A Terrible Mis-Match: The United States Constitution v Mr. Donald J Trumputin Sr

Hey you over there! You Moderate. You Centrist. You Liberal. Don’t be so dramatic. Just breath easy. Calm down. America is going to be just fine. Our Constitution is a formidable adversary, and has a very special message for any would be political deviant(s):  Be Warned. All Purveyors of malfeasance who might seek to injure, maim, and conquer her political divinity through ill-advised campaigns of subversion. Will be sent on a journey wholly defined by the cold comfort of defeat. In other words – “Bring it, Bitch”.  

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Our Constitution will prevail because Humans are fallible. Humans are compulsive. Humans are silly. Humans can be all things ugly and violent, yet dualistically possess a tremendous, almost other-worldly, capacity for love. The Human Condition is complex and determined enough to create a profound political document adorned with the beating heart of the Law. Bound with a timeless, unique, and successful Socio-Political mortar which was expressly designed to be greater than the sum of it’s parts. 

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Human Beings can be amazing beyond measure. Human Beings are capable of confounding intellectual achievement, artistic creativity, even primal motivated brilliance. Freedom minded individuals are always drawn to each other. The energy involved in our passion for the political, is as familiar to those in it’s grasp as it is magnetic to those who wish to be. It was only a matter of time before fate would bring them together. Then it happened. Yes, around the 3rd quarter of the 18th Century, on a stretch of the ‘New World’ that includes much of the hallowed land we now refer to as the ‘Eastern Seaboard’, a special collection of transcendently intellectual men of remarkable brilliance, and foresight, came together.

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This was a very special group because they defined Brilliance. We know them as the Founding Fathers (Included in this group, people so popular they’re literally ‘Money’ names: Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Benjamin etc, etc…) Imagine the talent the Founding Fathers possessed. But I digress, These men produced the greatest political document that the modern version of mankind has ever seen, and either before or since. Americans call it ”The Constitution’, it’s God-given first name is the ‘United States’. Yes, it’s ‘The’ political document when the discussion turns to ‘Most Successful’ political document of all time, for mankind. It’s roots are abnormally strong, because they’ve anchored our American Democracy to our sense of civic propriety, as well as our sense of freedom. I was born under this amazing Democratic Framework and learned about the blood of untold human millions…that were sacrificed in the Horror of our one and only Civil War. Fought so that America could endure.

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It’s true. Our Constitution has survived each and every societal Growth Spurt, Growing Pain, Industrial Revolution, Tech Revolution, Sexual Revolution, and Damn Social Reinvention. All of it. This America is a special Nation of Magnificent Folly, and also prone to Regrettable Violence in many forms and manifestations. Always keep this in mind, American neighbors just like yours, killed each other by the hundreds of thousands. Because once America fought itself, butchered itself, and certainly murdered itself. All for the right (your rights) of ALL Americans to continue exist, to continue to live, and to live together…as free human beings, and cultured citizens of these United States…In Peace…

The Constitution…Americans have been on a never-ending quest to be ‘A More Perfect Union’…Ever Since the end of our Civil War (1865).

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Our success as ‘The’ Nation of Consequence on earth is because our Constitution continues to survive and exist as the backbone of our American Government. Yes, it’s had to handle untrustworthy persons the likes of Mr. Trump before, but never exactly like this before. It Doesn’t Matter. It’s already clear, at least to me anyway, that besides the fact that Mr. Trump is woefully ill-equipped to fulfill the responsibilities of the American President, he’s nowhere near complex enough, nor is he talented enough… or ruthlessly clever enough,  to ever beat our beloved Constitution. If and when the U.S. Constitution ever gets beat, it won’t be by the likes of the Fabricator in Chief Donald J Trump. No sir.


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