IdiotsGuides: Tom Cruise Portrays Wildman Pilot BARRY SEAL in ‘American Made’…

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SPOILER ALERT:   “American Made” (2017) 

Portraying American Pilot Barry Seal: TOM CRUISE (Above) in ‘American Made’ (2017) aims to fly over JOHNNY DEPP’s performance in ‘BLOW’ (Below).

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Johnny Depp as prolific cocaine smuggler George Jung in ‘Blow’ (Above). Tom Cruise as ‘American Made’ commercial airline pilot turned prolific cocaine smuggler with CIA backing Barry Seal (Pictured below).

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Every once in awhile, and occasionally now and again ‘Truth and/or Reality‘ proves the maxim that lays claim to the title of  ‘Stranger than Fiction’. In these rare instances, there is manifest potential for a nice piece of transcendent filmmaking. The kind of greatness that those blessed to experience this rarefied air can properly attest. The baseline truth contained within the greatest films of all-time – is the noteworthy and powerful spinal cord of story, and story development. ‘American Made’ is based on an outlandishly devious true story, and it develops nicely – Check the box and let’s move on…

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‘American Made’ is going to be at the very least a good film. However, if it was produced with any kind of competence, then it’s likely to be a great film. How can we be sure about this, you ask?

Simple. It’s about BARRY SEAL

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Of course the reviews of the Doug Liman helmed film are mixed – aren’t they always? However, what is virtually undeniable, perhaps even unquestionable, is that the life and times of Bio-Pic subject ‘Barry Seal’ would make Shakespeare blush on his way to drop off a 1/2 kilo of cocaine at Juliet Capulet’s grotto. His life was that outrageous.

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In short, in the 46 years that Mr. Seal walked this earth he managed to become a legendary American drug runner, arms dealer, cocaine smuggler, money launderer, and airplane pilot for the notoriously ruthless, savagely murderous man, known as ‘Pablo Emilio Escobar’, and his infamous ‘Medellín Cartel’.

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Tom Cruise has an absolute gem of a character to play in ‘American Made’. At the height of his success Barry Seal was making upwards of $500,000 per drug smuggling flight…oh, I should probably mention that’s a 1/2 million each way. Then there’s the CIA, covert photographs, Congressional hearings, plea deals, witness protection, and the whole nine chips and a bowl of salsa. Throw in a ‘Scooby Doo’ lunch box people, and    It’s all in there.Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.25.48 PM

We at IdiotsGuides hold firm to the belief that casting means everything in bio-pics. The list of actors who could’ve played Ray Charles better than Jamie Foxx? The answer is there isn’t a list. To be considered a list there needs to be at least 3 – 4 names on it. The fact of the matter there simply wasn’t. In the extraordinarily curious case of American Made pilot, Barry Seal…#1 on the list was Tom Cruise.

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