Idiots Guide: Fighting the Evil Empire: Alexei Navalny’s Fight to Save Russia

Fighting the Power in Russia…

Alexei_Navalny 2.JPG


Inside the great nation of Russia, Alexei Navalny is the face of the ‘resistance’ movement of the largest country in Asia, and by land mass, the entire planet. He was born Alexei Anatolievich Navalny in the summer of 1976, June 4th to be exact. In the years since his birth Mr. Navalny has achieved much starting his journey as an attorney, which laid the groundwork for his coming out party in 2009, the year he rose to political prominence as a serious opposition voice, with a sort of celebrity appeal. With his deft usage of the International Media, as a soundboard, this passionate critic of corruption is the ‘Ying’ to Mr. Putin’s ‘Yang’ . It would seem that Mr. Navalny is leading a grass roots movement of young activists armed with charisma, courage, a ‘thumb in your eye’ swagger, accented with a ‘Robin Hood’ complex.


Since 2009, Mr. Navalny  has been at the head of organizing tens of dozens of medium to large-scale protest marches, demonstrations, and grass roots movements. Mr. Navalny is an advocate for big ‘D’ Democracy that he feels can be achieved once the rampant corruption of the Putin regime is finally put to rest. Mr. Navalny has become the figurehead of an ever expanding malignancy of Russian dissent. A dissent likely spawned around kitchen tables adorned with glasses of fresh vodka, being lifted by human souls filled with Russian pride. A grassroots community that has witnessed a 17 year pattern of (alleged) corruption within the Kremlin. Voices of dissent that understand all too well that the man at the helm of what is essentially a criminal organization, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, has become the wealthiest human being on planet earth. This also makes Mr. Putin among the most powerful men on earth. Mr. Navalny is a self proclaimed “Nationalist Democrat”, and is also a member of the “Russian Opposition Coordination Council”, and the head of the leader of the “Progress Party”.  (Formerly known as ‘People’s Alliance Party’).



For good measure Mr. Putin has made a serious effort to delegitimize Mr. Navalny using a ‘trumped up’ financial securities fraud indictment against Alexei in an obscure Siberian court just a few months back.  Mr. Putin is serious business. Mr. Putin plays KGB hardball. Mr. Putin loves his power and he adores his wealth. His motivation to quell as much dissent as possible, as quickly as possible, is as strong as ever. As such, this clear and present danger should be clear and worrisome,  to any and all concerned parties. Including Mr. Alexei Navalny. Good Luck Alexei, you’ll likely need all of it and more. Much more…



It is no secret that Mr. Navalny has a strong  dislike of Mr. Putin, as he challenges him wearing the white cowboy hat. Apparently, Mr. Navalny abhors corruption. Allegedly (and it’s likely true) Mr. Putin and his ‘Mafia’ are the archetype of organized crime, that is sanctioned by the state it’s charged with running. As   such the resistance movement has plenty of ethical ammunition from which to draw.

Mr. Navalny’s popularity is growing exponentially in specific pockets all throughout the former Soviet Union.  It’s potential to disrupt Mr. Putin’s criminal dynasty (allegedly) is a direct, undisguised attack on the corruption diseased bowels of Russian political power. So threatening is Mr. Navalny, that the respected U.S. news publication, the ‘Wall Street Journal’ proclaimed Nalvalny as the  “Man Vladimir Putin fears…” 


FILE PHOTO: Russian anti-corruption campaigner and opposition figure Navalny attends hearing at Lublinsky district court in Moscow

It has long been alleged that Mr. Putin has directly and/or indirectly been involved in more than a few (dozen) politically linked murders. All of whom, to a man or woman, happened to be political rivals and/or journalists, and/or harsh critics. All persons save for Mr. Navalny,  making abrupt appointments with St. Peter, and much earlier than Mother Nature intended. Over the span of Mr. Putin’s 16-17 year (and going) ‘criminal’ reign at the Kremlin, political rivals have typically not survived to see the ‘democratic’ electoral process. Some of whom were noteworthy, however most of whom quickly forgotten, relegated to the fringe annals of history.

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Putin has used the mechanisms of Russian state owned mega business (ie. Oil, Power, Electricity)  to enrich himself to the point where he has become the wealthiest man on the face of the earth. This fact, by extension, also means that Mr. Putin is the wealthiest human being…of all time.

Alexei Navalny 2

Frankly, it’s a small miracle that Alexei Navalny is still alive and well, living and breathing. Somehow, Mr. Navalny has deftly avoided, and/or become too high profile to simply be murdered while navigating a nondescript Russian street, in broad daylight. Mr. Navalny has escaped and/or been spared the fate of virtually every political threat to Mr. Putin for the better part of the last two decades. He has been able to avoid being ‘Poisoned’, ‘Gulaged’, ‘Black bagged’, ‘Disappeared’, and/or Nightmare’d…to death. In fact it could be argued that each moment that is survived by Navalny inside of Russia, is a moment of borrowed time. Unless of course, Navalny is simply that blessed. Although it is unclear whether a blessing of that magnitude actually exists in real time.   

Navalny 3

In truth,  Mr. Navalny is but one man, a lone opposition voice, backed by multi tens of thousands of supporters. He is speaking out and challenging the criminal status quo within the corridors of Russian political power. A position that may cost him as little as paint thinner, and as much as his life on earth. Only time will tell, which outcome the nation of Russia, and it’s resilient citizens will experience. He is up against an opponent who is well versed in political ruthlessness, to the point of maniacal artistry. 

Alexei Navalny Greenface

Luckily, Mr. Navalny remains resilient and undeterred. I report on this because it’s an important development for the international community at large. Keep in mind that a defeated Vladimir Putin correlates to a victorious Russian people, Western world, Eastern world, as well as the continued sovereignty of dozens of smaller, former ‘Russian colonies’ that are constantly on guard for Russian attempts at forced annexation (See: Crimea). This is in addition to the victory of the morally correct world, at large. As well as the likely end of overtly partisan Russian cyber-attacks on the United States, and our body politic. Keep an eye out for the fate of Mr. Alexei Navalny. His fate is less than six degrees separated from our own.
-Chief Idiot

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