IDG: RYAN ADAMS – 10 Song RoadMap through the Aftermath of a Broken Heart

It’s not exactly a National Security type of secret that Ryan Adams is a remarkable singer-songwriter. Especially, when it comes to the art of expressing some of the harder realities of relationship-ending melancholy. His lyrics are dripping wet with the emotionally condensed, soon to be evaporated, moisture of renewal after a loss. What some may not know is that Ryan Adams is apparently quite gifted at being able to take great lyrics from a musical contemporary (Taylor Swift) and re-imagine it, in many ways even better than the original. Spinning her profound, heartfelt lyrics of into another version of musical gold, with his 2015 release of “1989” a song by song re-interpretation of Taylor Swift’s album of the same exact title, Ryan Adams solidified his reputation as an extrordinary musician and entertainer.  Quite simply it is a masterpiece. Two of those tracks now appear on this latest Idiots Guides release:  10 song selection “Roadmap through the Aftermath   of a Broken Heart”   Please feel free to Listen, Emote, Embrace, and Enjoy….

Ryan Adams 3


#10.   BURNING PHOTOGRAPHS    /    Album:     Rock N Roll    (2003) 

Remarkable Lyric Alert:  “Pretty pictures in a magazine…Everybody is so make believe, it’s True…I used to be Sad…Now I’m just Bored with you” Ryan Adams 22


#9.    ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS STAY   /    Album:   1989    (2015)

Remarkable Lyric Alert:  “Here you are now, calling me up, but I don’t know what to say…I’ve been picking up the pieces of the mess you made…People like you always want back the love they pushed aside.”  (Taylor Swift) 

ryan adams 23


#8.    WISH YOU WERE HERE    /     Album:    Rock N Roll    (2003) 

Remarkable Lyric Alert:  “Everybody knows the way I walk, And knows the way I talk, And knows the way I feel about you, It’s all a bunch of shit…
And there’s nothing to do around here…” 



#7.      TROUBLE      /     Album:   Ryan Adams     (2014) 

Remarkable Lyric Alert:  “Hey, we might as well be dead and be gone, If we don’t belong here…Hey, it was the year and the day…But the lines on my face
Are like a map of my sins…”  



#6.       TWO              /      Album:   Easy Tiger      (2007)   

Remarkable Lyric Alert:  “I’m fractured from the fall
And I wanna go home…Because it takes two when it used to take one.” 

ryan adams pinball


#5.     CLEAN      /    Album:    1989     (2015) 

Remarkable Lyric Alert:  “You’re still all over me like a wine-stained shirt I can’t wear anymore…Hung my head as I lost the war…And the sky turned black like a perfect storm.”  (Taylor Swift) ryan adams 1989.jpg


#4.      EVERYBODY KNOWS    /    Album:   Easy Tiger    (2007) 

Remarkable Lyric Alert:   “How am I  going to hold on to you when i’m spinning out of control…You and I together, But Only One of Us in Love, And Everybody Knows.” 




#3.    NEW YORK, NEW YORK      /     Album:     Gold       (2001) 

Remarkable Lyric Alert:  “Love don’t play any games with me, anymore
Like she did before…The world won’t wait, so I better shake.”  



#2.      LET GO       /   Album:    Ryan Adams     (2014) 

Remarkable Lyric Alert:   “Cross your fingers behind your back And Lie to Me. 
Tell me it’s okay, that you’ll fix everything…Because I already Let Go.”  



#1.     WILDEST DREAMS    /   Album:   1989     (2015)  

Remarkable Lyric Alert:  “I said, “No one has to know what we do”
Her hands are in my hair, her clothes are in my room
Her voice is a familiar sound, nothing lasts forever
But this is getting good now…”  (Taylor Swift) 

ryan adams bday


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