Idiots Guide: An Open Letter to the 45th President of the United States of America : Donald J. Trump

Friday January 20th 2017 

Dear President Donald J. Trump – 
You don’t know me sir. We’ve never had the good fortune of meeting. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to write you personally Mr. Trump, because I feel like I know you. Specifically  the late 30’s – early 40’s prime of life incarnation of your character. The Donald Trump who defined high-profile living throughout his halcyon days as the de-facto Prince of New York City. You see I came of age in New York City during the late 1980’s and into the mid-1990’s. During those years I read the New York Post daily, in retrospect, I’m now reminded that I never adequately thanked my father for providing that benefit. My memories are clear in remembering when I considered Page 6 to be underwhelming, even boring when it failed to feature either fantastical stories related to Gambino Boss John Gotti, or any mention of Donald Trump’s undercover playboy baby mama drama. The fact of the matter is that for a long time in my life I actually considered you to be a super cool playboy millionaire. I wasn’t alone, for a time almost every native New York adolescent male aspired to be Donald Trump. We were children enamored with the unapologetic commercialism of the 1980’s, too young to fully appreciate the negative moral implications of your extramarital dalliances and infidelities. It wasn’t until later on in my life after college, that I began to notice the radical change your personality had undertaken in the intervening years. It started with your unsolicited, terribly biased advocacy for the death penalty for the wrongly accused, DNA exonerated group of African-American young men, the so-called ‘Central Park 5’. More damning still, you personally spent $90,000 on a public relations campaign to have these young black men, not at all responsible for the crime, be put to death. The image that I had cultivated of you over many of my formative years, was shattered. It was then that I experienced the first of what would become a  tragic many, ‘There but for the grace of God’, moment of clarity. That disappointment had a profound affect on me in ways that remain difficult to explain. By the time of your 2009-2011 unprovoked, throughly misguided ‘Birther’ crusade which ended in glorious failure, I had already put to rest the idea of the Donald Trump I grew up with, ever coming back. Therefore, I was not surprised by your mean-spirited effort to discredit this nations beloved first African-American President Barack Obama. I forced myself to accept the figurative death of the former Prince of New York City.  Truth be told, in the recent post-election days and weeks,  I’ve become one of your harshest critics Mr. Trump. This is in large part due to the fact that I no longer admire, recognize, or agree with this current incarnation of your character. In far too many ways, our world views seem diametrically opposed. I felt it appropriate and certainly important to provide you with this personal contextual framework prior to my foray into the heart of this letter.  

On the Clock…  

Today is about being brave. As of this mornings swearing-in ceremony Mr. Trump, It’s now official. You and your administration are officially on the clock. As such, I’ve deputized myself the awesome responsibility of attempting to properly articulate the pensive thoughts and anxious feelings of untold millions of kindred souls and fellow citizens of these United States of America. We are concerned citizens, newly imbued with troubling, certainly unfamiliar political angst. The author of this letter is a humble, but seriously sober American voice echoing over a continental expanse that cradles 320 million souls. Our existence, and participation in this Constitutional Democracy is something that we give serious consideration. We understand that each of us has a civic responsibility that directly influences the health and prosperity of humanity’s greatest sociopolitical experiment, the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America. We are primarily rational, intelligent adults, who are well beyond simply taking our ball and going home. I would venture to say that It would’ve been intellectual dishonest of you , even as you celebrated your victory, to simply disregard the fact that it came tempered with the sobriety of unprecedented civic dissent. The massive protest scheduled for tomorrow in Washington D.C., as well as in cities across this nation is a proof positive assertion of this reality. The fact of the matter is that the responsibility for the amount and profundity of our concerns fall squarely on your shoulders, and your shoulders alone, Mr. Trump. Checks that were cut by your own rhetoric. There is no ‘spin zone’ when it comes to your responsibility to the Constitutionally bound government in service of the citizens of the United States of America. 

