Idiots Guide: Today is 420. Act Accordingly on an Accordion…


Today is 4/20. A date which is more than familiar to the innumerous members of the Marijuana ecosystem throughout mainland America, and those living within borders beyond. Our Gregorian calendar dictates that April 20th occurs once and only once, every year. However, the hours of the day 4:20am and 4:20pm come…well, twice a day/night. For the record, all three of these time and space measurements, and corresponding events have long been successfully litigated as sufficient reasons and/or rationalizations, for a ‘smoke session’ of one kind or another. With each ‘session’ instantly becoming a perfect opportunity to intellectually, and even spiritually bond with the other souls involved. This ‘soul bonding’ being available either if you’re ‘solo’, or If you happen to be fortunate enough to have at least one other like minded soul/friend with which to share and/or partake. If that is the case, then all the better. How cool is that, btw? Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that it’s ‘cool’ to me because I remain an active member of the marijuana ecosystem…primarily as a consumer, mostly as a smoker, and occasionally appearing in limited engagements…as a much sought after ‘Weed Shaman’. Ok, so maybe I’m not a ‘Shaman’ with ‘profound powers’ of significance, or of any sort really, for that matter. Maybe…Maybe not. You don’t know for sure, and neither do I. Nevertheless, after all these years, it is the opinion of this educator…that…Weed is Good.

1st. Because IF cannibis/weed/marijuana is considered ‘addictive’ it could only be considered among the most mildest of forms, in some cases used primarily psychological addiction and not physical. Besides people use marijuana for physical help and relief, how could it also destroy a person through addiction? Both things simply cannot be true. GD lyrics: “Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world.”
As far as the legend of “420” goes, it was the legions of “Deadheads”(aka traveling Grateful Dead fans) who traveled around with the band during the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s (some into the 80’s and 90’s) wherever they went, across the country and world, that helped spread the bedrock pop culture weed smoking notions of ‘Wake-and-Bake’ and the “420” celebration as a thing in the first place. Never mind the notion that a large group of people who called themselves “The Waldos” are responsible for the “420” phenomenon. Forget it, they are simply not as ‘Cool’ as Jerry Garcia and the boys. There are at least as many as 420 factually inaccurate explanations and/or reasons for the existence of “420” today.

It’s actually just as simple and complex an explanation as they come. The ‘Deadheads did it”… It was the ‘Deadheads.’ At least that’s what reality proposes to us. In any event, I hope I have given you something to ponder, and/or consider, and/or appropriate for future use. The facts found in this post can at a later date, be used to bolster your ‘cool’ quotient among the ‘Mini-Me” set…And who would ever blame you? Not this ‘Cannibis Warrior’!!! No Sir, or ma’am.

waldo funny

Wishing All my FB people (420 Notwithstanding): “a Better than Great Day! (Don’t ask what ‘better than great’ even means.)
Now, if you haven’t smoked a joint or bowl or whatever since the Clinton administration, maybe you’re only missing out on a nasty case of the munchies. But maybe, just maybe…your inner 22 year old has been expecting you to come out to play. They’ve been expecting you since around, like…forever.
“The weed be letting you know…where evil lurks.” – Chris Tucker (Friday #1)

Thanks for Reading…
Ralphael Prepetit

Editor-in-Chief Idiot

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