Idiots Guide: A Whisper Manifests A Call to Action (Part II )

A Call to Action Part II

The bottom line is this: Among the undeniable realities of War and/or waging War, is the state sanctioning (making legal) the process and intent used in legalized murder. War results in the deaths of millions. The longer the conflict, the many multiple millions…of dead human beings. War is literally hell on earth of our own invention.


Millions. Tens of Millions. Hundred’s of Millions. Numbers that carry an existential weight. Perhaps even a certain magical profundity that our brains instantly recognize as many times many over zero. There is a lot of power in numbers. Especially when used contextually.

War Dead.jpg

For example, If you’ll indulge me for a moment, think about your beloved grandparents. (I wasn’t blessed to grow up with grandparents but I have witnessed the power of their Love and Influence) There is no love like that from a grandparent. Virtually nothing can compare, right? Now, if you’ll try and think about the potential pain of their loss, if not the actual pain of their loss. Remember it? Now, I ask you to take that pain and multiply that feeling in your memory, on a loop 50, 60, 70, how about 80 Million times over…

GP War

No More War. Please.

This is expressly why War should be nothing more than a foreboding concept that is long dead, deeply buried, with zero hope for any resurrection for it’s future use. I state that fully understanding that charges of ‘naive’, ‘unrealistic’, and/or ‘pussy’ (from the least enlightened of us) are coming my way as sure as the sun rises in the east tomorrow morning thing. I will likely be attacked on a personal level. I do not care. My position is that anyone who advocates for war is advocating for murder. In fact, the murder of untold millions. We can sort out, hash out, and rationalize the details, but it is what it is. And it is never going to be good for humanity.

bombing 3

Humanity has already paid an excruciating toll in soul, blood and treasure for want of, and participation in, War. Enough War. We are not savages. People who advocate for War should be looked upon with suspicion and scorn. Full stop.

Putin Trump.png

I mention these realities in response to some troubling events and/or trends happening not just in America, but around the globe. However, I am concerned with America and Americans because like I said, we are the eyes of the world, like it or not, agree with it or not. It is what it is. (END Part II )