Our Free and Independent Press…

For time and memorial the office of POTUS has been endowed with core inheritances, among them are notions of respect for the office, personal and political courtesy, and an implied expectation of good will governance in keeping with American ideals. Baked into this is the manifested treasure of our 1st amendment rights, the unabridged exercise of free speech. The persistent insistence for transparency and accountability is the constitutionally protected foundation of our independent press. In many ways it serves the American people as a de-facto enforcement mechanism. Our free press is the crown jewel of our Democracy, our free speech, the envy of the modern world. Frankly Mr. Trump, time and again you have displayed a predilection towards undermining the credibility of the media in general, and the press specifically, through a campaign of spiteful castigation. Many of us view this as a brazen attempt to weaken an indispensable load bearing pillar of our republic. A violation of the spirit of the 1st Amendment, and potential malignancy that threatens the structural integrity of our Democracy. To be clear, the core tenet of the ‘4th Estate’ is speaking truth to power. The function of our free press is to serve the citizens of our Democracy. We are concerned that your relationship with the media will be contingent on the degree of sycophantic admiration you feel entitled to receive. With all due respect, your continued remarks about ‘treatment’ by the media is nonsensical. The relationship between the press and persons inhabiting the corridors of power is pointedly adversarial, by intelligent design. As such it should come as no surprise that our intention is to hold your administration accountable to the fullest extent of its constitutional responsibilities.

National Anxiety…

Let’s get down to brass tacks, Mr. Trump. Frankly, your ascension (albeit unlikely) to the Presidency, has manifested a storm cloud of grave concern, and dissent that hangs ominously above the majority of American citizens who did not support your candidacy. In some cases citizens are suffering anxiety so severe, it is virtually indistinguishable from pure terror. In short Mr. Trump, your election has left untold millions of Americans with visceral emotional pain, now manifested into physical pain in its wake. The fallout of this individual pain comes in addition to the thousands of newly fractured family bonds, in tandem with millions of strained personal relationships. The support for your stated agenda, and dystopian world view existing as the 3rd rail of contention. I honestly wish that responsibility for this could be applied anywhere other than directly at your feet Mr. Trump, but realistically it can’t. For all of the hopeful enthusiasm exuded by supporters in your camp Mr. Trump, the reality is that there are many more Americans who reject your promises, and object to the very notion of your Presidency. We are talking about a resistance movement of consciencious Americans numbering in the tens of millions. The sheer scope, range, and imagined moral dilemma of our objections are unprecedented in modern political history. It seems clear that the support and uncommon success of your candidacy carried with it an underlying emotional gravity that superseded mere politics.  In no small part due to the moral implications the tacit (at best) acceptance of intolerance support for your candidacy has come to represent. Come the glorious light of Sunday morning (January 22nd 2017) hundreds of city streets across our nation will be littered with the emotional aftermath of freshly consumed fruits of dissension. 

A Keystone Cabinet…

Those of us who held out hope that you might pivot back to center and perhaps soften some of the alarmingly sharp edges that defined your candidacy post victory, have thus far been terribly disappointed. In many cases your choice of nominee(s) have been puzzling at best, and at worst gives rise to the reasonable notion of political violence being committed against the agencies they have been tapped to lead. A highly decorated Pediatric Neurosurgeon nominated to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development as wel as the issues with the nomination of the ideologically absent-minded former Governor of Texas, speak for themselves. We find the nomination of the distinguished former CEO of Exxon/Mobil, dubious at best. In large part because Exxon/Mobil is quite famous for conducting its own foreign policy, often in direct contradiction to policies clearly stated by the United States. We wonder why this person was nominated to represent the best diplomatic interests of the our nation. We wonder if it is wise to have the face of Exxon/Mobil be indistinguishable from that of good faith United States diplomacy on the international stage. We also notice that these kinds of issues are a consistent theme throughout your illumines roster of nominees, Mr. Trump. In addition, we wonder how much reasonable thought went into the virtual immediate hiring of Steve Bannon as Chief White House Strategist. In particular what message that sends to Jewish-Americans, African-Americans, and the entire spectrum of American citizens of color? Exactly how is that is supposed to make these Americans, myself included, feel sir?

