IdiotsGuides: Provocative Places : GALCO’S OLD WORLD SODA POP STOP Highland Park, California USA

  Provocative Place:  Galco's Soda Pop Stop   5702 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042   (323) 255-7115 / Mon-Sat 9am - 630pm Sun 9am - 4pm      John, Paul, Ringo, and George give a caricatured 'Beatles' salute to Galco's patrons     The auspices of 21st Century variety consumerism has predictably not been kind to uni-product [...]

IdiotsGuides: Once Upon a Brooklyn Star: AALIYAH – A Wunderkind Life

Child Prodigy.Grammy Nominated.Multi-Platinum Recording Artist.Critically Acclaimed Actor.Tommy Hilfiger Spokeswoman.Soundtrack Producer.Youngest Academy Awards Performer.Trendsetting Hairstyle.World Class Beauty.Hip Hop Soul Icon ... #Aaliyah ... #Dead @ 22      An Exulted LIFE As a child she was imbued with every ounce of what can only be described as exquisite attractiveness. Her developing  beauty was belied only by [...]

IdiotsGuides: All Saints Day: TOP 10 ICONOCLAST ARTISTS whose SUDDEN DEATH (1993 – 2011) RATTLED GENERATION ‘X’

  History tells us that most generations produces their share of transformative figures. History sometimes explains to us that this is not always true. It's simply not always the case that every Generation is guaranteed to be blessed with a plethora of transcendently talented individuals ... artistic figures who speak for, and inspire large swaths [...]


The popularity of TheIdiotsGuides December 27th, 2015 article 'Memorable Celebrity Playboy Covers' rose to popular heights of remarkable achievement. It might best be described as a 'publication trifecta'. However, we can assure you that the defining criteria of said 'trifecta', has nothing to do with horse racing or it's handmaiden in wagering 'Off Track Betting' (OTB).  However, [...]

IdiotsGuides: Behind the Naked Emperor’s Political Mendacity: Headlines. Speeches. Criticisms.

TheIdiotsGuides has been at the forefront of the anti-Trump resistance since the summer months prior to the American Tragedy known as the 2016 Presidential Election results. It's been a full time endeavor to catalog the abject flagrancy of the 45th and/or worst President in American history. An assertion that is not only viable today, but [...]