Idiots Guide: A Whisper Manifests A Call to Action (Part III)

RE: A Call to Action

(Part III of III) 

A New Political Party

As Americans we stand on the front lines of humanity. That’s how important we are on international stage. As such we must stay on top of our political leadership. It’s too important to screw that up, or dismiss politics altogether. I would urge you not to do this, because politics will not dismiss you, even if you dismiss it. We are just recently starting to experience the many reasons why this is so meaningful.

I ask for this 3rd party because the modern Conservative party (Republicans) is barely recognizable to the ghost of Ronald Reagan. He said so himself. Frankly, this modern iteration of the GOP seems to be on a remarkably quick, steady descent into a conspiratorial minded ‘twilight zone’ reality iuniverse, in real time. The GOP is currently under siege and/or being co-opted by the ‘lunatic fringe’.

As for the Democrats or (Progressives)? If there was ever a better example of “All dressed up with nowhere to go, and no car to get there”, I haven’t found it. That idiom works, but so does this one: “Bringing a knife to a Gun fight”. Both things can be, and are, true. That basically sums up the state of the modern Progressive movement. It’s painful for me personally, because these are my people I’m talking about.

Among the main tenets of this 3rd party would be a Steadfast and Implacable aversion to War and other larger scale human conflicts. This party will aspire to, encourage, and nurture civic engagement and champion intellectualism, not obscure it. This new party needs to champion the only environment that we’re ever going to be blessed with. This new party needs to be willing to fight as dirty as the most ruthless, political players, lobbyists and operatives.

This new party will of course adopt and develop a fair and efficient policy of racial, ethnic, and religious inclusion, not seclusion. Policies that champion ‘Opportunity’. The virtue of the soul can be realized with ‘opportunity’. An acceptance of ‘multi culturalism’, but not a mandated acceptance. People who appreciate diversity, are engaged with people who look different, and think different, and understand different to be just different and not to be feared, don’t need mandated morality. No moral person needs their morality mandated.

Speaking of which… This new party will be ALL ABOUT EQUALITY. That means everyone.’ LGBT’, ‘Race’ , ‘Religion’, ‘Contortionists for Jesus’, ….all stripes of Americans, will be treated with respect, allowed to be exactly who they are, without fear of persecution, and given a voice.

The fact that we don’t have a viable third political party needs to be remedied earlier than last year. Viable defined as a party that can and will win seats in congress, not a one off, not a side show. The party platform is simple, but represents the true feelings and actual politics of what I believe a majority of Americans feel and believe, included in this estimation are even people who don’t follow politics closely or at all.

Portion of Suggested Platform:

Fiscally Conservative:
a. Ok to spend money, just don’t waste money.                                                                                     b. End obscene subsidies to established, profitable corporations (ie. Exxon/Mobil)
c. Government can and should work for people, No nanny, Yes uncle. Government to aide citizens within reason, and in adherence to moral imperatives, including avoiding sloth, laziness, and meandering. A fair hand up, not out.

Socially Liberal:
a. I mind my business, you mind yours. This is especially true when inside of our homes.
b. You want to marry him or her? We wish you Good luck. Be good human beings to your adopted kids, and we won’t need to ever speak of this issue in the future.
c. Don’t tell women what to do with their bodies.
d. Keep your sh*t together, and your yard clean.
e. “Fu*k War” in every language known to humanity….Period.
f. Call this new party whatever you want as long as we
make it a reality.

We need to build this new party. I know that some of you are wondering to yourselves right now, “Why doesn’t he do it?” My answer to that is: “Why don’t you help me, do it?”

The purpose of this Essay Series was Two-Fold.

1st. I wanted to express and perhaps ‘re-ring’, and ‘dust off’ the ‘Anti-War’ drum (unused since 2002). A pointed expression and position that was requested by a challenge put to me by FB friend Alan LaFranchi. Whom I believe I met through Greg Runge. But who can remember these things?

2nd. To perhaps add some (def. not all) initial platform ideas that this third party could and/or should espouse at a minimum. Indulge in the possibility of what ‘Party #3 might sound like and/or look like? To be clear, I am aware of Green Party, etc all. I am talking about a legitimate national party with support from a grass roots (up to) tens of millions. Real people power.
Real voting block numbers.
Running for and winning, Real seats in Congress.
Perhaps solid ‘White’ Seats? (Actually, I suppose naming it the ‘White Party’ would be far too hipster ironic, right? lol) However, It is the only color on the American flag not currently co-opted (being used) by Elephants and Donkeys.