Climate Change is Real. Plaintiffs and Defendants are Mutually Exclusive. 

It remains unclear if your nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, is a cynical attempt at political irony. Discerning Americans are left to consider which dubious irony is worse: The fact that Mr. Pruitt is an outspoken climate change denier, the fact that he is (allegedly) a shill for billionaire oil profiteers Charles and David Koch, or the fact that over the course of his career he has sued the EPA on numerous occasions, including a lawsuit that is currently pending. I repeat, Mr. Pruitt is currently involved in a lawsuit against the agency you have nominated him to lead. Any idea as to who we should see about this outrage? 

Speaking of the Enivironmental Protection Agency and Climate Change, I would be remiss if I didn’t attempt to remind you of the very real, very clear, and very present danger(s) associated with Climate Change. In other words, the future of humanities continued successful existence on planet earth. Science is science, Mr. Trump. The only injustice greater than our callous environmental  mistreatment of the only planet suitable for intelligent life in the known universe, is the  partisan politicization of Climate Change. Science is science. Sea level rise is not a partisan issue. The environmental reality of this issue is nonpartisan. It’s an issue of impending human cataclysm. It’s the future of the great American city of Miami, Florida, and coastal cities the world over, being on course to suffer the same fate as the disappearing island Republic of Maldives. We understand that the truth about Climate Science contains a baked in ‘inconvenience’ for multi-national energy conglomerates. We get it. However, responsibility for dealing with this ‘inconvenience’ is non-negotiable. Denying the existence of the problem in the first place, is negligent and nonsensical. Enacting policies that threaten future efforts and/or aim to dismantle existing efforts to combat Climate Change will be seen as the height of political arrogance, and the crudest form of fact denying ignorance. The future of humanity may very well be dated. Be aware that history will forever reflect the unforgivable hubris, and abject failure of the Trump administration to acknowledge this verifiable scientific truth. There is no reason ideological or otherwise, compelling enough to dismiss out of hand the virtual unanimous consensus of the worlds’s scienticfic community. These people are highly qualified, highly concerned, very committed, and responsibly outspoken. Can you please make an honest commintment, and apply serious consideration in hearing their voices Mr. Trump?   

Making America Great Again…Includes Climate Change. 

 Frankly, and with all due respect Mr. Trump, the notion of ‘Making America Great Again’ borders on the absurd if the issue of Climate Change isn’t a significant part of the agenda.   We understand that in business ‘inconvenient’ usually translates and/or correlates to perceived financial hardship/loss. However, we would argue that the truth of climate science is the next frontier opportunity for increased American innovation. The result of which will almost certainly be the ascension of a new, certainly necessary, energy paradigm. A paradigm that ‘big energy’ can capitalize upon by using their immense capital reserves to dominate (i.e.. Lead) this innovation. Just as the eco-champions of our environment do not begrudge Exxon/Mobil and the other major energy players for their unprecedented financial dominance in energy, we will encourage, even champion Exxon/Mobil et all. for their innovation in the realm of renewable and/or alternate energy. Climate Change is an issue that requires the cooperation of our best, brightest, and most resourceful. The bottom line is that 100% cooperation is needed for our continued thriving,  mutual existence on planet earth. The only planet suitable for human life in the known universe. This is critically important for the current, and future welfare of humanity, full stop. Mr. Trump, we are confident that you are intelligent enough to understand the true, and not imagined, critical level of the stakes here.        

Women Deserve Your Respect. 

