IDG: Classic Hip-Hop’s 2 Greatest MC’s

Tupac Shakur & The Notorious B.I.G. The Greatest Classic HIP-HOP MC's of All-Time. The only argument that can be appropriately made regarding these two Artistic Giants, lives among the rarified air of the Pantheon of Hip Hop Legends. The only question among this argument is simply whom to rank #1 and/or #2 in Hip Hop's [...]


SEX, LIES, and TEXT MESSAGES... It's only been some 25 years since the very first text message was typed, sent, and delivered. The year was 1992. The text message: "Merry Christmas". The sender: Neil Papworth, who was a software developer at a company called Sema Group Telecoms. It was typed using a computer keyboard and [...]

IDG: RYAN ADAMS – 10 Song RoadMap through the Aftermath of a Broken Heart

It's not exactly a National Security type of secret that Ryan Adams is a remarkable singer-songwriter. Especially, when it comes to the art of expressing some of the harder realities of relationship-ending melancholy. His lyrics are dripping wet with the emotionally condensed, soon to be evaporated, moisture of renewal after a loss. What some may [...]

IDG: JACK JOHNSON – the quintessential 8

You may be familiar with Jack Johnson and his unique brand of Hawaiian Soft Surf Rock, and you may not be. In the case of the latter, means you would have missed the following top 10 albums:  Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George  (2006) Sleep Through the Static  (2008) To the Sea  (2010) and From [...]

Idiots Guide: Today is 420. Act Accordingly on an Accordion…

Today is 4/20. A date which is more than familiar to the innumerous members of the Marijuana ecosystem throughout mainland America, and those living within borders beyond. Our Gregorian calendar dictates that April 20th occurs once and only once, every year. However, the hours of the day 4:20am and 4:20pm come...well, twice a day/night. For [...]

Idiots Guide: Fighting the Evil Empire: Alexei Navalny’s Fight to Save Russia

Fighting the Power in Russia...   Inside the great nation of Russia, Alexei Navalny is the face of the 'resistance' movement of the largest country in Asia, and by land mass, the entire planet. He was born Alexei Anatolievich Navalny in the summer of 1976, June 4th to be exact. In the years since his birth Mr. [...]

Idiots Guide: Editorial Review: President Donald J. Trump’s 1st Congressional Address (Review) February 28th 2017

Nation of Miracles: A Donald Trump Christmas Speech (Review) It took a moment for my blood pressure to adequately subside in the moments immediately following President Trump’s 1st address to Congress this evening (February 28th 2017) I hadn’t noticed how much it had surged until I started seeing spots. The good news is that I [...]