Idiots Guide: Editorial Review: President Donald J. Trump’s 1st Congressional Address (Review) February 28th 2017

Nation of Miracles: A Donald Trump Christmas Speech (Review)
It took a moment for my blood pressure to adequately subside in the moments immediately following President Trump’s 1st address to Congress this evening (February 28th 2017) I hadn’t noticed how much it had surged until I started seeing spots. The good news is that I have regained my equilibrium. The bad news is that the contents of tonight’s speech requires a thorough rebuke, at a minimum for it’s nationalistic (ie. Xenophobic) tone in general, and at maximum for it’s astounding lack of specificity, and in some cases, lack of basis in reality. Gun to head, if I had to pick one word to describe this speech it would be…”How?”

In short, Mr. Trump succeeded once again…in giving a campaign speech.
It didn’t take millennia for Mr. Trump to reintroduce the notion of, and intention to, build a “Great, Great wall” in the southwestern desert portion of the United States. Please forgive me as I am compelled to repeat myself in mantra-like fashion…’This wall is the absolute worst idea…of all time’. Moreover, I dare say that almost anyone with a firm grasp on the human condition known as sanity, would agree. However, let’s put aside the absurdity of this wall and the fear based reaction that inspired it for a moment. Let’s talk about cost. Unless I am flirting with the onset of ‘Alzheimer’s’, I do believe that Mr. Trump has stated (on numerous occasions) that he plans a complete overhaul of our tax code(s)? An overhaul that includes (but not limited to) the cutting and/or severe reduction in both the corporate tax rates AND top income tax bracket rates. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean there will be even LESS federal revenue (ie. Money) coming in to the government? Certainly less than in decades and/or years previous, right? If the answer is ‘Yes’, that immediately begs the question, ‘Where exactly is the money to finance this exercise in idiocy coming from?’ Let’s engage in some speculation, shall we? Come on…just play along, this is fun. (it’s really not)

I’d like to venture some educated guesses with you as to the ‘Where’s’ and ‘How’s’ of the potential underwriting (ie. Funding) for this ‘Wall’. Hold on though, before we do that let’s agree to the notion that the estimated cost of this impending American monstrosity will weigh in at an estimated $10-$20 Billion dollars (That’s U.S. currency by the way, not ‘Pesos’) That said, should Americans expect Mr. Trump and/or his personal business interests to foot the ten billion dollar bill? No? You’re kidding!?! I get the feeling that Mr. Trump’s team of accountants would have a notable belly laugh at the suggestion. What do you think? I agree with you. So, that’s a ‘No’ from the Trump syndicate. Let’s move on. What about our neighbor and trading partner tucked beneath the southwest corner of the United States? In 4th grade I learned that it’s a country called Mexico.
All throughout the Presidential Campaign of 2016, Mr. Trump repeated (Ad Nauseam) the claim that Mexico was going to ‘cough up’ the multiple Billions of dollars needed for this wall in America. Claiming that Mexico would be (Forced? Extorted?) made to pay for one of the largest public works projects in American history. The same ‘Wall’ mind you, whose express purpose portends grotesque human rights violations…of Latinos in general, and Mexicans specifically. Does this sounds like a sound investment for Mexico and the Mexican people? No? That’s exactly what I thought also. In fact, I think we all knew the answer to the question of Mexico paying up. I would argue that we figured that out around the same time (if not before) Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto Duarte told Mr. Trump and his White House invitation, to go f*ck himself (in no uncertain terms) Mr. Duarte responded assertively, and in a fashion that Mr. Trump understands all too well.
So, ‘No’ Mr. Trump. Then ‘No’ on the Mexico front. Hmmm… It would seem that we’re starting to run thin on potential sources of multiple billions of dollars to pay for this impending monument to national embarrassment and international shame. This is not surprising is it? However, the question remains, who or what is going to pay for this wall? I could wait, but let’s not waste time. If you were thinking ’Us’ the American taxpayer, then you would be correct. WE are going to pay for it. Yes, even after Mr. Trump claimed otherwise. Yes, because we have NOTHING better to spend $10 Billion of our tax dollars Nothing at all. You understand right? This ‘Wall’ is a fiscal conservative nightmare, and will stand as a multi-billion dollar monument to the intolerance and abject hypocrisy of Conservative ideology.