Historically speaking the truest barometer in judging the health, strength, and future  prosperity of any great nation is the health and prosperity of its women. Women deserve reverence and respect the world over, however the treatment and political contribution  of women here in America should set a lofty, easily repeatable example for the rest of the free democratic world. It would be dishonest of us to disregard your well documented history of (for lack of a better word) antagonism of many women throughout your public and private life, Mr. Trump. With all due respect Mr. Trump, your stated ‘love’ for women stands in stark contrast to many of your actions and beligerent speech over the past four decades. You must understand that your relationship with women ranks highly among the primary catalysts for the mass protests organized by, and specifically for women scheduled in cities across this nation (Including Washington, D.C.) tomorrow (Saturday, January 21st 2017). Your (ugly) reputation with regards to women that has been formed over multiple decades by your own well documented, often discussed sordid history. This is a reputation that you have earned with a combination of your alleged, and well documented behavior. This reputation has had staying power mostly because of your stubborn insistence of refusing to properly acknowledge this deplorable behavior, and worse still, your counterintuitive refusal to apologize for any of it. Personally, I find it to be among the very worst character flaws that a human being can possess. Assuming that the blood of decency runs through your veins, this issue must bother you to some degree, in your most private of moments. The good news is that you are in position to vastly improve your reputation with women moving forward. The bad news is that you are in a position to make matters even worse. It is our hope that you will realize the error of your ways and tangibly, proactively work towards an evolved position. We believe that begins with an acknowledgment of personal shortcomings, a policy agenda that reflects a women’s right to reproductive self-determination. Progressive policies that illustrate a universal respect for women.  

American Healthcare. 

It seems obvious that the Affordable Care Act is on ‘Death Row’ by order of the Republican Party. Although, many millions of Americans are now benefitting from it in its current form, it clearly needed improvements. We are not sure why it has been demonized to a point just south of paranoid delusion. Nevertheless, the intention behind the ACA, as well as the successful eradication of the previous system, will always be morally correct. Healthcare is a basic human right. There are tens of thousands of success stories attached to the ACA, and as often in the case of healthcare success,  this is defined in terms of human lives saved. Therefore, if for no other reason, the original ACA is on solid moral ground. As of this day Mr. Trump, the heavy, complicated ball in the game of accomplishing ‘Affordable Healthcare’ for all American citizens, belongs to you and the Republican party. We hope that you can create this reality in fantastic fashion, in fact the GOP fierce push to repeal, and overall opposition to the ACA (at times bordered on cartoonish zeal), dictates an immediate, fantastic solution. There are millions of lives hanging in the balance. Especially if this repeal doesn’t have an immediate and comprehensive replace. Many of us don’t believe that the GOP actually has a replace. Then again, that would make their opposition morally indefensible, wouldn’t it?  This cannot be stressed enough Mr. Trump. Successful repeal and replace is the only  politically solvent solution. Anything less than that outcome, and the political hot potato will never be warm enough for the GOP to hold.

3 Reasonable Requests.  

There are many policy issues with which we have severe disagreement Mr. Trump, however we would like to respectfully ask that you give serious consideration to granting us the following requests. To be clear, these requests are thoughtfully considered in the hopes that you do more than humor us with their consideration. It is our hope that you attempt in earnest to understand the gravity of thought that compelled these requests. Mr. Trump, with all due respect, we ask that you…

I.  That you please refrain from enacting radical domestic policies. Especially those proposals that threaten to fray the fabric of our Democracy. Our immigration system is a problem in need of  a serious legislative solution. An achievement consistent with American ideals. We do not believe that the construction of a ‘wall’ is in aid of that solution. Border walls are simply a relic of ‘Cold War’ antagonism, and largely represent human oppression. If you build that wall Mr. Trump, please understand that one day it will  be taken down, likely as a symbol of oppression, and forever inseparable from the Trump moniker that you hold in such lofty admiration. It will be a legacy killer, sir. 

II.  We are a nation based in no small part on the idea of Religious Freedom. The notion of banning and/or registering innocent members of an entire religion is not only morally abhorrent, but antithetical to American ideals. Religious freedom is among the primary reasons for the existence of America, and a constitutionally protected right. It is a bedrock foundational part of America, but not part of our political discourse, for good reason and  by intelligent design. Please keep that in mind. Immigration is a long-standing tradition in this country, and has been indispensable in our legendary growth. Illegal immigration is a malignancy that has grown as a result of ineffective legislation, a problem whose primary causes and roots are deeper than the foundation of any border wall. 

