IDG: JACK JOHNSON – the quintessential 8


You may be familiar with Jack Johnson and his unique brand of Hawaiian Soft Surf Rock, and you may not be. In the case of the latter, means you would have missed the following top 10 albums:  Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George  (2006) Sleep Through the Static  (2008) To the Sea  (2010) and From Here to Now to You  (2013).  Amazingly, Jack Johnson’s (2005) album  In Between Dreams had two commercially successful lives. In (2005) it reached it’s peak at #2 on the Top 200 Album Charts, and then the album repeated the same exact feat 8 years later in (2013)!!! If you happen to fall into the latter category, then this Editor-In-Chief is unashamed to admit that I am truly envious of your virgin ears. Because although it’s uncertain if you’ve ever heard a musical talent quite like Jack Johnson, it is an almost certainty that you won’t forget the first time that you experience his amazing sound. A sound that is a testament to rock solid musicianship, first rate lyrics, with a pied piper enthusiasm laced throughout much, as well as a deeply reflective, and deftly timed and expressed emotional melancholy, inspired with joy. Did you get all of that? Ok, well then just have a listen for yourself…   

Roman 8.png

Any rational discussion regarding the extrordinarily gifted, pure musical talent, known hereinto, and forever more, as Jack Hody Johnson (Taurus: May 18, 1975), should be laced with the kind of effusive and witty rejoinders, made remarkable by the most significant of entertainment artists the world has ever known.

Jack Johnson 8

I am aware that this is high praise. I am also aware that is a serious assertion. I am equally as confident that if you aren’t familiar with the musical stylings of Jack Johnson, and would like to experience the magic that his music has long been accused of possessing, that this is the quintessential list of his “Great 8”. Every great artist has at least 8 if not into the dozens. Jack Johnson’s career discography has seen the accomplishment of a 2 Dozen of Very Good tracks, to his ‘Great 8’…. To listen, understand, appreciate and contemplate Jack’s music, is likely to have the potential for the  kind of life affirming realizations of familiarity. A gift judiciously awarded to the most artistically demanding… Jack’s music has also been described as the understated ‘cat nip’ of the Alt Rock entertainment set…

Idiots Guides Presents:

Jack Johnson : The Quintessential  

#8. WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU NEED  /   Album: Sleep Through the Static   (2008)

Jack Johnson 7 

Sick Lyric Alert:  “I cant give you everything you want
But I could give you what you thought you need…” 


#7.      FLAKE       /     Album:  Brushfire Fairytales   (2001) 

Jack Johnson 7a

Sick Lyric Alert:  “It seems to me that ‘Maybe’ pretty much always means ‘No’…


#6.     GO ON       /      Album:   Sleep Through the Static   (2008) 

Jack Johnson 7

Sick Lyric Alert:  “In my rearview…I watch you…I give you your life, would you give me mine?” 


#5.    TRAFFIC IN THE SKY   /   Album:   ON and ON     (2003) 

Jack Jonson 6.jpg

Sick Lyric Alert:   “Maybe it’s a dream and if I scream, It will burst at the seams, the whole place will fall into pieces…” 


#4.   WASHING DISHES     /      Album:    From Here to Now To You   (2013)

 From Here to Now To You JJ .jpg 

Sick Lyric Alert:   “One day is only two words we say
I don’t want to let them get in the way…Of all these plans that we should be making right now…Right now.” 


#3.    CONSTELLATIONS     /      Album:  In Between Dreams    (2005)   

In between dreams JJ


Sick Lyric Alert:  “It was just another night, with a sunset, and a moonrise not so far behind…To give us just enough light…To lay down underneath the stars…” 


#2.     HOLES TO HEAVEN     /     Album:  On and On    (2003)


Sick Lyric Alert:   The air was more than human…and the heat was more than hungry…and the cars were square and spitting…Diesel fumes.” 


#1.      NEVER KNOW     /     Album:    In Between Dreams    (2005) 

jack-johnson (1)

Sick Lyric Alert:  “Knock knock on a door to door, tell you that the metaphors is better than yours, you can either sink or swim, things are looking pretty grim.” 

JJ 1a




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