Note to Progressives: If and when this wall is constructed, from that moment on until forever and a day, whenever a conservative attempts to utter the word(s) or term(s) ‘Deficit’ and/or ‘National debt’ and/or ‘Big government’. You are free to turn your back on them mid-sentence and walk away. You are free to laugh in their face. You are free to give them the ‘Finger’….then laugh in their face. Then walk away. Personally, I will probably just shake my head, then walk away from them, my face cloaked in a profound sadness. A sadness due to the realization that there are more Americans who hate other Americans enough to destroy the fabric that makes America great…than I thought.
I’m sorry was that harsh? Am I being ‘dramatic for effect’? Do I ‘Not know what I am talking about?’ Can I bring your attention to Mr. Trump’s announcement last night? You know the one where he announced the creation of the new government agency named “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement” or (VOICE). Seriously? The worst part about this latest in a long line of naked Conservative bigoted prerogatives (with whipped cream covered genitals) is that my Conservative friends will try and defend this. They will try and assert that this is not racist in nature, and/or that Mr. Trump is not a bigot. They will try, believe me, they will. They will try and the debate will devolve into litigating what racism is or isn’t (as if Black, Brown, and all other non-white races have no idea what they’re talking about) They will argue defensively. Even if they are forced into a corner and must assert that the color blue is really red…because The New York Times lies to everyone in America, everyday since November 8th 2016.

“Victims of Immigrant Violence. – I support this new Federal Agency”. Say that out loud three times in front of a mirror and ‘poof’ you instantly become a bigot. This is an ‘Alternate Fact’.
“ObamaCare is a failing system on the verge of eminent collapse.” This is of course an ‘untruth’. Some people (myself included) will call this a flat out lie. The truth is that the Affordable Care Act has some problems that need fixing. These problems are not terminal. They are not the end of Democracy. What Mr. Trump promises with regards to healthcare reform isn’t going to happen, because it”s not possible. Read the speech. Mr. Trump says that everyone will have “Access” to healthcare. The key word here is “Access”. Everyone has “Access” to the mall, but what about the resources necessary to purchase goods?

Little Things in Mr. Trump’s Speech that Pissed Me Off Big Time:
A.  How dare this man use the great Abraham Lincoln in his speech for any reason? Abe Lincoln would’ve hated this assh*le!
B.  94 Million Americans ARE out of work…True…BUT…Mr. Trump is (conveniently) counting every work eligible American over the age of 15. This includes high school kids, college kids, and the partially disabled, in that ‘statistic’.
C.  What the F*ck do phrases like “There’s money flooding in from Europe mean?!?!? ‘
“Believe me” – Is starting to permanently injure small birds and aspiring ventriloquists.
“It stops now.” – Is something parents scream at their children.
“You won’t believe how great it will be.” – Is he trying to convince us or himself? Because I don’t believe anything that a pathological liar says. Why would anybody believe a world renown liar?
Mr. Trump’s constant and persistent use of ‘I’ is mad annoying.
D.  Keystone Pipeline will NOT create tens of thousands of jobs. It WILL create several thousand TEMPORARY jobs (many only 6 months). After the build it will create EXACTLY 38 full-time jobs. 38. 38. 38. 38. 38. 38. 38 full-time jobs. That’s it.
E.  Am I the only person in America who suffers severe stomach cramps, nausea, and projectile vomiting triggered by Mr. Trump’s incessant self congratulation, grandiose promises, persistent platitudes, and of course, the laughably embellished rehashing of his electoral victory? Seriously. Dude. There have been like a dozen sitcoms canceled since the election and you’re still talking about it? We ALL know how proud you are, sir. However, we still don’t like you….at all. Nothing short of you quitting immediately, will make you any less despicable in the eyes of multiple tens of millions of decent human beings the world over. Full Stop. Sir. My God, #AngryOrange is mad annoying.
F.  Mr. Trump’s Policy Prescriptions = Vague, Vagary, Vague.
G. Exactly how is the greatest, largest, and most feared military the world has ever known…”Depleted”, “Decimated”, and/or “Getting pushed around”? How is the current state of our military “sad”? What in the name of holy f*ck schmuck…is this dude talking about?

Lastly, how does Mr. Trump cut corporate taxes, and income taxes, and all the other taxes he wants to cut, and STILL pay for increased ‘Military Spending’, ‘National Rebuilding’, ‘Infrastructure Building’, ‘Healthcare Reform’, a ’10 Billion Dollar Wall’ and everything else that he has promised? (that he can’t possibly deliver) Things that cost more than we can afford, all without blowing an Jupiter sized hole (bigger) through the national debt?

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