Idiots Guide: Dear Mr. Trump…An Open Plea for (Immediate) Aide.

Dear Mr. Trump,
As of today, right now, this minute, there are upwards of 20 Million Human Beings on the brink of Death by Starvation due to a combination of famine and violent conflict displacement. Thus making this the largest humanitarian crisis on earth now, and perhaps ever. This abhorrent ‘human created’ tragedy is happening in the following three nations: Somalia, Yemen, and the South Sudan. However, it’s Yemen that stands out to me, because you should already know about the approximately 7 Million people starving to death there. This is because our United States Armed Forces is also there, aren’t we, sir? America has people on the ground in Yemen. Right now…Building our military bases…with people Starving to Death…Again, this is right now.
Yemen is a ‘Horror Show on Earth’ location where it’s estimated that some 475, 000 Children are facing multiple impending afflictions including: ‘Severe Acute Malnutrition’ and painfully, ‘Starving to Death’. Two children will die before I finish this letter. They are succumbing to exposure, and starvation and dying by the thousands…Every hour.

A girl cries as she walks onto the veranda at the yard of a school sheltering people displaced by Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen's northwestern province of Saada, in the capital Sanaa
Might I inquire as to what exactly we going to do about this, sir? Surely, our response can’t be…Nothing. Surely, American soldiers aren’t going to continue building up our military presence in Yemen, while routinely having to step over the starved out corpses of a 1/2 Million local children, right? One Million human beings are set to die within the next 24 hours, if nothing positive happens. One Million souls, sir. What are we going to do to help? We’re already there. We have resources. Would you Please Consider taking immediate action? Can you exhibit the kind of moral decency that Americans can get behind, and can be proud of?…Please.

Thank You for Reading. Bless You for Immediate Aid.
Ralphael Prepetit
Chief Idiot