III.   Lastly, we would also respectfully request that you please refrain from adopting a belligerent foreign policy stance that would threaten the fifty year (running) peace that exists among leading nations of good will across the globe. Specifically, please resist the defeatist impulse to return the United States to a ‘Cold War’ political footing. Millennial’s notwithstanding, we’ve been there and lived through that. It wasn’t a safe footing then, and would certainly be an exceedingly precarious footing now. This is almost besides the fact that it simply isn’t necessary. We ask this of you sir, simply because the United States of America must not shrink from the responsibility of our international stewardship. We ask this of you because an overwhelming majority of Americans have zero interest in adding the impending threat of nuclear annihilation to our collective plates. We ask this of you because the reality is that the next militarily executed nuclear attack is humanities last. The hourglass will be officially turned over and the countdown will be commenced. No matter where in the world, the fallout will negatively affect every soul on earth…Irreparably. In other words there will be no world left to enjoy the fruits of your wealth, sir. We would also respectfully ask that you please refrain from engaging in behavior considered beneath the office that you now hold. We would encourage you to fully embrace the responsibility of the office of President, while at the same time understanding that what you say, how you say it, and whom you say it to…holds the potential for untold, unintended consequence(s). This is no minor detail, it’s a construct so vast that it houses equal amounts tremendous human virtue, and political tyranny. 


I have no problem granting you the acknowledgment of your unique talents. I imagine that this ascendancy to political power must be an incredible feeling for you. However, the fact of the matter is that your electoral college victory was largely unexpected, insofar as many millions of Americans, myself included, were lulled asleep behind the wheel, a symptom of being less than inspired by their choices, all the while continuing to operate under the assumption, perhaps naively, that America was too decent a nation to ever elect a stubbornly unapologetic, verbally abusive, socially divisive, belligerent personality, to the world’s most significant political office. It gives me no great pleasure in pointing out the unattractiveness of your aforementioned character flaws. Unfortunately, your public speech and behavior has provided a readily accessible plethora of evidentiary  substantiation. There is also the issue of your potential conflicts of interest, as well as your refusal to release your tax returns. It is not difficult for even the casual cynic to imagine the worst case scenario in this regard. By worst case scenario, we are specifically referring to the reality that your tax records may reveal an untenable conflict of interest. We also understand that it might be a reason as benign as your reluctance for the world to know the financial reality of exactly how wealthy you are or aren’t.  

With that being said, what matters now, the prevailing essence of what matters now, is your personal, dedicated committment to the prosperity of these United States of America. The realization of this goal will depend on the successful navigation, and progressive accomplishment of effective leadership. Regardless of my personal feelings, this is your time to contribute to the hallowed journals of American history Mr. Trump.  You are holding the pen that will write the history of not only your personal legacy, but the history of these United States.We urge you to take extreme care that your administration refrains from irreparably damaging the delicately sewn fabric of our Constitutional Republic. Please respect our Constitution Mr. Trump. I cannot stress this point enough. The United States Constitution is the shining, preeminent example of prosperous freedom.  Our Constitution is the greatest political document in the history of mankind. Written by men of extreme intelligence and vision. Men ethically guided, and ultimately progressively moved by the beautiful music of freedom that exists inside the souls of humanities free men and women. It’s due to the efforts of these men, the Constitution they created, and the citizens who participate in its application, that America has been the “Home of the Free” for nearly 250 years. In the meantime, I will call on the voice in the back of my mind that keeps trying to remind me that ‘Donald Trump is a New Yorker’.  He won’t destroy America, because no sane New Yorker ever would. 

On Behalf of all the American citizens who these words ring true, I thank you for taking the time to consider the content of this letter. 


Ralphael Prepetit 

Senior Editor  /  


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