About the Editor in Chief.

Ralphael Prepetit is a uniquely talented first-generation, Haitian-American Writer, Director, Content Producer and Entertainment Industry Creative. Mr. Prepetit has shown himself to be a prolific commentary journalist, social media writer and content creator, as he continues the journey towards the heights of success that the virtue of opportunity continues to provide.

An Independent Director, who has helmed over a dozen independent film, television, and music video projects, mostly under the radar. Ralphael is also a prolific scribe who consistently produces compelling content. Mr. Prepetit is a United States Army Veteran. He is originally from New York City and has resided in Los Angeles for the better part of two decades, immersing himself in the creative process.

A Dedicated Scribe, Ralphael has a wildly popular Website under WordPress http://www.TheIdiotsGuides.com  Het is quite active in producing compelling, entertaining and ground-breaking content that is best described as ‘Pop Culture Wikipedia’.

Ralphael’s work is widely regarded as thought provoking while walking the rope of intellectual and entertaining. The level of passion and dedication contained in his work is remarkable, the product noteworthy.