48 Hours with the ‘Chief Idiot’. 

Los Angeles, California U.S.A.  

Summer 2017 

Selected Excerpts from the forthcoming piece ‘An Exercise in Artist Reflection’  by, Chauncey Monroe 

“Any thoughtful individual, who happens to be both properly motivated, and equally caffeinated simultaneously, will likely be able to identify numerous similarities and character precondition(s), between the ubiquitous marionette manipulating ‘puppet master’, and this status quo threatening, avant garde artist who is currently embroiled in the lifestyle as the ‘Chief Idiot Editor’ of ‘TheIdiotsGuides.com’.” 


“I couldn’t shake the notion that the Marionette and the Editor Prepetit, shared nuanced complexities, that made them almost identical for all practical purposes.  As it turns out both lines of work are the real time manifestation(s) of artistic passion in action. I only mention this as a precursor, as I begin the process of describing the artist currently (and formerly), known as Ralphael Prepetit.” 


“Fans of the ‘IdiotsGuides’ will recognize him as it’s acerbic, yet self effacing ‘Chief Idiot’ Ralphael Prepetit. The same man who states that over the years a majority of his formerly remarkably large, pool of friends has slowly but surely, “escaped from the shallow end of the kiddie pool, and into the marriage pool, of which I haven’t a membership.”  He remarks about how His close friends today consist of his laptop, cell phone, Facebook, Instagram, and a few people left over from the “Woodstock of the 1990’s.”  It’s these friends of which I had the opportunity to speak, who almost unanimously, and in general, refer to Mr. Prepetit as ‘Really smart, and definitely unusual’. Although the latter statement would seem derogatory, that is not the case. These sediments were always uttered with the best possible light as the backdrop.

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“His eyes were at the same time piercing with intensity, mysterious, and certainly dark.   I remarked at how his voice seemed blessed with the full vocal range of octaves, and that he could get me to notice that through his deft and effective use of tone and inflection. He replied that he didn’t really ever sing, although he enjoys singing. As he explains it, ‘I never really considered that I could be a singer, with the exception of a few instances in which I had given critically noteworthy performances, to an audience of myself…standing alone. Naked in my shower. But that doesn’t really count. Right?”  

Yes, he really speaks in this exact fashion. 

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In the 48 hours that I spent with Ralphael Prepetit, I found him to be extremely gracious with his time and attention. When I happened to mention that impression of him, Ralphael gave only a sly smile, and then proclaimed in an alarmingly soft, barely audible voice, ‘That’s just learned behavior from the sort of women that I’m interested in, what they require’. I swear he talks exactly like that all the time. When I asked him why he hadn;t married he simply said, ‘Either we simply haven’t found each other, or several woman in my travels have lied to me.’ When I asked if he wants to be a married citizen, he took a moment to collect himself before uttering off key, and off beat, the following ‘I’ve seen so many married people suffer, and treat each other so terribly, that I wonder if I was ever created with that future purpose in mind’. ‘Besides’ he said, ‘I have always been just as comfortable either sitting alone, more than slightly inebriated on the house steps, or waking up in my with a pretty woman, both things have wonderful value, both things get equally lonely’.  That was verbatim. Ralphael Prepetit, who is also a 1st generation American of ‘Hispanola’ heritage. 

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“I would be remiss if I failed to mention that I also found Ralphael’s manner of speech, and overall energy, to be at least one part ‘Jekyl’ with possibly some ‘Hyde’ thrown in for good measure. Occasionally slow and deliberate, and occasionally delivered with the speed, flair, and intensity usually reserved for actual New Yorker’s who maintain there reside in and around New York City.” 

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“The entire time spent with him, I could never escape any number of outlandish notions about how his love life saga, not drama, saga, would turn out at the end of his life’s book. Perhaps it was because he was handsome, intelligent, definitely engaging, and sincere almost to a fault. How could a man like this not be involved with soul sharing? I couldn’t help myself, so I had to ask him if there was ever that proverbial ‘one that got away’.  He answered ‘Yes. Yes there was at least one, or two or maybe three if I think hard enough. But that’s normal, everyone gets at least one of those, as a punishment for drinking God’s water.” 

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‘Ralphael Prepetit’s work is widely regarded as thought provoking while walking the rope of intellectual and entertaining. The level of passion and dedication contained in his work is remarkable, the product noteworthy.’