. It couldn’t be more important. Knowing and understanding the threats to this country on a Daily Basis is a major responsibility of the Commander in Chief, Full Stop. President elect Donald Trump hasn’t been attending these morning meetings, sending instead the Vice President elect. Then doubles down on this behavior by saying he doesn’t need to go to these meetings to ‘Hear the same stuff everyday’. This is a serious breech of protocol to say the very least (not surprising). There are upwards of 300 million citizens of these United States who are trusting the President to keep us safe. How safe do you feel now that Mr. Trump can’t be bothered to attend his national security meetings? Frankly, Mr. Trump seems to be enjoying the wedding party, but not very interested in the actual marriage. #ElectionsHaveConsequences

Ralphael Prepetit
December 8, 2016  12:31am  
So Let’s Review: President elect Donald Trump has nominated Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not a problem unless you consider the fact that Mr. Pruitt is a Climate Change Denier, as well as the fact that he is currently suing the Environmental Protection Agency in federal court. Seriously? A man who has spent his career fighting against any and all environmental regulations while performing as a lap dog for Big Oil, is now going to be in charge of making sure that the air we breathe and the water we drink isn’t contaminated with mercury and God knows what other deadly fossil fuel pollutants…Sweet.

Ralphael Prepetit
December 2, 2016  4:21pm 
Social Media : High on inflammatory rhetoric. Low on truth. 130 characters is not a proper forum for Presidential communication.
Ralphael Prepetit
November 18, 2016  
Citizens of the United States are about to embark on a 4 year (minimum) journey that will test our collective levels of endurance. The fight to preserve much of the social and political progress achieved over the past 50 years that has come to define American exceptionalism, is about to begin in earnest. It would seem that freedom is in fact anything but free. This is one of those moments in time that will either reaffirm the excellence of American ideals, or serve as the opening volley of it’s gradual deconstruction, one sociopolitical injustice after the next. I wish us all the very best of luck. We are definitely going to need it. #WhatHaveWeDone?
Ralphael Prepetit
November 14 2016 
Raise your hand if you’re proud to be a citizen of a right wing government with ties to the white nationalist movement.